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Cold Rain (추운 비) by _multikmin
Cold Rain (추운 비)by 고준회
Go Sunyoung, a cold, tomboyish and harsh girl. Has no friends. The school kingka group called BTS likes to bully and disturb her but she fights back harshly. She hates t...
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The Chosen One || Kim taehyung (BTS) by Novatic
The Chosen One || Kim taehyung ( Novatic
"i love you keira" he said. "i don't give a fuck" Read and vote!! (Kim Taehyung Fanfiction)
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Kiss | kim seokjin by btsayper
Kiss | kim seokjinby bun
in which she's never been kissed, never been touched, but totally damaged by him. [ © btsayper ]
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snow || ksj + kth. by pastelbts
snow || ksj + 태친。
"another snow, another headache." whenever snow or winter comes, taehyung suffers from something.
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If Only [BTS Jin Fanfiction] by Nekoji_
If Only [BTS Jin Fanfiction]by Ma Le
"Love at first sight? I don't believe in such things" That's what I would usually say. But ever since I met him again Everything changed... permanently.
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[C]❥ Our True Love : PJM by Baejmn
[C]❥ Our True Love : PJMby lovelymint
➸ "Unnie , Janji dengan saeng , Unnie kahwin dengan Jimin sebab saeng nak tengok Unnie dengan dia happy " ➸ " But why unnie kahwin dengan dia ? Dia langsu...
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love at first step || k.t.h & m.y.g by rzlrose
love at first step || k.t.h & m.y.gby rose.
Kim TaeHyung & Min YoonGi Love Triangle ••••• 'Water droplets pour down on her, feeling like bullets hitting her skin. It's hard for her to tell which are rain and which...
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BTS SONGS by pandades1234
BTS SONGSby xxpjdforever
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The Forgotten Ones / Jungkook by jiminified
The Forgotten Ones / Jungkookby 같은 곳에서✨
"It's not like I wanted to, but I guess it just happened. And I'm not sure if I'm sorry" Childhood friends faced a big argument. He moved away and became an id...
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Betrothed To You by Jiminslostjams4
Betrothed To Youby Jax
Elizabeth is a warewolf but she doesn't know it because she doesn't remember her parents or any of her real family for that matter. Kim Soekjin is a Vampire, knows it a...
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Pinocchio (Jikook) by JeonKookieYehet
Pinocchio (Jikook)by JeonKookieYehet
He smiled at me and ruffled my hair. -ba bump- My cheek felt slightly hot, what is this? What is happening to me? My heart skipped a beat then my cheeks felt hot? "...
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Bts oneshots by BtsFanfics
Bts oneshotsby BtsFanfics
Requests taken Request form- -bias name -your name -type of oneshot(e.g. Cute, smut) -story relationship(e.g bestfriend,couple) -a bit of story background
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Breaking up with Kim Seok Jin by ynbrrd
Breaking up with Kim Seok Jinby YenYenYen
What happens when an ordinary girl dates an ordinary boy who turned out to be extraordinary
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BTS Imagines by chimchimtumtum
BTS Imaginesby chimchimtumtum
annyeong!! i like bts
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Stay - SugaxReader by sugacastle
Stay - SugaxReaderby sugacastle
When it came to moments like these, you knew you'd only be lonely again. You'd be without him. Without Yoongi. (Originally was only going to be a one shot but people w...
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sorry · kth by dorkhyuck
sorry · kthby na
❝ i didn't want it to turn out this way. i'm sorry. ❞ ❝ your sorries aren't worth anything anymore. goodbye. ❞ ㅡ book ii of fate [ mark tuan ft kim taehyung ]
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Handcuffed to the Enemy | BTS by shaniasofficial
Handcuffed to the Enemy | BTSby syani
Handcuffed to the enemy/Oneshots {7 PARTS} • Mature Content • (I kinda got lazy so some parts, you're not even handcuffed lol) © shaniasofficial
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Submissive for MaMa by kpopfanfics23
Submissive for MaMaby Adriyana-Jewel McNear
Hey Loveys!! Here is a Jin one shot!! Enjoy!!
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flawless ◇ bts | jin by heronthornchild
flawless ◇ bts | jinby ... tricia ...
❝ You are flawless, but I just can't wait for love to destroy us. ❞ { one - shot }
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