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step-brother love (vkook) by kaisooislove88
step-brother love (vkook)by jaeisbae
"taehyun please c'mon no one will know about us it's gonna be alright" jungkook said I'm still kinda scared of someone will now about us dating "um I-I re...
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I Changed For You (NamJin) (BoyXBoy) by jikookfxck
I Changed For You (NamJin) (BoyXBo...by Hakaze
A story of a Bully and a Student council President of the school. Chasing him but he doesn't love him back. He was straight.
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Vampire Prosecutor (vkook) by Harucchinhoon
Vampire Prosecutor (vkook)by Blueberryred
Taehyung and his brothers were found by humans when they were kids and they grew up being tested and when they got free his brother, jungkook lost all his memories
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Hey I just met you and my friends are crazy. [VKook/TaeKook] by soonshimee
Hey I just met you and my friends...by lachesis
[Oneshot] Hoseok on crack. Jin trying to 'fix' Namjoon. Jimin and Yoongi love and hate relationshit. Jungkook, the awkward turtle and Taehyung, the blushing koala. (in s...
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Jungkooked &Taehyunged by shipstiel
Jungkooked &Taehyungedby Kurrin
Cops mixing with unethical Detectives who would've thought that this would be the best team to come together and solve mysteries and crimes. Jungkoook the cop. Taehyung...
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#cmd | taekook [h.] by OCEANSOBS
#cmd | taekook [h.]by henni
This fanfiction is really cringy. Read at your own risk. It was my first ff in english and I'm not a native speaker. It probably will never be updated again. in which a...
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The One Who Flies. [TaeKook/Vkook] by soonshimee
The One Who Flies. [TaeKook/Vkook]by lachesis
-ON HIATUS- He himself is an Incubus and he mistaken the person entering the room with a blonde hair as a girl. His job is to seduce him (or her) and not to mention, he'...
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relationships [vkook] by kbbangtan
relationships [vkook]by vkook af
❝relationships start. relationships spark. relationships end. relationships comfort. relationships start again.❞
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Fujoshi Feels by kpoplover004
Fujoshi Feelsby Song Sangki
Follow Iseul (Sakura High School's Fujoshi) as she goes on a journey to pair up two boys, with her imaginary friend "Cupid me".
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The Problems with Young Love by Jikookie10
The Problems with Young Loveby Naya
Jungkook believes that he has just found "the one" within his boyfriend, Kim Taehyung - "V", for short - He's the definition of the perfect boyfriend...
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Would You Forgive Him? (A JUNGKOOK FANFIC) by Maryvn3
Would You Forgive Him? (A JUNGKOOK...by Mary
Seoyeon is a girl who is very unpopular and is most of the time as quiet as a mouse. Her confidence develops when she is bullied by the one and only Jungkook (The most p...
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Anarchy by theatrical_ARMY
Anarchyby theatrical_ARMY
This story will captivate you into love hating your favorite members of BTS. I will hopefully update often but I'm not making any promises.
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Bunny, My Bunny! by taekook-ish
Bunny, My Bunny!by jirae cha
You're my favorite kind of chemistry. toptae « bottomkook
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The Way You Love Me [VKOOK] by inspirit1004
The Way You Love Me [VKOOK]by ELF
Due to the secrecy of their relationship, Taehyung and Jungkook aren't able to show their affection for eachother. But what happens when these two are left alone?...
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oath ❦ [ vmin ] by explicit-tae
oath ❦ [ vmin ]by v
based on 100 days without sex by spicyhentai
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Love Hurts by maknaeline957
Love Hurtsby maknaeline957
"Where are you going?" Jungkook asked his boyfriend, Taehyung. "Its none of your business." Taehyung slammed the door of their house. Where Jungkook...
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Why you?(Vkook) by Parkjiminism
Why you?(Vkook)by Fried Asian
Why off all people i could fall inlove with why him?
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Love Stories ( BTS VKook ) by YSH2813
Love Stories ( BTS VKook )by Hyeyoo ( Adel )
Kumpulan VKook's FF oneshot or twoshot HAPPY READING :")
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