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Aizawa x Student Reader by SelenaMaldonado768
Aizawa x Student Readerby Selena Maldonado
Another Aizawa x reader
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deception ☾h.s by -psychohood
deception ☾h.sby tiana ! <3
a story where a twenty-five year old dentist finds pleasure in his patient. (';ω;`) harry styles!
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Teacher's Lover by shfhsonafuene
Teacher's Loverby Sex Stories
Rape would probably be the best way to describe how Polly's situation began. But, as the year carries on, she begins to look forward to seeing her professor and feeling...
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Insecure by shyla_stories
Insecureby Shyla
Sara Andrews has always had image issues but now that she's a senior in high school everything seems to be falling apart around her. When she finally confides in a teach...
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Loving Them  by enchantedsunflower
Loving Them by l o v e
Alessandro Bianchi, is a ruthless billionaire. He is cold and one look from him have people shaking. He has only loved two people in his. His angels, Luca and Enzo. The...
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The Adolescent « h.s » by rizzlepeanut
The Adolescent « h.s »by king.
❝What a beautiful name, but it's too long for me. May I call you Princess instead?❞ ❝Well.. Sir, only my Daddy calls me that.❞ He smirked. ❝Then I'm your daddy now.❞...
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The Clinic by Heather87McDonald
The Clinicby Heather McDonald
Sidney Crosby is Your Surgeon Medical Kink
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simon says by simonDsays
simon saysby simon dominic
who's your daddy now?
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Addie  - Harry Styles by mooloostyles
Addie - Harry Stylesby mooloostyles
"Fatty Addie has no Daddy" the kids taunted her Tears swept across her face as she doesn't understand why she isn't like normal children. A story in which a 16...
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Enjoy Your Stay - Narry **slow updates** by roseyro04
Enjoy Your Stay - Narry **slow 🌹
Book 1 in the Disciplinary Academy series. Niall Horan, 15 years old, as a freshman, has been having trouble his whole life, always getting in to trouble, suspended, and...
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Dolan Twins Smut by AJ-Dolan
Dolan Twins Smutby AJ-Dolan
imagines of two beautiful people 😘 SMUT WARNING maybe some other things than smut, but mostly smut. Trigger warning, don't say I didn't warn you. Reading this is at you...
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He Chose Me by darrenkenna
He Chose Meby kenzie!
"No matter what, you have to be respectful. It's always Yes Sir." I just changed schools and now I'm in trouble. Both with myself, and now with my Dom. Who kne...
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Taken by mainbitch135
Takenby Tayaron
"Love? Do you know what Ddlg is?" - - - A story in which 22 year old Cassie Valentina is taken from everything she knows by a man she only met for a split sec...
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Wonderland {h.s} by papihazza
Wonderland {h.s}by harry's flower
"You're pure. You're like an angel." Harry befriends the innocent girl who works at his favorite sex shop. But Harry doesn't do platonic. The only thing gettin...
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Aria - LRH by taintedwhore
Aria - LRHby Taintedwhore
' hey, I'm Aria. I just moved next door and my mum told me to come by to introduce myself as we will be neighbours' I say as I look up at who answers the door only to se...
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Merciless: BDSM  by GiantSnails
Merciless: BDSM by Beauty
"Tell me what you want, my little slave." Mercy laid me down, arms pinning me to the bed I tried so damn hard to melt into. I moaned, "Please.. don't make...
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My Doll [gxg] by earlytuesdays
My Doll [gxg]by earlytuesdays
I open her bedroom door and and see her laying down in bed with a folded paper in her hands and a smile on her face. " Oh there you are didn't you hear me yelling...
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Sex Stories by ConjuringAGoodStory
Sex Storiesby Isabel 💋
From Reddit! I'll credit all my work! I will take down any posts if owner asks me to! 18 plus only! Don't read it if you can't handle it!
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Little Mind by dailypessimism
Little Mindby dailypessimism
Standing in front of a lot of older men, very important men, can be scary. Even to the highest of the high. Trying to stay upright and not make a fool of myself, my eye...
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Innocence. // l.t by hannahdelnouis
Innocence. // l.tby hannah
In•no•cent; n. 1. A person, especially a child, who is free of evil or sin. 2. A simple, guileless, inexperienced, or unsophisticated person.
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