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Teach me • kth by suckmymochii
Teach me • kthby suckmymochii
"Don't you know that being a bad girl ends you in detention?" "Why exactly do my detentions feel more like a reward than a punishment?" • TAEHYUNG X...
BULLY ✅ [EDITING]  by Bangtndna
BULLY ✅ [EDITING] by 𝑩𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 🌼
❝ Just shut up, okay?! You sounded a lot better while you were sleeping ❞ Min Yoongi
I Loved You Before || MYG ✔ by VictoryIsMe
I Loved You Before || MYG ✔by Sammie
Min Yoongi is a Kpop Idol and a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan or more popularly known as BTS. He is a rapper, songwriter, producer and full time Hyung to his five younger...
Young || 윤기 by desmadres
Young || 윤기by dio(s mío)
"we shouldn't do this." he tried to argue. "you're so young." [ short chapters; #8 in the red bullet series ]
Finding you [MYG]✔️ by BtsTrooper
Finding you [MYG]✔️by Dynamitae
Amnesia's a fickle bitch. You've waited years to see your childhood best friend again... Slight problem though... The once bubbly boy who made your heart flutter is gone...
Yes Mr.Kim ?      [<taejin] by chocolattebear
Yes Mr.Kim ? [<taejin]by chocolattebear
Seokjin was left alone in the city of Seoul by his parents who didn't appreciate him. he is kind, hardworking and handsome.. Taehyung is the CEO of Kim Entertain. Cold...
Living with a Siren✔ [Merman!Yoongi X Reader] [Merman AU] by SugaMonzPanda
Living with a Siren✔ [Merman!Yoong...by Panda? 🐼
You're a writer, a human one. You live alone in a forest; away from human connections pretty much- Yoongi is a merman. He likes being alone, but he has his friends. The...
7 Days // min yoongi~ ✓ by hilarioushoseok
7 Days // min yoongi~ ✓by tori❤
She took a deep breath, and put one leg from the bridge when she suddenly heard out a cry. "Stop!" A booming but deep voice cried out. She turned around shocke...
The Swag Couple (Yoonie) by kaelouiseee
The Swag Couple (Yoonie)by kae
Btw mature content on some upcoming chapters 🔞 yoooo this is my first time creating a fic and i hope this will turn out well >. < also i'm not that good in englis...
Love Potion | Book 1 by -meowgi-
Love Potion | Book 1by ↳˳⸙;; ❝ bethan/caelum/frog ᵕ̈...
My stomach dropped like it did whenever I received bad news. But this was worse. I wanted to run towards them, to scream and cry, but I couldn't. I took a deep breath, p...
The psycho who changed her  by Bangtanqxv
The psycho who changed her by Bangtanqxv
She was a psychiatrist before she met him, and now she's crazy, insane Like him, he's controls her, makes her his only his
Married To My Dead Ex's Brother | M•YG×READER ✓ by taetae4u
Married To My Dead Ex's Brother |...by taetae4u
"You have to choose. We won't be here forever." "But I can't. I love you both, so much." ____________________________ Started: 29/02/2020 Completed:...
عاهر جيون 🔞🔞 by mhjenwvwjzn
عاهر جيون 🔞🔞by jungkook.pancake
منحرف 🔞🔞🔞 حب ❤ شوي حزززززن 😥 و ألخ ...... جونغكوك & جيمين أريدد أن أكون عاهر جيون فقط إن شاء الله يعجبكم الون شوت......... Jungkook.pancake Jikook shiper
BLUE | YOONMIN ✓ by angekoo
[started 6.16.18, finished 4.25.19] .✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*. He was with his friends when he met the boy with blue hair. After that, it seemed as if the blue haired boy was eve...
My cold husband min yoongi ||2 by witchygirlol
My cold husband min yoongi ||2by -h-
book II to "my cold husband min yoongi"
Drunk {M.YG} ✔️ by hwxngjin
Drunk {M.YG} ✔️by 𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗵 🤍
you saved me but you didn't want me ⚠️ TW ⚠️ suicide, ptsd ! lower case intended ! ! short story ! ! sad ending ! ! 3/7 of the one sided series ! shskdhdjdbd this book...
საკუთრება (PROPERTY) | | M.Y🔞 by CrysTaLLinE_00
საკუთრება (PROPERTY) | | M.Y🔞by LUVEVIE
🔞one shot🔞 🔥min yoongi🔥
Fxcking Friends ⇒Yoongi x Reader by repeatingseesawgame
Fxcking Friends ⇒Yoongi x Readerby .
★ To our dreams ★ Can friends just stay friends? Aspirations becoming reality. Two strangers become friends, Yoongi a music genius and Y/n a dreamer. Both are paired fo...
Forget Him (Part 2) [JK] by SinisterJeon
Forget Him (Part 2) [JK]by ×Ana×
SoonHee Jeong has just said goodbye to her love, Jungkook. She's forced to leave him in order for him to follow his dream. Leaving him with a shattered heart, she forces...