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What If | Hyunlix by xXAjronaXx
What If | Hyunlixby xXAjronaXx
Felix didn't get a second chance like Minho, he never got a call, so that means he never debuted with Stray Kids. So he decided to become a dance teacher, somehow still...
Just Friends✔ by Lovsii
Just Friends✔by Eden
Friends don't look at friends that way. Hungarian translation by the amazing @2ho_answr (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
Alpha will always bow down to his Omega by SongNara0925
Alpha will always bow down to his...by Hannah
Felix (omega) and his 3 overprotective brothers yoongi (beta), jungkook and minho (alphas), will move into a new city. New school is also waiting for them. Hyunjin popu...
Hey stranger (Hyunlix), Completed  by GoogleWasMy_idea
Hey stranger (Hyunlix), Completed by Zi
In which Felix texted random numbers to promote his idol's comeback. Little did he know he have already texted his ultimate bias, Hwang Hyunjin. Converted story ©All ri...
text me  by ur-mom122
text me by ur-mom122
A hyunlix Instagram/text story Short chapters ... #1 in hyunlix (I can't belive this)
brand new city; felix x skz by fairygff
brand new city; felix x skzby charlie ★
seven boys all find themselves falling for felix. - modern fantasy ! completed
He Is A Model-  Hyunlix by bokibinnie
He Is A Model- Hyunlixby haniiiiiii
Instagram au - Felix has a fan account for his celebrity crush •∆• uwuUu°•°•^ seungbin #1 10 July 22
Hidden Love // Hyunlix by yoon_ieee
Hidden Love // Hyunlixby yoon
Felix and Hyunjin were about to be stepbrothers, but love couldn't control who they fall for. Hyunlix story ILL TRY TO MAKE THIS LONGER THAN THE LAST ONE AND MAYBE UPDA...
perfect // hyunlix by honeychxn
perfect // hyunlixby honeychxn
in which hyunjin is too perfect and felix can't stand it
Annoying Neighbor || h.hj, l.fx by straybubbs
Annoying Neighbor || h.hj, l.fxby hshs, yeah
Book #2 of OUTSIDE LOVE SERIES "So, what's your name?" "No." "Well hi there no, my name is Hyunjin."
What will happen...? by chaerya1215225
What will happen...?by Chaerya
What would happen, if Stray Kids move together and there are only rooms with double beds? And what, if out of all members Felix and Hyunjin get to share a room? DISCLAIM...
Our Secrets - Hyunlix  by KimEunkai
Our Secrets - Hyunlix by :)Eun
A secret relationship between Felix and Hyunjin.
baby | lfl x scb x hhj by -bxttombby
baby | lfl x scb x hhjby ♡
just your average hyunbinlix forced infantilism book, whoops this book includes: - forced infantilism - kidnapping - baby!felix - daddy!changbin - appa!hyunjin - sweari...
The Parent Project - Hyunlix by marshyunlix
The Parent Project - Hyunlixby Maria
Sometimes Kids = Cupids Follow Hyunlix through their adventure as two of the most popular idols, how will they fare when they've been put in front of tv to take care of...
My Prince | Hyunlix by minminscentt
My Prince | Hyunlixby ☪︎⋆ 𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖚 彡
Hwang Hyunjin is a cocky and spoiled prince who always has everything he wants, one day he meets Lee Felix, his brother's best friend. Hwang didn't care about his broth...
Love served with coffee/ hyunlix by silentcry12
Love served with coffee/ hyunlixby Silent cry
Hyunjin is a tired and super unmotivated student who's only goal is to get trough college. Felix in the other hand is a bright and joyful guy who works at a coffee shop...
I'll Be Your Protector • Hyunlix by Xiexie31209
I'll Be Your Protector • Hyunlixby 이 트릭시
"I'll protect you as long as you're in danger. As long as I'm here you'll never get hurt, I promise"
Blood | Hyunlix by -M4N1AC
Blood | Hyunlixby .
inwhich hyunjin falls for a human he met in the hallway. ... it was forbidden, though it felt so right. ... STARTED : FEB/27/22 ENDED : / / / ...
He is my...Wife... (Hyunlix) by IstoleFelixfromSKZ
He is my...Wife... (Hyunlix)by IstoleFelixfromSKZ
It's completed but I might add more extra chapters also it's short. (SLOW AHH UPDATES 😱😫) (got my inspiration from "Alchemy of souls" part 2 it's a k-drama y...
SKZ ONESHOTS by lixxie__sunshine
Oneshots and series :D -Probably will just do BxB -Requests open -Will contain swearing -mostly crack/chaotic oneshots