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Opposites Do Attract (Yoongi x Lisa) by Bluweryn
Opposites Do Attract (Yoongi x Lis...by Min's Meow
Min Yoongi is a member of BTS and has always been looking for a girl who's just like him, calm and serious. But what happens if he meets Lalisa Manoban, the bubbly and p...
My Wife From Hell by LISA_XIX
My Wife From Hellby Blue 💙
I thought married life is fun.... not until I end up with my wife from hell.
A Glance | NamSoo FF by Taeminalily22
A Glance | NamSoo FFby Lily
It all started with a glance, when Jisoo caught the leader of Bangtan staring at her..... Highest ranking gained #1 in #bangpink ...
With Love by Jisoo_TurtleRabbit
With Loveby Jisoo_TurtleRabbit
Unexpectedly, idol Kim Taehyung got caught offguard by the light that is Kim Jisoo.
Love or Destiny  ( VsooXTaennie ) by 77no4m
Love or Destiny ( VsooXTaennie )by Nom74
A story between three peaple Kim taehyung , kim jisoo and Kim jennie. Love or destiny, let see what brings them together.... Taehyung lives in US and there he meet with...
Forget Me Not | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Forget Me Not | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Can love begin again where it painfully left off? This is a gxg story. ©breathe4her
𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 | VSOO F.F by rrunaa_
𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 | VSOO F.Fby ルナ
Two strangers. Bonding over shared guilt. Exploring the blurred line between mutual dependence and true love. started: 6/23/21 completed: - 4/7/22 updates frequently.
Universal Constant | LISOO by whistlesupremacist
Universal Constant | LISOOby whistlesupremacist
where Lisa has been using Jisoo as the point of comparison to gauge all the girls she's ever been with or Lisa is in love with her best friend, but she doesn't know it y...
Don't Love Her by Bp_hiu
Don't Love Herby Baeleeeunbo
Lisa had been wanting to live a simple life ever since she turned into a teenager and had no butlers, maids, or bodyguards around her. Her parents never allowed her to b...
your fangirl.  by da_sunandherflowers
your fangirl. by d a n i
Fangirl - express excessive glee and excitement over a person or thing that one likes. When Kim Jisoo, an idol herself becomes a fangirl of Kim Taehyung, a mysterious pr...
My Crush Cold Hearted and a Bully  by JLCSSLSTMC2YWJ
My Crush Cold Hearted and a Bully by JLCSSLSTMC2YWJ
Just a story about Jenlisa English is not my first language so I hope you understand. Start:2/6/21 End:23/7/21
in another life by jenniem__
in another lifeby [on a break]
Ever wondered who Kim Jisoo, Kim Jennie, Park Chaeyoung, and Lalisa Manoban would be if they weren't who they are today? If they weren't BLACKPINK? ___ An actress and a...
It's Not A Surprise || Jennie × G!P Reader  by byooniepark
It's Not A Surprise || Jennie × G...by park yoonie
" Y/N you know your chance with jennie is 0.1% she is an idol" " i know unnie .." "Sorry i didn't introduce myself. I'm Y/N" "My two...
Taming Dr. Kim || JENLISA by seiyukiJen
Taming Dr. Kim || JENLISAby takemeforexample
Jennie is the school's vice president and the most famous cold person in their University and surprisingly, she's a really good friend with Lisa, the one you would call...
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Dorks (G!P) (Book 2) by Bright_3
Dorks (G!P) (Book 2)by Star⭐️
Dorks (Book 2) Main ships: Chaesoo Jenlisa Moonsun Seulrene 2yeon This book have a book 1 so I suggest you read that first😊 Started: September 18, 2021 Finished: Oct...
Our Hidden Identity || BTS by BTSlonglostsis
Our Hidden Identity || BTSby Armyblink
"Hey! Leave us!!" ------ "IT'S YOU! NO ONE ELSE!" ------ "Please... Believe us..." ------ "I will protect them at all costs!" ...
Another Chance by ChildSnowyLover
Another Chanceby Xandra
Sooho watched as the love of his life gets dragged away from his dying body. Screaming for him, crying for him, begging for him and wanting to stay by his side. He's d...
The Donor and The Owner by KingCaptFeline
The Donor and The Ownerby Elemental
"I'm 33, and I'm not married, and I'm not seeing anyone," Jennie started lowly, never looking away from Lisa's calm face, trying to gauge a reaction, "And...
Call My Name by Bp_hiu
Call My Nameby Baeleeeunbo
Wherein, Lalisa tried out for their school volleyball team and she met the strict, brutal, and talented Captain of the volleyball team named Jennie Ruby Jane Kim. "...