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Toddler akatsuki by Scarlettangelofdeath
Toddler akatsukiby satsuki uchiha
Kohan use a justu that turns all the akatsuki into toddlers
Find Me by denzelPretzel
Find Meby sarasa
Here and there, motions of different people collide. Seconds and hands intertwine. But She is left alone to know things that she denied long before she knew.
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SOME NERD WRITING by SomeNerdWriting
It's a book about me! Stories in my life which REALLY did happen and stuff I rant about. My rants have- ☣ And my stories have- ✿ Now you won't get lost! Ok know what? Pl...
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There's Some Magic In Our Lives (Slow Updates) by RaigaRyuu
There's Some Magic In Our Lives ( Raiga Ryuu
Boop. This story is me writing down a ongoing dream of mine that seems to follow a story. It's a story about these two brothers, and well, the story will set as I write...
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free tickets• : • Jamie Oborne  by trjbbiani
free tickets• : • Jamie Oborne by wendy.
"I really need the free tickets daddy, I'm broke" "Then you know what to do" -Jamie said with a big smirk on his face
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Rumple x reader by happyendings-r-true
Rumple x readerby A fellow friend
You just moved into a apartment complex and soon meet the man everyone in this town fears Why is he feared he seems nice just flawed! (May contain words not for dem you...
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fnaf truth or dare by estherthepiratefox
fnaf truth or dareby estherthepiratevixen
I'm estherthepiratevixen... my phone won't let me on that account so...well...hope Ye enjoy ! DISCLAIMER!! I do not own five nights at Freddy's...I do own my oc estherth...
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The Olio by AC-Drawer
The Olioby Kinda inactive
It used to be only the #Visible contest, but I figured I could do more with it. At some point. xD This will likely have contest entries, quiz things, maybe poetry, a...
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Worries and Wonders by MooseWings
Worries and Wondersby Rainbows
Just me being me.
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Hiding is Hard (another George Weasley fanfic) by rebaka
Hiding is Hard (another George Boooo
What can I say? Rebecca is a simple girl with simple wishes. Stay hidden and dont draw attention. However, that will prove to be harder than she thinks. Rebecca is...
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Why Does A Minor Character Get Death Flags!!! (Temp) by Fukuroya
Why Does A Minor Character Get Fukuroya
Truck-san strikes again! It's another reincarnation trope. I wonder if I got a villianess otome game or a fantasy world? Eh? It's both? Well. At least I'm not the villia...
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Help [SNK - Eren Jaeger] discontinued by Rainbowsnowcone
Help [SNK - Eren Jaeger] Rossana
Discontinued Eren Jaeger x Reader fanfiction. Sorry. SNK Cover Image is not mine.
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My Demons ((DISCONTINUED)) by Kc_Arts98
My Demons ((DISCONTINUED))by Kari Camp
When a young girl's parents are Murdered she takes it upon herself to catch and get revenge on their killer,who isn't what they seem. Meet Casey 19 yrs old ,lives with...
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~Shikon No Tama High School~ by Esmi-chan
~Shikon No Tama High School~by Esmi-chan
this is actually my first Fan-made story so enjoy <(@ ̄︶ ̄@)↗ if u want u can check one of my other stories if u like I do not own the characters
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Diana's Wish by frick5sos
Diana's Wishby Elodie
So this is another essay of mine idk whatever
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kakashi daughter by Scarlettangelofdeath
kakashi daughterby satsuki uchiha
kakashi has daughter
Life In The Darkness by ChaseJon
Life In The Darknessby Chase Jon
Life begins to be filled with mysteries as Jon enters this new life. But the story begins here..
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A Bite of an Alpha by VampOGirl
A Bite of an Alphaby VampOGirl
Lexi is living the teenage life shitty parents, glorious items, a family but the day Lexi decides she's done and needs a walk in the beautiful forest she finds herself i...
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Letting Go by VioletSkiez
Letting Goby VioletSkiez
Riley Matthews is pretty much not your typical teenage girl. Shes not raised in a fancy house with everything she wants... Or needs.
Writing Prompts by Hannah_AnnafellowsBB
Writing Promptsby Talon
This is a book of "writing prompts" I have found on Pinterest and wanted to share with you, so after adding my own take on the prompt YOU can use it as a star...