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"If you cum, You wear a vibrator for tonight's dinner" #1 IN SHORT #1 IN TAEHYUNG #4 in Taekook #2 in Newstory SHORSTORY
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GirlxGirl One Shots (18+) by GourmetPrincess
GirlxGirl One Shots (18+)by GourmetPrincess
(.)(.) MATURE CONTENT (.)(.) This story contains coarse language, graphic scenes of sexual nature between two women, and is intended for mature audiences. Reader disc...
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Prank Couple [Bts ff Jungkook 18+] by KelTurnerReads
Prank Couple [Bts ff Jungkook 18+]by KelTurnerReads
You and Jungkook have been a couple for 2 years now. You guys always play pranks on each other. But, he does those kind of sexual pranks and you do the same but not all...
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Pretty when I cry by _Ireland1_
Pretty when I cryby _Cinnamon_Roll;)
This is a short sex story Please note that this is for 18+ This story includes sexual content and cursing! 🛑 do not steal my story in any way or form!! Word count: 2548
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His pretty little doll.  by babylovesigh
His pretty little doll. by babylovesigh
"Lay still for me, let daddy play with his doll" he growled. I whimpered pulling against the ropes keeping me from touching him. That's all I wanted to do was...
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Vanilla love  by i_am_purplee
Vanilla love by purple
It will warm your heart ♥️...
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Step Siblings 18+|j.h.s by Darling80
Step Siblings 18+|j.h.sby Darling80
"Come on Y/N I know you want me. I know you want to put my dick in your beautiful small mouth" he said coming even closer than he was. He then picked me up and...
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Insomnia by through_the_mirror
Insomniaby Aurelia Kingsleigh
"Please, I don't want to have to..." she bites her lip, staring into his brain, trying to gauge the good versus bad behind them. "See me again?" He s...
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Smuts by cosmoeticbaby
Smutsby xurv
feeling horny? this may help you
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Dirty romance❤️😩 by _Ireland1_
Dirty romance❤️😩by _Cinnamon_Roll;)
Dirty story's to help you get off 🔥❤️ Please note that this is for 18+ These stories include sex content and cursing.
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the fam bam by WillowDreemurr
the fam bamby LavenderChild
mah fucked up family
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Marvel Smut by bxrnxs
Marvel Smutby tyler
Marvel smut. All different characters x reader. Comment any suggestions x Also please upvote me if you enjoyed. This is all written by me. If there does happen to be a s...
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💞COUPLES  💞 by tokekid
💞COUPLES 💞by Tao Min Tao
Seulrene❤ Chaesoo💛 Jenlisa💚 SADA💙 2yeon💜 taekook❤
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It's Just Blue by AtinyArmy32
It's Just Blueby Jodi
Blue? Your names blue? That's it? He asked with a quizzical face. Looking deep into my eyes. Making me feel lightheaded. Y-yes, it's just Blue. I look away breaking t...
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your mine...~ (Dekubaku) by Depressed_bnha_fan
your mine...~ (Dekubaku)by ✨💥💢💦billie_katsuki✨✨💢💦💥
this is a bakudeku story this has smut so you have been warn my fellow peeps ;-; kacchan is a bottom and deku is a top UwU
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The Family by user46573145
The Familyby Charchita
"I created this family, and i can destroy it too!!!!!"
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billie eilish smut <3 by yelllowflowers
billie eilish smut <3by babie
billie smut one shots, i'll be taking requests! gxg unless requested otherwise mom i apologize
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~DESTINY~ KTH x-reader  by KimTaetaeIU
~DESTINY~ KTH x-reader by Kim TaeTae
Unexpected girl came to his life. In the end they both couldn't live without eachother. Main Characters *Kim Taehyung - 18 years old *Jeon Jungkook - 18 years old *Park...
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The Lopez Brothers Scandal by PhoebeG123
The Lopez Brothers Scandalby PhoebeG123
This is my personal fanfiction that I have fantasized about over and over again. If I can't get it out of my head, maybe you wont be able to either. THIS IS NOT REAL, IT...
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Pretty Woman ( lesbian ) by GourmetPrincess
Pretty Woman ( lesbian )by GourmetPrincess
‍‍‍(.)(.) MATURE CONTENT (.)(.) Rated 18+ This story contains coarse language, graphic scenes of a sexual nature between two women, and is intended for mature audiences...
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