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Want so Bad [LEE KNOW] by Ambrxse__11
Want so Bad [LEE KNOW]by Ayla
"What's your name?" "Minho." "The actor one or the idol one?" "The insane one." "I'm pretty sure they're insane too." ...
Fan Service [Chan] by DimTheMoon
Fan Service [Chan]by DimTheMoon
Stray Kids is on tour! Ella wins a prize at the concert that ends up turning her entire life upside down. She uncovers the dark secrets to K-Pop and Fan Service and trie...
Groupchat || Bangchan  by skizzmilky
Groupchat || Bangchan by skizz
In which Kim Saena is in a groupchat with a bunch of idiots Or In which Bangchan finds himself inside a groupchat with a bunch of delusional fans ~~★~~ • book 1 of my Sk...
[ COMPLETED ] in which bang chan becomes infatuated with a girl and finds himself thinking of her and nothing but her.
AUSSIE  ーchanlix ✓ by MayUnhO
AUSSIE ーchanlix ✓by **✿❀ ᵐ ᵃ ʸ ᵃ [LOGGED OUT]❀✿**
『 °˖✧ ¢σмρℓєтє∂ ✧˖° 』 Han Jisung accidentally adds the wrong user to 3RACHA's new group chat. ___ - boy x boy - contains profanity - texting au - © mayunho, 2020 start...
Ghostly Beauty - Minsung by https_skzgirl
Ghostly Beauty - Minsungby Erin 🧸
Han Jisung, 18 years old, was a figure skater. He had died with a shot to the heart on the very ice he had once skated on. The ice rink had since closed down. Lee Minh...
his true self by strayfic
his true selfby Hanna
Hyunjin Gang/Mafia FF You always wondered where Hyunjin went and why he always came back injured. When he disappeared one day, you accidentally found out about his true...
Through a screen | Bangchan  by m4nix1e_
Through a screen | Bangchan by kai <3
"Bangchan knows i exist?! What is life?" updated cover by: @cykrowe_ <3 started: 11/6/23 ended: 16/9/23 Rankings: #1- bangchan (19k) #1- idol (16k) #1- i...
Moon~Dancing  (A Stray kidz reverse harem fanfiction) by maryamabubkar
Moon~Dancing (A Stray kidz maryamabubkar
** A spin off to Ille-girl ** Turns out, not only super heroes have double lives and alter egos. Known as "Leah" by everyone around her, and as "Moon-da...
°•Manager of Straykids•° | Bang Chan by chrizztopherstan
°•Manager of Straykids•° | Bang chrizztopherstan
»I feel like the mom here!« »You are« Seungmin said quietly »Who's the dad then?« Hyunjin asked »Chan obviously« Lizz got a Manager position at JYP Entertainment. She ne...
dear soulmate | bang chan by socalee
dear soulmate | bang chanby . * + .♡plutoˏˋ°•*⁀➷
Soulmate AU A story in which a girl finally gets her soulmate mark, to an idol thousands of miles away. -------- Completed: 2/2/21 If you're Felix reading this on a sec...
Chaos | Stray kids by Randomstxy
Chaos | Stray kidsby Hairline
When a wrong contact is added to a groupchat.
A Smut Series  by Ayn-Beck
A Smut Series by Ayn Beck
16 days of 16 stories where each member of Stray Kids would fuck you. Part twos coming now too.. maybe part threes, who knows
addiction 》minsung by ChickenYoongleSoup
addiction 》minsungby hšb
"Are you trying to tell me that you read books about you and Minho?" In which Han Jisung discovers fanfiction, and his addiction to it. 『 ranks: #1 in kpop, st...
Hybrid!Stray Kids X Reader by bluez2776
Hybrid!Stray Kids X Readerby Bluez2776
When a small little Calico named Felix gets placed into your life, despite never wanting a hybrid, your heart starts to soften towards him. And along with it, some feeli...
Make Me STAY by DayDreamRomantic
Make Me STAYby DayDreamRomantic
Rose was 22 when she found her soulmate. She was 25 when he found her. - Part of the same universe as my other story An Indescribable Feeling (BTS OT7 + OC soulmate f...
Spread My Wings| Stray Kids x F!ChildReader by jeonginscheese
Spread My Wings| Stray Kids x F! jeonginscheese
In which the members of Stray Kids take in a young girl that was abandoned in a coffee shop. Just a cute chaotic story 🩷 "HAN JISUNG GO GET HER WHAT ARE YOU DOING...
Again || Banginho/Minchan by Febreze_Is_Tasty
Again || Banginho/Minchanby I LOVE UYU
minho and chan had been married for almost twenty years and had a cute and crazy family with four children... everything was going on normanlly (not really lol) until...
My Omega [minchan au] by btsshipff4
My Omega [minchan au]by BANGTAN boyz
Just chan falling for Minho.. minchan au others ships jilix changjin Seungin 🕸️ ★ 𓈈 ៸៸ ◟.'゙ʾ 𓏲! ִֶָ𓂃៹⌇ ♡ ❜ 𓏲 🕷️✨ 𝘙𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘴 𝘙𝘢𝘯𝘬 1 𝘪𝘯 𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘬𝘪𝘥𝘴�...
Baby Boy (Jeongchan) by _Stay_Army_
Baby Boy (Jeongchan)by
What happens when Chan has to babysit Jeongin while his parents are away? Will have side ships in the story such as Mingsung Changlix Seungjin