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Detention boy by 10ChxptxrStxrxes
Detention boyby Rhia
I feel the awkwardness fill the room as he moves his desk closer to mine. Soon we aren't to far apart and whispers in my ear. "I can imagine how good your insides...
HAIKYUU LEMONS! by ukaiiiiii
HAIKYUU LEMONS!by ukaiiiiii
quality plots and good grammar? look no further 😛 i deliver for y'all horny bitches ;) all of these are x female reader my sub side really comes out when i write thes...
smut stories ;) by shelby_whalen
smut stories ;)by shelby
a collection of some smutty stories for your pleasure😚😚 ⚠️⚠️bdsm, nsfw, degradation, etc.⚠️⚠️
Smuts by cosmoeticbaby
Smutsby xurv
feeling horny? this may help you
(bakugo x reader) by ahshiet
(bakugo x reader)by ahshiet
this story contains 18+ content and bad words (duh bakugo) suicide, sexual content . i am very very sorry but this is a she/her story please enjoy :)
Insomnia by through_the_mirror
Insomniaby Aurelia Kingsleigh
"Please, I don't want to have to-" she began, "See me again?" He smirks. "Too bad, baby. You've got me hooked." DISORDER SERIES: INSOMNIA D...
Making You Daddy's Girl by RileyLyons9
Making You Daddy's Girlby Riley Lyons
Some smut about how Daddy takes advantage of his little girl while bringing her immense pleasure. All characters are 18+.
🧸Mommy and me 🧸 by princessS6969
🧸Mommy and me 🧸by Princess69
Raye is a 19 year old little Grace is a 30 year old looking for a little See what happens next🖤
Hisoka x Reader one shots ( some lemon ) by CT_0VJgq5
Hisoka x Reader one shots ( some l...by CT_0VJgq5
Hisoka x Reader one shots 😏
Life of a pornstar (18+) by lays_chips69
Life of a pornstar (18+)by lays_chips69
This is the story of a switch between a pornstar, and a pornographer. I will try to post 3 times a week. This story is for adults 18 and up. It will contain smut. I have...
Naughty baby boy by SoftBoyKing
Naughty baby boyby ADHD Bunny
just some fantasies and concepts i dream and think about~ this book is for all the sexy mommy and daddy doms that want a little femboy to punish or play with.~ this isn'...
HELENA BC SMUT! by idekanymore198
HELENA BC SMUT!by Bellatrix_hoe
I'm writing this smut for all of you girlies who wish you had a chance and also for all of you horny girlies!
Married to the billionaire  by Venenor
Married to the billionaire by Venenor
Proposed by her boyfriend Dia accepts the offer. What she didn't comes with this proposal is a sadistic controlling monster
🔞ᘔᗴᗩᒪ ( ဇေးလ် )🔞 by Fei_cheng
🔞ᘔᗴᗩᒪ ( ဇေးလ် )🔞by 🦋陈煌🦋
+ ၀တ္တုတစ်ခုဖြစ်သဖြင့် ဝတ္တုပါအသုံးအနှုန်းများ ရိုင်းလွန်းသဖြင့် မကြိုက်သူများမဖတ်ပါနဲ့နော်❣️
Bad Drugs || Jean x Reader  by chrollosyummycummy
Bad Drugs || Jean x Reader by ahahaha
Getting matching tattoos gave you a lot more than you asked for but, should you be complaining? It may lead to a relationship of sorts with a really attractive guy.. ⚠︎...
smut oneshots (detailed and kinky so definitely 18+) by shoto_todoroki_real
smut oneshots (detailed and kinky...by Shoto Todoroki
just a bunch of extremely kinky oneshots Also a few fluff chapters too but I suck at writing fluff Just some oneshots (Has bxb, gxg, bxg and reader x character) includes...
 Truth or Dare   |  (Bakugou x Reader) by aniahissenpai
Truth or Dare | (Bakugou x Rea...by Secret Senpai
⚠️Slight nsfw⚠️ this story contains curse words, sexual content and Bakugou. You get stuck in a room with Bakugou and you both decide to play Truth or Dare cuz why not...
Revenge in the ⚤︎卩卂|几   by Jeon_Ma_Rinaa
Revenge in the ⚤︎卩卂|几 by ❤️ Park_Riana ❤️
තම පවුලට වුනු අසාධාරනයත්... පියා අහිමිවීමත්.. තනිකමට හුරුවීමත් සමග... වෛරයෙන් හා ක්‍රෝධයෙන් දිවිගෙවන ඔහු... ඇයට ලං වන්නේ පලි ගැනීමට හා... තම පහත් ආශාවන් සපුරා ගැනීමට...