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The lost mafia daughter by randomweirdo23
The lost mafia daughterby Random weirdo
Avery Martin. Straight A student, lives with her single mother and moves every year. Pretty normal, right? Wrong. When her mother goes missing, she discovers many secret...
Loving Marcello by woodwinds_kick_brass
Loving Marcelloby gummy bear 😗✌
Shout-out to @Grace_Harding for this gorgeous cover! After having her heart broken by the boy she'd been in love with her whole life, Brimmy Somell decides to take a lit...
Captured By The Mafia by BlackxRaven
Captured By The Mafiaby Raye
She was stolen from the club her friend had took her to. Just the driver, because she knew how her friend could drink. She just wanted a night to herself because exams w...
The mafias queen  by Nonoramyson
The mafias queen by Nour Ramy
Valentina Moritti queen has been abused since the day she was kidnapped from her home she has been whipped , kicked , slapped , tortured and most importantly still holdi...
Mafia King's Kidnapped Baby by MitaliSharma9
Mafia King's Kidnapped Babyby Mitali Sharma
Diya Mehra is a beautiful girl in and out. She is sweet , caring and loving . She is 23 years old and loves her family and friends very much . She is going to get marrie...
The Good In Diavolo✔ by fatii227
The Good In Diavolo✔by Fatima Saleem
❝Everyone has good in them, for even the devil was once an angel.❞ ••• ▪ HIGHEST RANKING #7 IN #ANGEL ▪ ••• Brooklyn, a normal girl trying to make it in life. One encoun...
                      Siblings 4life. by Vchera
Siblings Vchera
Andrea De Lucas was just a one year old baby when she was taken away from her father and six brothers and was constantly being tortured by her psychopathic mother and s...
Our Best Accident by Queenmspjojo
Our Best Accidentby Jordan Donn- Lynn Geduld
One night can change anyone's life Isabella Reed is sweet, loving, kind and friendly but do not mess with the people she love most Vincent DiCaprio is ruthless, some peo...
Their Dark Angel by 88839484g
Their Dark Angelby Lena Alnaji
She was born after a thunderstorm. She was as beautiful as an angel. She was their light and the most precious thing in their lives. Celine Marie Valentino was her name...
His Heaven on Earth by SarahM158
His Heaven on Earthby Sarah
Isabella, a perfect example of an innocent girl. She works in a small cafe and barely makes money for her food. She is shy, introvert, and beautiful. Leonardo, a perfec...
The Godmother by Nicolle101344
The Godmotherby colley
Bria has always been curious about her grandparents love story, something her Nonna Laura wanted to wait until she was old enough to hear. Laura relives her greatest mem...
An amused ghost of a smirk etched itself onto the Don's lips. How could this brute still be laughing in prison, facing the death penalty? "I have been running the...
She just couldn't help herself by BrookieTee
She just couldn't help herselfby Brookie Tee
highest ranking 3# overall in MAFIA 2# overall in GANGS 1# overall in WITNESS Book one in the Ms Cater series, book two will commence uploading this year. -insert- I cra...
The Don | 𝟏𝟖+ by mafiawhore
The Don | 𝟏𝟖+by mafiawhore
Elora Clermont doesn't expect a lot from life and she definitely does not expext to fall prey to a notorious mafia don. After the brutal death of his sister, Cin is dete...
The Missing Piece by CarterIsabelle
The Missing Pieceby Isabelle
THE MISSING PIECE Evelina is a carefree and fun girl who has a perfect life. She lives in her own little world not really caring what's going on outside. But one day her...
Who am I really by _unknownxo
Who am I reallyby _unknownxo
~ Ongoing ~ To the world I'm known as Isabel Matthews, a university student at NYU. To my best friend I'm Isabella Bianchi, the queen of the Italian Mafia. To the peopl...
𝘿𝙚𝙡𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙤- 𝙖 𝙗𝙭𝙗 (𝙢𝙥𝙭𝙠𝙘) by satans_pimp
𝘿𝙚𝙡𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙤- 𝙖 𝙗𝙭𝙗 (𝙢𝙥𝙭� 𝙅.
he's gay, but his gf don't know that. this is a little bit inspired by special by mairislut. so i give all creds to her/him (sorry idk) with all of this . (it's basicall...
My Ex-BestFriend by Autumn_books
My Ex-BestFriendby Autumn_books
"I want to hate you, so fucking bad for what you have done but however hard I try I fail, "I broke down crying in front of the person who I'm hellbent on convi...
Ryan by Chillin4lyfe
Ryanby Chillin4lyfe
I don't know what time it is. I don't know how long it's been. I don't know if he'll come in here again...just to...explore me. I didn't know anything...and it bothered...
gangleaders angel  by simplyash17
gangleaders angel by ash
jordi summers. a normal 16 year old high school student. she's know as the funny and witty kid that everyone loves. but what everyone doesn't know, is that she has a dar...