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Sugar daddy || Book 1 by Miasiyer
Sugar daddy || Book 1by Miasiyer
When a sugar daddy turns into a softie~ Taking the sugar daddy concept and turning it into a fluff <3 "From now on, whenever I call for you, you'll come to me. I...
You're Mine • VHOPE ✔ by fluffyhopie
You're Mine • VHOPE ✔by Sam "샘" ✓
"Limits are what I don't have, baby." Jung Hoseok, a high school delinquent kissed Kim Taehyung to shut him up. And that, my friend, marked the beginning of s...
Quarantined | taekook✔️ by btshopee
Quarantined | taekook✔️by 😎🤟
Jungkook: hello Jungkook: I typed in a random number Jungkook: cos quarantine be hella boring Jungkook: I stg if this isn't an actual number I will cry Jungkook: I need...
An Indescribable Feeling by MissHelen95
An Indescribable Feelingby DayDreamRomantic
When a world wide sickness means BTS have a time limit to find their final soulmate, they come up with a plan to find them during their world tour. - Cute and fluffy / W...
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The Mafia Couple  by hyerinunnie
The Mafia Couple by 김혜린
This is a story which taehyung lived with his dog tannie and works at a coffee shop. He ran away from his mother who used to abuse him because his mother was blaming him...
I GOT YOUNIVERSE | hogwarts au | jikook by _jiminoodles
I GOT YOUNIVERSE | hogwarts au | j...by 。*✧AURIS✧*。
Jikook Harry Potter au Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin are starting their first year at Hogwarts- both from extremely different backgrounds. However, the one thing that the...
BTS' BABY by itsmintsuga
BTS' BABYby hays~
What happens if you make a wish too hard that you finally got to meet BTS but in a little girl's body? Contains: Curse words Fluffs Fluffs Fluffs Angst (Maybe?) Read a...
snapchat | hoseok by trashjar
snapchat | hoseokby 垃圾
"what the?" in which hoseok accidentally sent a snap of his nipples to a random girl.
Break up with your girlfriend, cause I'm bored by 420_Sensitivity
Break up with your girlfriend, cau...by Marry Me?🥺💍💜
Kim namjoon is the president of student council His girlfriend is Jennie Jeon Jungkook is the quarter back on the football team His girl friend is Lisa And Min Yoongi...
Obey l Jimin ✔️ by OneDesire7
Obey l Jimin ✔️by 김린다<3
"Its about time you obey me." He ran his fingers through his hair, with a devilish grin. - - - - ❗️Unedited Story❗️ - 🚫Mature content🚫 ⭐There will be a stor...
My Step-Brothers by GDGirlie214
My Step-Brothersby Jiminie
You were adopted into a family with seven brothers because their mother wanted a daughter but was told she shouldn't have another baby. You are 22 years of age and you...
every night ; kim taehyung ✔️ by btstydia
every night ; kim taehyung ✔️by bea
He walked in every night... With a different woman. highest ranking: 1 in #taehyungfanfic
Made for Each Other [KV]✓ by Noortaekook
Made for Each Other [KV]✓by Btstaekook
This story has my favourite ships- Taekook ,Yoonmin,Namjin. (Main ship is Taekook) And yeah how can I leave my lovely sunshine cutie pie, my Hobi.. Its really cute stor...
Night creatures jikook by change-user-Jikookie
Night creatures jikookby New-Password-Kookmin
Jikook Creatures that took over, kill much like animals. They have strength claws as sharp as knives teeth as sharp as razors. Ruthless killers, predators of the night...
Soulmates: Secret Scar by SerenityScarlet7
Soulmates: Secret Scarby BTSXARMY
In a world where soulmates are so rare that they are treated as a myth, one interesting pair is discovered. But what happens when one is too busy for the repercussions o...
FuckBuddies by Jdtaekook
FuckBuddiesby JayDie
Warning may contain a lot of sex scene. Read at your own risk thankyou! - "Ahhhhh yeah ummmm ahhh right their tae ahhh you're so fucking good ahhhh fuck" the b...
ˢᵒᶠᵗ ღ [ʸᵒᵒⁿˢᵉᵒᵏ] by _twinkyoon
ˢᵒᶠᵗ ღ [ʸᵒᵒⁿˢᵉᵒᵏ]by ˢᵒᶠᵗⁱᵉ <3
ᵒⁿˡʸ ˢᵒᶠᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇᵃᵇʸ~ [ʸᵒᵒⁿˢᵉᵒᵏ ᶠᶠ]
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BOSS || BOOK 1|| JUNG HOSEOKby ✨ grace 👑
"How can you not be on time for a simple arrival?" He laughs a little too evilly. "But I understand why your father put you as this low ranking job. Just...
The Ugly Duckling [Jinkook, Minjoon, Taegiseok]  by boopable_army
The Ugly Duckling [Jinkook, Minjoo...by boopable_army
From a young age Prince Seokjin lived a life of misfortune, all because his face was extremely unattractive. But Prince Jungkook knew that one day Jin would be the pret...
In which Yoongi's father sees Yoongi as his biggest mistake, whereas Jungkook sees him as the missing piece in his life. #1 in sugakookie 11/27/18 #1 in littleyoongi 11...