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Just a Toy(BTS Fanfiction) by little_turtle_lover
Just a Toy(BTS Fanfiction)by Samu
I'm just a toy to them. Toys don't cry They don't wake up, they never fell asleep I'm just a toy. Here for your amusement
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Good bye! (Jungkook ff) by Janell_SV
Good bye! (Jungkook ff)by 🍃NELLY🍃
I hate you that i love you... I hate the way you left... I hate the way you make me feel... I wish that i never met you... I wish i never let you in You left.....and you...
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we got married  |  °jungri by heachanope
we got married | °jungriby haechan's one pack ab(s)
in which jungkook and yeri gets paired up to be in we got married - started 082517
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Stripper Boy | jimin by crystalpjm
Stripper Boy | jiminby fero
-warning; 18+ +in which park jimin is the holy stripper trigger warning; erotic, angst stripper boy au Copyright © 2015 fero
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bewitching; taehyung by han-bin
bewitching; taehyungby 美しい。
He was ​mesmerized by her bewitching ​ ​brown eyes.
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NEVERMIND #yoonmin by yoonminislifeu
NEVERMIND #yoonminby yoonminislifeu
Jimin gets kissed in the middle of working his part time job, so naturally he is confused.
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Vampires Among Us | a Kim Taehyung fanfiction by aglimpseofperfection
Vampires Among Us | a Kim Mimi
Taehyung x reader Vampire AU Unlike most vampires, he is not a shameless killer. He never killed a person in his life. Vampire clans are not accepting of his soft heart...
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Big Book Of BTS❤ by bangtanology_
Big Book Of BTS❤by ♚Bangtan's official ARMY♚
This book includes -Bangtan member profiles -Bangtan news -Bangtan facts -Bangtan song lyrics -Bangtan song translations
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Save Me (BTS Suga) by DonutRead
Save Me (BTS Suga)by DonutRead
What will you do if you see a creepy drunk man in the elevator?
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He is a SHE?? [BTS fanfic] by SugaSweetie
He is a SHE?? [BTS fanfic]by SugaSweetie
Ri (short for Ri Min) Is a dancer, singer, and rapper who wants to become the next big kpop idol. When she goes to audition at Big Hit she is mistaken for a boy and beco...
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Illusions (Kpop Oneshots) by Azeline
Illusions (Kpop Oneshots)by Azeline
Azeline's Kpop Oneshots :3
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Disappear | Jung Hoseok by vocalists
Disappear | Jung Hoseokby vienne
Your hand gestures, your stares, they have become faint, but why won't they disappear? © 2015 by Vienne (vocalists) Artwork © Salgoolulu
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Him With Me {BTS: Jungkook Fanfic} by Yehetmaknae97
Him With Me {BTS: Jungkook Fanfic}by Yehetmaknae97
"It never occurred to me that one day, I, myself, would be dating someone who is loved by many others and is also talented. He has brought me to a new chapter in my...
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Being Afflicted (A BTS x OC x Infinite Fanfic) by Deyean
Being Afflicted (A BTS x OC x RedGuitarist
Everyone is in pain. Some are just better at hiding it. Afflictionəˈflɪkʃ(ə)n/noun: the cause of pain or harm; the state of being in pain They're invisible to our eyes. ...
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Rain, Rain by taedeer
Rain, Rainby ••Nashi
A long day of college and a changed bus schedule literally screws with the schedule Y/N had set out for her life. The main reason everything is undone is because of that...
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Public sex- no spying please by sarangohpar
Public sex- no spying pleaseby Bangdem boyz
“Have you ever done it in public, Taehyung?” Jimin whispered. “Well, there’s always a first time for everything.”
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Instagram |Min Yoongi| by ChoRimii
Instagram |Min Yoongi|by Bangtan Trash
"What if I told you I was suga?" "I wouldn't believe you"
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A Perfect Gift | jhope bts by redhuimang
A Perfect Gift | jhope btsby sæmi
just a short story about a girl who was not in a good term with her best friend before her birthday. it was her birthday and how would she enjoy her day without her best...
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FriENDs || BTS by vicyk_
FriENDs || BTSby 🖤
High school friendship isn't that easy for a girl whose only friends are the most popular guys in the whole school. Drama, rumors, love, pride, friendship... It's all to...
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