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The Criminal Who Shook My Heart (Jungkook x Reader) by dcnielc
The Criminal Who Shook My Heart ( Jungkookie
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Hopeless Love {BTS Fanfic} On a hiatus/being rewritten by michieho
Hopeless Love {BTS Fanfic} On a BTS trash af
Kim Yoomi and Kim Taehyung are the closest siblings. Kim Yoomi is a shy and quiet girl, who's also beautiful with a loving personality. Although she is quiet, yet she...
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Love Me Like You Do [  Kim Taehyung x Reader ] by rikoala
Love Me Like You Do [ Kim ☁️ t a e t a e ☁️
"I love you, (your name). Please stay with me forever..." Taehyung said. His eyes were pleading as he held your hands in his, firmly. "I love you too, Ta...
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I Found My Love On The Internet, It Must Be True | VKook by SILVERKOOK
I Found My Love On The Internet, ☁️
"One new message from @KimTaetae: You can call me Tae :)"
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Unexpected Relationship (Bts fanfic/Jimin fanfic) by vchimkookiehope
Unexpected Relationship (Bts Ha Eun ♡
Min Yeon's (you) a 17 years old student studying in Seoul High School. She moved into a neighbourhood and met a guy name Park Jimin, she hated him as his an asshole and...
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The Prankster Couple by junesonata
The Prankster Coupleby nyil
Buku ke 2 dari The Prank. (Summary+Prolog inside) [Sequel of THE PRANK]
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Scandal‌ by aengelic
Scandal‌by 𝓃.
Meet Han Areum, the president and creator of the journalism club in her college. Having parents as journalists, the girl naturally inherited their passion. As days passe...
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stereotypes ;; bts by bcyoongi-
stereotypes ;; btsby deoxyribonucleic-bangtan
"Let's break the stereotypes and get the shit out of here." AUs: slice of life; OT7 friendship all rights reserved by -fangailx copyright © 2016
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Fuckboy || *ONGOING* by sugaustD
Fuckboy || *ONGOING*by Min $uga
"Anything you hate?" "Thirsty bītches" "Anything you like?" "Your panties" "Excuse me?!" "That's Jimin's line&quo...
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Through My Eyes [Jeon Jungkook] by alleylovesyou
Through My Eyes [Jeon Jungkook]by ❤️
❝ -through my eyes I saw things that reminded me of you. I saw a white dot in the dark night skies that made me think of the necklace you gave me.❞ ©️ alleylovesyou #2...
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love at first step || k.t.h & m.y.g by rzlrose
love at first step || k.t.h & m.y.gby rose.
Kim TaeHyung & Min YoonGi Love Triangle ••••• 'Water droplets pour down on her, feeling like bullets hitting her skin. It's hard for her to tell which are rain and which...
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What loving can do by bmmble
What loving can doby bmmble
EDIT: Turning this into a Mini series~ Part 2 up! Enjoy! Jhope/Jungkook/You. (Formerly a Jhope One Shot.)
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Genie || Kim Taehyung (WAIT DONT READ YET IM EDITING LOL) by brxbecks
Genie || Kim Taehyung (WAIT DONT gab rose
"I'm just a floating puff of smoke from Jupiter." (Genie ~ First Book in the Genie Trilogy) Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
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SCENARIOS || BTS by -hobilicious-
SCENARIOS || BTSby ✨luna✨
Give credits if you want to share with your friends :) All ideas are mine. Plagiarism isn't allowed ya kno ;) So enjoy bruhh 16042019 ranked #1
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We are Human too by partygg
We are Human tooby Annisa Ananto
Lee SaeRa (1998) & Jeon JungKook (1997) used to be inseparable. They have known each other since they were still wearing diapers. When Lee SaeRa was 7 years old her dad...
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we got married  |  °jungri by heachanope
we got married | °jungriby haechan's one pack ab(s)
in which jungkook and yeri gets paired up to be in we got married - started 082517
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Radiant by Bangtan_Tae
Radiantby ♥ To the 'v' to the 'kook' ♥
Jungkook is that one shy guy in class and never talks to anyone. Everyone around him is normal and has an average personality. That's until... Kim Taehyung suddenly pops...
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Raindrops || Jungkook || by -jwackson
Raindrops || Jungkook ||by sheen
"Oh, and when the angels soar, A dust of mysteries stir; A hundred truths to unfold," In which a strange girl meets a broken boy with wings and a lot of secret...
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[C] Wait for you | j.jk by ziczaq
[C] Wait for you | j.jkby z
- menunggu dan terus menunggu, akhirnya dia jumpa juga gadis yang selama ini dia tunggu. ✔ finished = 20 July 2015 🔞 mature language! 🇲🇾 malay language! ⚠️ please do...
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