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The Boss|| <YoongixReader> M.Y.G. [•EDITING•] by musiclover_93
The Boss|| M.Y.G. [•EDITING•]by AgustD's_Army
"I can't believe that I fell for you, Mr. Min" [Its my very first book (J)Hope You like it! 😊👍 ] «Date Started: August 11, 2019» «Date Ended: - - -» RANKINGS...
The Mafia Boss (BTS Yoongi x reader) [Complete] by SlipperyInkySquid
The Mafia Boss (BTS Yoongi x InkySquid
Y/n was kidnapped by the cold hearted mafia boss. Time goes on and he starts to feel his heart beating faster than usual when he's around her, but his cold self can't se...
FOX || P.JM by chimmochii-
FOX || P.JMby 침어치
❝ Once upon a time, a fox loved a girl. ❞ Completion : ✔ Revision : ✔
Prom Date | Min Yoongi  by cuddleyoongi
Prom Date | Min Yoongi by 🖤💫
"Will you be my prom date?" ♡ Min Yoongi AU | a little fluff Cover made by @cuddleyoongi Copyright © 2018 cuddleyoongi started; 13/8/2018 completed; 24/12/2018
❝ Holy fuck you're naked! ❞ - In which Jungkook's cat Yoongi, turns into human, and he falls in love with it. ©YOONXIETY
Fan? | KNJ×Reader ✓ [COMPLETED] by musicreadertrash
Fan? | KNJ×Reader ✓ [COMPLETED]by Skye Norman
He said, "I am the leader in a KPop group." "What's a KPop group?" , you asked.
I Love Me→KTH by Yumeha_rmy
I Love Me→KTHby •♪°山本夢葉°♪•
In which he has low self esteem. A kth texting story By Yumeha_rmy
Gangleader | M.Y.G.| Completed by Hyuuga_Hayashi
Gangleader | M.Y.G.| Completedby Hayashi Hyuuga
"I'm a criminal." He said. "So?" She replied. So she bumped into a gangster, but does her problems end there only? A suga×reader FF!!❤ Also, I don't...
SOPE | Psychic Lovers [Completed] by Sashii_Kari
SOPE | Psychic Lovers [Completed]by SueMeMinYoongi
"DON'T JUMP!!" "Shut up I wasn't going to jump." "Well, if you weren't why are you standing on the edge?" What the hell is it to him wheth...
instagram interactions between bts and blackpink. started; 17 /07/19 ended; - / - / - most impressive rankings: #10 in lisa 290520 #34 in taehyung 290420 #18 in blackpin...
Fluffy One Shots [REQUESTS OPEN] (slow updates) by ladyb790
Fluffy One Shots [REQUESTS OPEN] ( Peach🍑
Fluffy one shots. All seven members. All sorts of ideas including school romance, littles, hybrids, toddlers, babies etc. I love doing requests so message me your...
Saleslady by angeliclollipop
Salesladyby spencer
"Got anything that you would like sir?" "Oh, yes" "What would you want to get?" "Your heart please" A Jeon Jungkook x Reader Fanf...
The Hunt by TheKimberWolf
The Huntby The Kimber Wolf
Y/n is abducted by a pack of hybrids, however, she's not as helpless as they initially assumed. Hybrid BTS, Jimin x Hybrid Reader. Started Sept. 5, 2019.
HIS GIRL | JK by -taesgucci
HIS GIRL | JKby lysa ♡
"You should stop smoking." She said "Shut up." He said. //in which a girl found herself involved with a guy who she never thought she would be friend...
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BTSdoratheexplorer I ✔️ by AgentCALM
BTSdoratheexplorer I ✔️by Seokjinnnnn_
A BTS horor au. made by by @/filmfics (twitter) disclaimer, I do not own the au, it belongs to @filmfics {complete ✔️} 24.07.18 ( #34 - horor ) 25.06.18 ( #33 - horor ) ...
 HOW TO SAVE A LIFE - For Dummies by Shit_Sticks
HOW TO SAVE A LIFE - For Dummiesby Shit_Sticks
Yoongi x Bangtan Yoongi, He is the stereotypical lonely guy that you see in every school. Hoodie up, and sweatpants or something nerdy. You know that type of person in...
The School Castle • BTSxReader✅ by AsulNaLibra
The School Castle • BTSxReader✅by asra.
"You are only allowed to leave this place for one week every year." * That school which doesn't look like a school but a castle. Where seven hot guys are prese...
Instagram // Min Yoongi✔️ by Hobi_Jiminie
Instagram // Min Yoongi✔️by I Love Song Joong-ki
{COMPLETED} You are famous on Instagram and someone unexpected follows you. (This is my first ff) Started: November 2, 2018 Ended: November 22, 2018 Copyright © 2018 Hob...
Stalker || myg + pjm  by minsuglossd
Stalker || myg + pjm by minyoonmeow
" W-what do you want from me? " " I want you ." || Everything was working just fine before Jimin started to receive weird messages from an anonymous...
Hold Me Tight | Min Yoongi FF by Her_Singularity
Hold Me Tight | Min Yoongi FFby Her_singularity
[Completed] Summary: You were looking the night sky in your balcony when a mysterious man fell from above & suddenly kissed you. He then pulled away from the kiss and sm...