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Disciplined  by Emily6802
Disciplined by WinterMayz
Maxine is a 17yr old senior in high school. Follow her difficult journey being raised by her three older brothers.
Full - time by Falky90
Full - timeby Falky90
I'm a newish writer, sorry about any spelling mistakes I'm dyslexic! This story is about a strict husband that takes control of his immature wife, turns her into how she...
Boys Club by AshBritt7286
Boys Clubby RoseBritt
Zayn and Liam Malik are father to 8 boys. what happens when 12 year old Amelia Lane is placed with them as a foster child. Zayn and Liam find out little girls can be big...
The possessive one by aashireader
The possessive oneby aashireader
"I said eat, don't make me repeat myself" said casper giving her a last warning. "Please" she said, and that was it, i lost my cool, i gave here a t...
The Adventures of Nick and Eva by ARShortie17
The Adventures of Nick and Evaby ARShortie17
This story depicts the Domestic discipline/BDSM lifestyle of two consenting adults, Nick and Eva. The fiction includes erotic moments and Eva's punishments Mature, read...
Diaper Cafe by ello___
Diaper Cafeby ello___
18+!!!!!!!! mature content: contains diapers, forced bdsm, nonconsensual acts, various kinks, basically NSFW all around. Proceed with caution. Bella finds herself out o...
Intricate Love Season 1 🔞🚫 by ahhnin21
Intricate Love Season 1 🔞🚫by ahhnin21
ဆူးနှင်းဝေ မင်းငါ့ကို ထားသွားနိုင်ပါတယ်။ဒါပေမယ့် မင်းရဲ့သေခြင်းကပဲ ငါ့ကို ထားသွားလို့ရမယ် ကလေး။အဲ့ဒါ မင်းကို သိပ်ချစ်လို့နော် ဟန်ရဲသွေး ဒီလောက်ချော၊ ဒီလောက်လှပြီး အဘက်ဘက...
New Dumbledores??!! by AlexisLuvsOneD
New Dumbledores??!!by fanfictionwriter
She's a first year at Hogwarts, but she's no stranger to magic. I mean, her adoptive father, 3 older brothers (who are Hogwarts professors), and her adoptive mother (als...
Dating a Dom in Highschool by WinterWolf20000
Dating a Dom in Highschoolby Emily Thornton
Reagan was the sweetest sophomore in her school. Being highly involved in her school, she was known for being nice to everyone. While she was on duty for the welcoming c...
မြတ်နိုးမိသော by SawKyiPhyulinnwai
မြတ်နိုးမိသောby Saw Kyi Phyu
မာန်ဝင့်ထည် လင်းရောင်စဥ်
Naughty girls get punished by luv_morgan1
Naughty girls get punishedby luv_morgan1
What happens when you don't listen to daddy? 😏 How does daddy put an end to Victoria's behavior?
Small Punishment Stories  by unknown110202
Small Punishment Stories by unknown110202
The punishments get worse and worse...
Their Little Prince (Kuzaless & Cyan) by theonewithnovoice
Their Little Prince (Kuzaless & Cy...by theonewithnovoice
Chris Cerulli is 31 and works at a music shopping in Scranton PA. He was engaged to Angelo for three months and dated six years. You see Chris is a little as in ddlb. Da...
The Robot Babysitter by Joisasneaki
The Robot Babysitterby Jo
Meg has done drugs and had destructive parties during past week long spring breaks. But not this time, her parents are making sure of it.
My crazy life story's  by Marisa5172
My crazy life story's by Marisa Salcido
This is about me wetting myself and doing other naughty stuff #1 In The Holding Category!
A Depressing Story by lucaslovssmut
A Depressing Storyby lucaslovssmut
Peter and Harvey Parker. Blood brothers who lived on the streets since they were 10 and 5. Peter being older. Now, they were 15 and 10. What happens when Tony and Steve...
Steve's Little: Bucky Barnes by havefunliving
Steve's Little: Bucky Barnesby havefunliving
Bucky is fairly new to the whole little/caregiver ordeal. Frankly, he'd always found it stupid and degrading. Why should he have to be babied? Steve though, shows him it...
Wedgie Challenges and More by RavenRayung
Wedgie Challenges and Moreby Raven
A few wedgie challenges for you guys! If you want you can tell me ideas and I'll add them Tell me how it went while you were doing these! it would make me happy :D
BTS ff- My Strict but Loving Brothers by ARMYBLINK8413
BTS ff- My Strict but Loving Broth...by JJ
Y/n is a 13 year old who just found out that she has 7 brothers who are the biggest boy-band in the world- BTS. Their parents abandoned her leaving her in the care of he...
the ideal brother  by 6207168266a
the ideal brother by boy with iq 148
the story of a girl with her brother park jimin the perfect brother and more liks a father to the park soomin he is perfect and ideal brother for his little sister find...