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The Russian Mobster: Russian Mafia Romance by alekseixx
The Russian Mobster: Russian alekseixx
COMPLETED! (Highest rank #16 in Romance on: 8/28/17) **this book is not apart of the "I Am Not A Prostitute series" ** MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!! -Strong adult t...
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simon says by simonDsays
simon saysby simon dominic
who's your daddy now?
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Locked Away  by RaeWolf2004
Locked Away by
"Your MINE. Lexy. Remember that. All mine." Those were the last words I heard before I felt his lips go to work on my neck. He tied me back down to the bed so...
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FEAR by CrudeCaroline
FEARby Caroline Louise
"You're mine." He whispers before pulling away. My eyes flutter open and I look to face him. "And I don't enjoy sharing." "You must have been...
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1978 - Harry Styles  by suggestively
1978 - Harry Styles by suggestively
"Your the only girl who smiles when I choke them." "I should be the only one your choking."
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Dr. Styles by kissesandaustin
Dr. Stylesby kissesandaustin
"Dr. Styles are you sure this is legal?" "I'm sure darling, let me do my job" "Okay Dr. Styles, I trust you"
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The Clinic by Heather87McDonald
The Clinicby Heather McDonald
Sidney Crosby is Your Surgeon Medical Kink
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lottie by glitterhoes
lottieby glitterhoes ✨
"oh mr. lewis you're so cute!" my eyes widen at her words. i look away and smile then look back down. "well thank you, lottie" {in which a high schoo...
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Kink // Luke Hemmings [COMPLETED] by whatifonly
Kink // Luke Hemmings [COMPLETED]by holly <3
"You have a what?" "A kink." "What the fuck is a kink?" "Oh,'re so innocent..." *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*...
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Girl of Glass by zeebooks
Girl of Glassby Zee
She wasn't rich, she wasn't popular, and she wasn't fashionable nor known, but she had her glasses, and a boy to love, and that was all she ever needed. Though, her plan...
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She likes it rough.  by smuttyholland
She likes it rough. by smuttyholland
Lots of kink. That's all.
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OCTAVIUS||BOOK ONE     ((#WATTYS2019)) by PleaseFancyMe
NOMINATED FOR THE WATTYS 2019 BOOK ONE IN THE MOORE BOTHER SERIES Life has always been a cake walk for Octavius. Being adopted into a wealthy family as an infant, he spe...
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Daddy's Girl | l.h. au by becclb
Daddy's Girl | l.h. auby becc
"Whose are you, baby?" "I'm y-yours." "No, baby, you're daddy's girl." In which a teenage girl is attracted to a twenty three year old who...
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Loving Them  by enchantedsunflower
Loving Them by enchantedsunflower
Alessandro Bianchi, is a ruthless billionaire. He is cold and one look from him have people shaking. He has only loved two people in his. His angels, Luca and Enzo. The...
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neighbour // a.i by _br0kendreams
neighbour // a.iby casey
In which a twenty-six year old man becomes infatuated with his fifteen year old neighbour.
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That Night by Leo_Vegnatro
That Nightby Leo Vegnatro
None but a decision that can truly bring change ones life.
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K-Pop boyxboy by gaysarising
K-Pop boyxboyby Gays are rising
Wooo okay so I'm finally getting this book up. There will be,fluffs,mpreg, etc. REQUESTS are always open I will be doing the following groups: Stray kids Astro NCT SHI...
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Switches (Yaoi/boyxboy) by HaydenThePeanut
Switches (Yaoi/boyxboy)by Hayden
Switches, an 18 year old Neko, was sold to a vampire. But switches wasn't sold as a 'pet'. He's a blood-bank, and despite that, Switches is whole heartedly in love with...
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Dirty Gilinsky One Shots by madnessgilinsky
Dirty Gilinsky One Shotsby madnessgilinsky
i love the way he slides his fingers inside of me.
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his princess *complete* by happyzaria
his princess *complete*by 💛zaria💛
🎀he's my king and i'm his princess |||||ddlg book🎀 'babygirl' book references🎀 #1 on #babygirl+#1 on #kink+ #1 on his #princess + #2 on #hisprincess
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