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Hey, troublemaker. by SluggyHorn
Hey, troublemaker.by SnowAndFlakes
(Elsa X Female Reader) Fostered by the Winters family, you got into so much trouble by protecting your sisters Elsa and Anna. What's even worse you have a crush on one o...
Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl) by Alexis ♥
"I hate you" "Do you really?" "Yes" "Then why are your eyes telling me a different story?"
Imagine Me & You (lesbian story) by ungratefulfatty
Imagine Me & You (lesbian story)by Felicia
This is the story of Demi and Alex.
Mine(Lesbian Story)(Girlxgirl) by 0utta_time
Mine(Lesbian Story)(Girlxgirl)by 0utta_time
"Get this thing straight she was never yours. She's mine!..."
Play For You (GirlxGirl) by ImThatSamGirl
Play For You (GirlxGirl)by ImThatSamGirl
Riley's past isn't something most kids go through. Bad things happened, but when she got older, her dad decided it was best to move, and get away from something that see...
Abducted(Lesbian Story)(GxG) by 0utta_time
Abducted(Lesbian Story)(GxG)by 0utta_time
Alex is a 21 year old who struggles to find her place in the world. Then one day she gets abducted by a women called 'Avery' and taken to a place she didn't know existed...
Crush On Her by Docked
Crush On Herby Des
Two girls in the midst of high school, just trying to figure it all out
Daughter of Lucifer (GirlxGirl) |Editing| #Wattys2020 by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Lucifer (GirlxGirl) |E...by Alexis ♥
"Forgive me Lord for I had sex with Lucifer's daughter" It's Hell on Earth when the Dark Lord's daughter starts Highschool and she's nothing you'd expect *War...
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl) #Wattys2020 by cold_french_fry
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl) #Watty...by Alexis ♥
Hayden knew when she came out, eveything would change she didn't expect to be pinned against the wall with someone's lips on hers in a conversion camp -----------read d...
Throwing It All Away by cmb1995
Throwing It All Awayby cmb1995
Maria is a politician making a name for herself, at 29 years old she is the youngest person to run for governor. Nicole is a 30 year old, former military turned police o...
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl) by Alexis ♥
"Kiss me" she whispered "I can't do that" "Why not" she asked, her brows furrowed as she looked at me. I could almost laugh at how cute sh...
Love and Basketball (Camren) by __jimmyneutron
Love and Basketball (Camren)by __jimmyneutron
Lauren Jauregui is the star basketball player who happens to be very shy in front of a certain someone. Camila Cabello is the head cheerleader who happens to have someth...
Art Girls (Lesbian Story) by secretsneverleft
Art Girls (Lesbian Story)by ✪secretsneverleft✪
Art girls. Who can take this world and put depth to a feeling, who can take a moment and forever put it on a canvas. Katie Copeland, a daughter and a triplet of two othe...
You Will Be Loved. (Lesbian Story) (TeacherxStudent) by sam3575
You Will Be Loved. (Lesbian Story)...by Sam
Rose is a freshman in college. She is a lesbian and completely open about it. Her second semester she meets her sociology teacher. A gorgeous woman with a five year old...
A Dance With the Goddess (Lesbian Story) by scarletpapercrane
A Dance With the Goddess (Lesbian...by Ria
"Wishes and dreams, they all come true. It just seem to happen when we least expect it." Nicole went to a simple trip to Greece, but everything goes into a who...
Forget Me Not | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Forget Me Not | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Can love begin again where it painfully left off? This is a gxg story. ©breathe4her
Loving the Nurse - CHONI by WaspKiller
Loving the Nurse - CHONIby WaspKiller
(FINISHED) Toni Topaz and her friends always go to the Lodge lodge to spend some of the the weekends and holidays there. Toni's way to the lodge doesn't go that well. Sh...
I hate that i love you (Short story) GXG G!P [ Slow Update ] by MaputingTahimik018
I hate that i love you (Short stor...by Rosè 🌹
Pinakiusapan si Lisa ng kuya niya to court this famous business tycoon's daughter Jennie Kim habang nagpapagaling siya. nakakuha si Lisa ng paraan para ma fixed marriage...
Her's by 0utta_time
Her'sby 0utta_time
Avery is the most popular rebellious girl in Santa Cruz High. Did I mention she is also the leader of the vampire clan in California. The alpha of her pack and NO ONE de...