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Gang Leader's Babygirl by thelittlebabykitten
Gang Leader's Babygirlby Lexi Spirit
Amelia was his lucky charm, the one person that resuscitates him, the one that makes him think about his actions. He is tainted and broken. He is cold hearted, painfully...
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♡ one shots ♡ by ReasonablySarcastic
♡ one shots ♡by ♡Lolly♡
I'm here to give you all the fictional erotica your heart desires :) Message to request a plot, no judgement SLOW UPDATES Highest rank: #1 - toys - May 2020
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The Adolescent « h.s » by rizzlepeanut
The Adolescent « h.s »by king.
❝What a beautiful name, but it's too long for me. May I call you Princess instead?❞ ❝Well.. Sir, only my Daddy calls me that.❞ He smirked. ❝Then I'm your daddy now.❞...
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The Russian Mobster: Russian Mafia Romance by alekseixx
The Russian Mobster: Russian alekseixx
COMPLETED! (Highest rank #16 in Romance on: 8/28/17) **this book is not apart of the "I Am Not A Prostitute series" ** MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!! -Strong adult t...
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Anika ❀ h.s by sevenbastards
Anika ❀ h.sby destiny
"You look so pretty when I'm choking and fucking you."
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SWEETHEART • H.S by harrycherrystyles
One simple nickname was all it took for the two broken souls to start something they didn't know they could finish. "Oh Sweetheart, you can't say no to me"
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Daddy's Girl by ddlgprincess186
Daddy's Girlby Little Missy
This is a bunch of DDLG/NSFW smut. It's definitely not for everyone. EVERYONE IS IN THIS STORY IS 18+ AND CONSENTING.
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A Dorm, A Dom And Domes || Drarry PetPlay AU© || ✔ by RonNoxAndLumos
A Dorm, A Dom And Domes || Ronald B. Weasley
Soulmates AU Everyone has mostly found their soulmates, two very specific wizards havent! One, (according to himself) a closet gay, and two, a strong bisexual wizard, bo...
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The innocent girl by essa1907
The innocent girlby Vanessa
*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•,*• In which a men showed her things she shouldn't have known .*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*•.*...
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babysitter || daddykink (c.h.) by _kiwicalum
babysitter || daddykink (c.h.)by _kiwicalum
"well, the name's Calum and i'll be your babysitter for the next 8 months" "you've gotta be fucking kidding me", i chuckled. "watch your mouth...
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You're Mine by ReasonablySarcastic
You're Mineby ♡Lolly♡
The young 23 year old girl Rosie Peirce has no idea what awaits her at her new job as a personal shopper in a store only for people whose bank accounts hold more then 6...
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The little saga by paehces
The little sagaby Peaches
"Bad Charlotte," he said, lifting himself up and spreading her legs again with his hands. Charlotte blinked and pushed herself deeper into the mattress, trying...
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The Teacher's Little by littlegraciemay
The Teacher's Littleby Little Gracie May 💕
"Miss. Brittian, please come down to my desk." I looked up to see the small girl totally oblivious, head phones in chewing on her pencil. Her long pale legs cl...
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Step-daddy  by BabyD_x
Step-daddy by random bich called Danii :)
"Let me show you why you call me daddy, babydoll." Everything about this situation is so wrong...but why does it feel so right? Evelynn is an innocent 17-year...
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Best friend Dom? by cookiesNmilf
Best friend Dom?by cookiesNmilf
Amelia and Lydia has been best friends since kindergarten. Even since then Amelia has always been rough and demanding while Lydia has been incredibly shy, sweet and inn...
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My four brothers and father!!! by DemonicKitten1904
My four brothers and father!!!by DemonicKitten1904
After Leo's mother died he has to move in with his four brothers and father who he doesn't remember but when they meet they all desire each other... This is my first bo...
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freak shit by theworldisdyinglol
freak shitby theworldisdyinglol
smut i write at midnight
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teen-friendly lesbian sex stories//smut by acrylicsweater
teen-friendly lesbian sex acrylicsweater
hi guys! this is a collection of erotica for those of you girls who want to read some, but are freaked out by the porn and stories you find on the internet. don't worry...
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Daddy n me!!!! by bbylil03
Daddy n me!!!!by bbylil03
A series of one-shots! Some will be highly-sexual BDSM content but others with just be cute stories with Littles and their caregivers spending time together!
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'Ex' Of The Billionaire by rutuhaste
'Ex' Of The Billionaireby Rutu Ravindra Haste
Sophiana or Sophie for short was married to the one and only heir of 'Black Co.' the leading computer hardware making industries, Jared Black for 2 years. But her life w...
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