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ㅡtwice; groupchat♡ by marstxries
ㅡtwice; groupchat♡by mar !!
ㅡan ugly twice's groupchat. enJoY !¡ ㅡmain characters' usernames: •nayeon as @imnabongs •jeongyeon as @jeongbro •tzuyu as @tzyoda •mina as @onlylookatchaeng •chaeng as...
Love made Visible by blackswanPooPoo
Love made Visibleby blackswanPooPoo
What Mina thought was an ordinary day out, turned out to be more interesting. Chaeyoung doesn't much like going out, unless she needs to. Good thing she did for she did...
Unforgettable Fond [MiChaeng Fanfic]  by Yournorthernstar13
Unforgettable Fond [MiChaeng Fanfi...by Aiel Lee
Will an accident be the reason for Chaeyoung to have a chance on Mina?
Our Little Baby Maknaes by qbeedoo
Our Little Baby Maknaesby <3
TWICE wakes up one morning finding their Maknae Line turned into toddlers how will TWICE respond to this sudden change? can they turn the maknaes back to normal before t...
Waves by LonelyPengu3
Wavesby OncePenguOnHiatus
You push and pull me like the waves... - a Michaeng fanfic - Mina, a workaholic CEO, cold as ice, prepare to avoid her gaze... Chaeyoung, a talented worker always puttin...
From One Shots Presents The Sequel of Emergency Meeting
Adore You  by LoyalOnce
Adore You by LoyalOnce
'You are the reason of my smiles, the source of my energy. I love and adore you with every cell in my body, with every drop of my blood.' A sweet and fluffy love story o...
STAY WITH ME by najeong_ot9twice
STAY WITH MEby Yoo-Lim Twice
Son Chaeyoung, a boy who loose his family, the boy who suffer from depression and anxiety. He thought the pain will be forever in his heart but...... not until someone...
My 9 Gay Mothers by LiamLeeEdison
My 9 Gay Mothersby 3/3 LMX / 9/9 TW / 5H 5/5
Song Kang Orphanage, or as Y/N calls it, his personal everyday hell. So he runs away and was not heard of after four years. And now, they year 2028 he is now fourteen wh...
Accidentally meow on you  by Samuelasery
Accidentally meow on you by Chaengchaeng
Son Chaeyoung is a young 21 year old book store owner who loves to feed stray cats. She owns a small book store in her own small house. She is living there peacefully al...
Honestly Lying ❌ by frappyskye
Honestly Lying ❌by Jehan Gasque Ape
Mina suddenly broke up with Chaeyoung after almost 2 years of being together. Chaeyoung was convinced that Mina fell out of love. So she immediately set her free. She...
Secret Crown by Vika-K
Secret Crownby Cansu Vika Kaori
"Are you okay?" She kept her arms out ready to balance Mina if she fell again. Mina cleared her throat and gulped. "Yeah yeAh, Thanks for that." &qu...
girl's talk | michaeng by lonelei
girl's talk | michaengby leilani
it's so strange. i end up talking about you. instagram au.
Homo Alert by KIMZST4R
Homo Alertby .
Homophobic Doctor.
Destined by TigerTripleA
Destinedby Jang
At JYP University Myoui Mina, an Old Student. Son Chaeyoung, a Transferee. First day of school, it was an ordinary day for Chaeyoung until she saw a beautiful girl who w...
Some Things Never Change  by EXO-jjang
Some Things Never Change by EXO jjang
Many years have passed and life has definitely changed for Son Chaeyoung and Myoui Mina. However, some things never change. This is the sequel of 'Silent Boy'
Hidden Billionaires by nikkajayme23
Hidden Billionairesby nikkajayme23
Hidden billionaires living in a normal life
Love in the office |MiChaeng| by rosiesshoe
Love in the office |MiChaeng|by rosiesshoe
Myoui mina has always wanted to find the girl who saved her but little did she know that she was just infront of her.
Who's my boss then?[IN EDITING PROCESS] by Miss-X-
Who's my boss then?[IN EDITING PRO...by X
[CONVERTING INTO FULL ENGLISH STORY] DONE EDITING: CHAPTERS 1-47 Who will own Son Chaeyoung between the two elegant bosses?