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Her Boyfriend's Girlfriend (GirlXGirl) by rileyalexander876
Her Boyfriend's Girlfriend (GirlXG...by Riley Alexander
Adam Bennett - insensitive, player extraordinaire, shamelessly flirts with any girl he pleases any time or place. He has been cheating on his girlfriend of two years wit...
Our Love In Another Life [GirlxGirl] by luisacai_youshC
Our Love In Another Life [GirlxGir...by youshC
[completed] Minerva is the reincarnation of Athena, yet she is the opposite of Athena. She appeared to be shy and coward to her peers unbeknownst the truth until one day...
100 days Girlfriend Privilege (Lesbian Story) by hannarie_21
100 days Girlfriend Privilege (Les...by Hannarie Lemire
"Sometimes i really wish you would look at me the way you look at him. Did you know? Did you know i love you? Did you know I'm in love with you!? I expect her to be...
Fighting for Love (Yuri love story) by only_a_girl
Fighting for Love (Yuri love story)by A girl
A new girl comes to town, a girl with secrets she is afraid to share. A girl with a normal life, has her world turned upside down. Both find something they've been wanti...
Throwing It All Away by cmb1995
Throwing It All Awayby cmb1995
Maria is a politician making a name for herself, at 29 years old she is the youngest person to run for governor. Nicole is a 30 year old, former military turned police o...
Little Note (gxg) by laalaa23
Little Note (gxg)by laalaa23
Kodi Cooper deals with anxiety after an incident and has a son. Her parents own a multimillion dollar company and she just wants to live her dream of singing, but has to...
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The Princess' Princess (Lesbian Story) by cobrasongsxx
The Princess' Princess (Lesbian St...by xCSx
GirlxGirl After finding out about her mother’s engagement to an actual king, Charlotte comes to live a new life in his palace. Years later, when she is told about her fo...
All in my Head (Girl x Girl) by pretty_fucking_DOPE
All in my Head (Girl x Girl)by G. Wilde.
(NOT EDITED) Falling in love is the easy part. But what happens when you fall in love with your best friend. Are the feelings mutual or is your head just playing games...
Her's by 0utta_time
Her'sby 0utta_time
Avery is the most popular rebellious girl in Santa Cruz High. Did I mention she is also the leader of the vampire clan in California. The alpha of her pack and NO ONE de...
The New Neighbour [gxg] by unkn0wn_writes
The New Neighbour [gxg]by unknown_writes
Lauren Mitchelle is 17 years old and a senior in high school.She and her best friend Amy are one of the most popular girl in school. Jade Flamming is 20 years old and ju...
Thin Wall by tobsofficial
Thin Wallby Sam
Your partner is abusive, and billie in the apartment room next to you is your only safe place.
Hey, troublemaker. by SluggyHorn
Hey, troublemaker.by GoodWriter
(Elsa X Female Reader) Fostered by the Winters family, you got into so much trouble by protecting your sisters Elsa and Anna. What's even worse you have a crush on one o...
Tongue Tied (Camren) by paradisity
Tongue Tied (Camren)by paradisity
"Hey," an attractive brunette said with a small smile. Lauren felt her heart speed up. She had never, ever wished she was able to speak so badly. Trigger warni...
Love You Most (GirlxGirl) by fluffymonkey13
Love You Most (GirlxGirl)by fluffymonkey13
Riley is comfortable with being in the dark until Julia shows up with the way to start the light. She knows that she can't let Julia go but being in the light is not wha...
Wisteria Trees and Hysteria, Please | wlw by daxria3
Wisteria Trees and Hysteria, Pleas...by ˗ˏˋdaria x´ˎ˗
彡 Falling for the bad boy is such a cliche... why not fall for his sister instead? - The year is 2007. New state. New school. New faces. For most high schoolers, moving...
A Dangerous Affair (Lesbian Story) by Finger_Smith
A Dangerous Affair (Lesbian Story)by Finger_Smith
Politically ambitious, states attorney Elizabeth Masey continues a career ending affair with a younger woman. Nearing the presidential election the front runner's campai...
Dance In The Rain by ImLovingIt_77
Dance In The Rainby 🔥
She blinded me with her beauty. And I just couldn't walk away. First ever story written by me. Apologising already for the misspelling.
The Life Of Jayden-2 (COMPLETED) by FameFamous20
The Life Of Jayden-2 (COMPLETED)by Aj Johnson
Jayden has been distant from family and friends since her mother passed away from Cancer . She takes her son Jayden Jr. and moves to a whole other state to keep distant...
They meet(a lesbian story) by cmb1995
They meet(a lesbian story)by cmb1995
Julia is a high powered lawyer. Sara is the head nurse at a local hospital. One night they meet in a club and hit it off right away. Though their rough past bring many i...