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Astrid  by raine2021
Astrid by raine2021
Astrid has never stepped out her house. She didn't know that her parents hitting her wasn't right. She always thought that's how it works. So what happens when her mothe...
My Severe Brother by Chayma22chou07
My Severe Brotherby Chayma
Peter, a 16-year-old boy, working with a The Blackstone, a big Mafia in LA, in order to provide the money for his mother's treatments. Once, he got a mission to kill the...
Finding Adelina [UPDATING CHAPTERS WHEN I WRITE THEM] by islaholland
Finding Adelina [UPDATING isla
Adelina Romano spends two months in juvie after committing a series of crimes with her friends, who she loves more than anything in the world. Marco Romano, a man who...
Her New Life by Theaustralianwriter1
Her New Lifeby Theaustralianwriter1
Ariana Smith is a sarcastic, caring and kind 17 year old who is living with her mother. She is a high school student who helps her mom in the bakery. She may have a cari...
Acatalepsy by aaqxz1
Acatalepsyby aisha
Ayla Ariti, a nineteen year old girl and the sister of the Greek don. She lives a nice life with her four older brothers and a boyfriend whom she loves with her whole he...
Her Five Protectors by Davina_K_Cruz
Her Five Protectorsby Buttercup baby
Athena is trying to adjust in her newfound freedom but she is forcefully ripped away from it. But sometimes everything happens for better! Cover made by @anne0tm0
MY 5 BROTHERS  by falkuuu
MY 5 BROTHERS by Falaknaaz Batliwala
This story really have a lot of grammar mistakes but I'll edit it as soon as possible. So, if you are a grammar freak.. DO NOT READ THIS STORY. A 14 year old girl who...
My Seven Stepbrothers by idelacruz_06
My Seven Stepbrothersby Isabella
Park Jia has always been a nice innocent girl, who was loved by everyone who knew her. She could brighten a room just by walking in and never failed to have a smile. Beh...
Mafia's Principessa by xxSweetMafiaxx
Mafia's Principessaby xxSweetMafiaxx
Valencia is a shy 3 year old girl. She lives with her abusive dad, he has been abusing her since she was a baby....She gets scared easily, and doesn't trust people. She...
Finding Home by yoyaco
Finding Homeby yoyaco
When Stevie was 3 years old she was abducted by her own mother. When she was eight she was abducted again. Eight years later Stevie is picked up by the police for steali...
Heaven's Desire by shivisin
Heaven's Desireby Shivi Singh
The Romanos, Italian mafia dons and one of the most richest people in the world. Vincerenzo Romano, the former mafia don have 5 sons Lorenzo, Andriano, Alexander and the...
The innocent lost daughter by AliciaSeebah
The innocent lost daughterby Ali_cia
Kidnapped by her psychotic mother at the age of 4. Catanya didn't really have the life a normal teenagers should have. Getting abused by the age of four and raped at 10...
Her Mafia Cousins by kblack26
Her Mafia Cousinsby Katelyn Black
Worthless, slut, ugly, unloved, that's what Kiera Ricci is told everyday. Her own family hates her. The family that should have loved her. Her birth family. Blood couldn...
Sorin, a small fragile boy who has been through the worst of the worst. He has never been loved by his family, neglecting him throughout his life. Sorin only wanted noth...
Family ties by _crazy_hooman_
Family tiesby _crazy_hooman_
Leah Stevenson is her name. She lives a happy life unbeknownst of the things that had happened at the time of her birth. 16 years later, she is still unaware of a lot...
The Deluca Twins by Dolllly2003
The Deluca Twinsby Dolllly2003
Alexia and Rosalie were twins but polar aparts. Rosalie was a lot like her mother while Alexia was a carbon copy of her father. Rosie was always demanding and stubborn w...
THE CARNELLS by Chayma22chou07
My severe brother 2 Enjoy ❤️
KinnPorsche series oneshots by BlxKpopfan4ever
KinnPorsche series oneshotsby BlxKpopfan4ever
basic one-shot of ships, friendships, etc.
Lost Love But Never Forgotten - vegaskinn story  by BlxKpopfan4ever
Lost Love But Never Forgotten - BlxKpopfan4ever
"hia if you never met pete and kinn never met Porsche but our life still went the same way it did, would you and kinn get back together" vegas smiled "may...