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Waves by LonelyPengu3
Wavesby OncePenguOnHiatus
You push and pull me like the waves... - a Michaeng fanfic - Mina, a workaholic CEO, cold as ice, prepare to avoid her gaze... Chaeyoung, a talented worker always puttin...
I STILL CHOSE You (Michaeng 💚)  by Yournorthernstar13
I STILL CHOSE You (Michaeng 💚) by Aiel Lee
We always look for love because they say it's the most beautiful thing a person can feel. It's one of the most extra-ordinary emotion we can experience. But you know tha...
Soulmates  by ZC0730
Soulmates by Ma. Rozelle Cacayan
Son Chaeyoung, the main rapper of K-pop group called Twice fell in love for the first time to her co-member. What will Son Chaeyoung do in the name of love? What sacrifi...
Breakthrough by peppersaulty
Breakthroughby peppersaulty
Mina Myoui, a Japanese-American National, a shy and quiet in a public type, a simple girl who belong in a famous, multi-awarded Korean girl group called Twice and has a...
In love with my gaming buddy by SmolGommie
In love with my gaming buddyby Gommie Sama
Son Chaeyoung, a typical gamer, falls in love with her gaming buddy regardless of their name, gender, and their life. What will happen once she finds out that her crush...
SON'S HEIR (MICHAENG) (18+) CONVE...by Michaeng_poreber
Wanting to fulfill her dreams of being somewhat of a mother, Myoui Mina signs up to become a surrogate for a private, wealthy woman by the name of Son Chaeyoung. Not kno...
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by PorkyEnPorky
Everything I Do (I Do It For You)by PorkyEnPorky
What would you do if you were trapped in a life you're not used to? Well, that's what Son Chaeyoung is currently into. Being with her girlfriend, Myoui Mina is nothing b...
From Stage To Barracks: A Military Odyssey  by LooseTalker
From Stage To Barracks: A Military...by Loose Talker
"In 'K-Pop Cadets,' the youngest members of the beloved girl group Twice embark on a new adventure as they join the military. With hearts still aching from the dist...
Honestly Lying ❌ by frappyskye
Honestly Lying ❌by Jehan Gasque Ape
Mina suddenly broke up with Chaeyoung after almost 2 years of being together. Chaeyoung was convinced that Mina fell out of love. So she immediately set her free. She...
Stranger--Original satzu fanfic by Twicepinkidle
Stranger--Original satzu fanficby Twicepinkidle_luv
Truth or dare, fate, luck, one of these happen in every story. But when these 3 things come together, does it bring good or Bad to sana, and her lover, Tzuyu?
Cliché by ttalgi_Princess
Clichéby Mina Sharon
MiChaeng G!p
CEO's Love Story (Park Jihyo x Female Reader) by 4four4four4
CEO's Love Story (Park Jihyo x Fem...by 4four4four4
Park Jihyo became the CEO of her late father's company at a relatively young age after his sudden passing. Everything was going relatively smoothly until something happe...
How to capture the Cub's heart? by PorkyEnPorky
How to capture the Cub's heart?by PorkyEnPorky
Mina Myoui- the only daughter and heiress of Myoui Corp underwent training to replace her mother but along the way, met the cub-like Chaeyoung Son. Will the cold and int...
Im Nayeon and Yoo Jeongyeon loved each other too much they've lost control.
Blackpink In Your Area (Ft TWICE and Redvelvet) by Katsuyosei
Blackpink In Your Area (Ft TWICE a...by Katsuyosei
Random conversation between the members of blackpink
Bipolar Playgirl (MiChaeng) by TW_JY01
Bipolar Playgirl (MiChaeng)by I Miss PRISTIN
Mina is a playgirl, a heartbreaker and yet, everyone still fall in love with her. What they don't know is that Mina is also bipolar and can be violent sometimes. Chaeyou...
Destined || Michaeng by SmolGommie
Destined || Michaengby Gommie Sama
Minatozaki Sana from the famous kpop girl group TWICE suddenly collapses while practicing their dance routine. It was thought to be due to stress and exhaustion but when...
Secret Crown by Vika-K
Secret Crownby Cansu Vika Kaori
"Are you okay?" She kept her arms out ready to balance Mina if she fell again. Mina cleared her throat and gulped. "Yeah yeAh, Thanks for that." &qu...
CHEATER  by __xaiii__
CHEATER by dal
Michaeng and 2yeon story ft.Jeongmi and Nachaeng A story where in Mina and Jeongyeon cheated on their partners Nayeon and Chaeyoung and now exes. Are they going to get b...
I'm Secretly In Love With Her by KayneLies
I'm Secretly In Love With Herby Kayne
"It's because I love you! I love you Myoui Mina! I've been secretly loving you..." Son Chaeyoung is a 24-year-old lady who is known as Katarina by many. She a...