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His Little Star by Davina_K_Cruz
His Little Starby Buttercup baby
"He is a scary man, Ivy! You should keep your distance from him." "His sons are equally as cruel as him.." "This whole family is actually hear...
Astrid  by raine2021
Astrid by raine2021
Astrid has never stepped out her house. She didn't know that her parents hitting her wasn't right. She always thought that's how it works. So what happens when her mothe...
Alina by ihidethisapp
Alinaby ihidethisapp
The Lombardi family is the most notorious group in the crime world. They rule both the American and Italian mafias and have many others bowing at their feet. Lombardis s...
STEPBROTHERS - BTS FF [Moon Land] by moonlan11
STEPBROTHERS - BTS FF [Moon Land]by moon land
This is the story of a high school girl, Y/N, who has an average life, but it will all change when her mom will get married to the father of BTS. Y/N's life will turn up...
The Crown Girl  by raine2021
The Crown Girl by raine2021
Antheia always prayed to whatever deity was listening to bring her to her mother or to get her stepfather to be more humane but none of her prayers were answered. Until...
The Deluca Twins by DDolllly2003
The Deluca Twinsby DDolllly2003
Alexia and Rosalie were twins but polar aparts. Rosalie was a lot like her mother while Alexia was a carbon copy of her father. Rosie was always demanding and stubborn w...
The Mafia Principessa  by Hellotherebooks
The Mafia Principessa by Hellotherebooks
( Finished 🎉 ) ( Age gap ) Jasmine Ross is a 4 year old girl. She kind, sweet, gentle and beautiful, but dose not have a good childhood, she been abused by her aunt Iri...
Her Five Protectors by Davina_K_Cruz
Her Five Protectorsby Buttercup baby
Athena is trying to adjust in her newfound freedom but she is forcefully ripped away from it. But sometimes bad things happen for better!
Sold To A Mafia by khadijachekifa
Sold To A Mafiaby khadija chekifa
Khaleesi had always had a condition of purple eyes, but her life wasn't as dashing as her appearance and life was really hard living with a mother who's only interest in...
Family Once Again? by aqsswhoo
Family Once Again?by aqsswhoo
(SLOW UPDATES) A single mother at the age 30 with a newborn daughter who's just 2 months old. Left alone to fend for her and her baby. After escaping her cruel past and...
The Mafia Family by swaggysofilol
The Mafia Familyby blixxed
My darling Anastasia. I've searched the world for you my love. - Anastasia, kidnapped by her mother at 6 and abused by her stepfather until her mother commited suicide...
𝙱𝚊𝚋𝚢 by Stupidly_Flower
𝙱𝚊𝚋𝚢by Stupidly_Flower
Aria was born early which caused her to be under developed. She is very small, she is 13 and 4'11. So she gets picks on a lot because of her height and how tiny she is...
Mafia Princess by baddbitxh24
Mafia Princessby baddbitxh24
Sage is the youngest child of the Angelo family. She's 13 and has 6 older brothers who are all apart of the Mafia. The largest Mafia family in the country. The Angelo si...
florence by flossy1204
florenceby flossy1204
Florence is a quiet girl who likes to read and listen to music, one day when trying to find something in her foster mums room she finds a set of illegal adoption papers...
Their Final Piece by Kryzzzzzzie
Their Final Pieceby Kryzzzzzzie
"Once upon a time there was a happy little girl... then she grew up and turned into a monster." •••••••••• Calista and Iris are 16 years old. They were taken a...
Life as we know it  by Sarahkatecx
Life as we know it by Sarahkatecx
Naomi , river , Sam and Nathaniel are the youngest of the Greco family . They were taken away from their family by there mother for protection. The quadruplets first...
their lost girl by EmmaJJxx
their lost girlby EJ
14 years ago two year old Violet King was kidnapped from her family sending them spiralling as they search the world for her. Present day Violet "Sinclair" is...
The Mafia Princess  by crissy_weasley
The Mafia Princess by crissy_weasley
Kennedy Rein is a teenager with a heart disease. She thinks she's about to die when a beautiful woman comes to visit her and explains that she's going to pay her medica...
Reputation's Play (Book 1) by marcyswales17
Reputation's Play (Book 1)by Marcy Swales Khabir
"The less you know about the family business, the safer you will be." The small coastal town of adel Mare had three simple rules for the notoriously difficult...
The deadly triplets by Reader_Writerlove02
The deadly tripletsby Reader_Writerlove02
The Russo family hasn't had a girl born in the bloodline for generations. It all changes when Angela Rose Russo and her twins are born. The Russo family's life changes t...