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Kim Soo-ah, only daughter of The Kim Dongwook is known as Ice Queen in her school. She is cold and quiet yet popular among her school because of her beauty. She is the p...
[03] 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐃 || BANGPINK AU ✓ by durarafhana
Completed [Edited] ________ "𝚈𝙾𝚄 𝚃𝚁𝚄𝚂𝚃 𝙼𝙴?" You won't know who's the hero, who's the heroin neither who's villain. Everybody is your friend and ever...
TEXTING YOU | LK ✔️ by houseofpinks
[ LISKOOK ] "who keeps on texting me at 3am??" BLACKPINK LISA begged GOT7 BAMBAM for BTS JUNGKOOK's number which is LISA's crush.
Ataraxia  by Amour_moonlight
Ataraxia by justt.sid
"ATARAXIA" means a state of freedom from emotional disturbances and anxiety; tranquility ... hopes r hopes n hope u like this book ... 2 siblings r working as...
Mafia step Family 😈 by PokemonPokemon466
Mafia step Family 😈by bunny baby
yn is Mafia queen and a business woman what will happen what will happend when she found her mother marry and she going to get step siblings and step family . What will...
MAFIA QUEEN by stories-010
MAFIA QUEENby New story writer -01
Our Little Angel (BTS Blackpink x Ella As Y/n)  by theresemargaret630
Our Little Angel (BTS Blackpink
Marinella, also known as Ella, is a 15-year-old girl with a kind, caring, sensitive and loving personality. She lives with her mom and has been without her dad since she...
FairiesXEvils  by Vsoo_author
FairiesXEvils by xchisoox
Multiship Vsoo-main ship Jirose Yoonie Liskook fairies and evils are enemies. To finally end war king of fairies and king of evils are having contract in with all four...
Was it even love? [kth x kjs] ✔ by tiktikik
Was it even love? [kth x kjs] ✔by ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
Taehyung is dating jennie. He thinks that he is in love.. But certain things happen in his life to question himself "Was it even love? ". . . . A v...
Everyone Actually Leaves by kcalcuizar0123
Everyone Actually Leavesby kcalcuizar0123
In where Chaeyoung believes that everyone actually leaves and no one stays until she met Jungkook who seems to be a mind reader. In where a lonely girl believes in the s...
DO-OVER [A Whatever Fic] by eunyyy_
DO-OVER [A Whatever Fic]by yyynue_
Lisa's marriage to Jeon Jungkook didn't turn out as she hoped. She was crazy for him. He didn't care. She died... But she didn't?! When Lisa woke up, it was the year 20X...
Secret by starpheonix0711
i don't like to give spoilers but this story is full of secrets and mysteries . let's see what happen when seven devil Mafia kings starts to live with the forbidden mafi...
Bangpink FF ( Brother Sister ) Mafia Siblings  by RainyDays-16
Bangpink FF ( Brother Sister ) Sky
Taehyung And Jennie Brother and Sister of Mrs Kim who's husband is dead what will happen when Mrs Kim decided to marry Mr Kim who have 9 kids read this story to find ou...
Once Again | VSOO ✔︎ by jisoooyaaa__
Once Again | VSOO ✔︎by 𝓉𝒶𝒽𝓁𝒾𝒶
Jisoo, a quiet timid girl moves to Daegu hoping for a fresh start. But what happens when she meets a guy exactly like what she was running away from. ©jisoooyaaa__
Completed✓| Kings and Queens! | BANGPINK ff | by AlwaysDifferent_
Completed✓| Kings and Queens! | :)
~Kings And Queens!~ - By AlwaysDifferent_ [Completed✓] Highest Rankings: #1 out of 125K on Taehyung🥇 #1 out 72.1K on Yoongi 🥇 #1 out of 40.3K on Blackpink🥇 #1 out of...
mafia step family [Bangpink]ff by Amour_moonlight
mafia step family [Bangpink]ffby justt.sid
I can say u will like it but have a doubt on loving this ... its a story about 2 siblings ...they both fell in love with... if I tell u now only then there is no fun...
Mafia vs Mafia  by jennie_bangpink
Mafia vs Mafia by jennie_bangpink
(Complete) This is story about 2 powerfull Mafia groups who hate each other but maybe destiny has planned something else for them what will happen when 2 powerfull Maf...
Acts of Hate | Taennie by jjeninii
Acts of Hate | Taennieby Aera
Two actors. One reality. Two perspectives. One story. Two people. One room. Two acts of hate. One act of love. A taennie fanfiction, -JJENINII Ranks! #1 in jentae #1 in...
  'FAMILY SECRETS'            by Mysteriousrism
'FAMILY SECRETS' by mysteriousrism official
[ Complete ] ( bangpink edition) "Where are you princess " -: Kim's A mother ran from her family to make herself and her daughter safe, will they be able to...