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Different World // Nayeon X reader by WritingRey
Different World // Nayeon X readerby Rey
Park Y/N is a 25 year old cop. She lives with her two friends Dahyun and Tzuyu and takes her job seriously. One day her friends set her up on a blind date with Nayeon an...
Yes My Dear Mistresses (male reader x twice)  by mangolisaa
Yes My Dear Mistresses (male reade...by mangolisaa
Song Hajin was born in a family devoted to raising butlers and was trained to protect his master. Finally, Hajin is presented with an opportunity to make use of his skil...
JYP's Daughter (Momo Fanfiction | GxG) by StrayKissGRrrr
JYP's Daughter (Momo Fanfiction |...by StrayKissGRrrr
I looked at the "trainees" that will soon do a show called Sixteen. "Who is this girl behind you JYP sunbaenim?" asked one of them. She was very pret...
✔️Living With Them by jeeyn_kold
✔️Living With Themby Emma Obsession
Living with a lack of attention from her family, Kang Y/N will force to live with robots that her brother made for her. With also the help of her brother's close friend...
CEO Myoui by noonenmdkdkdkdkfk
CEO Myouiby ...
"There is one condition for me to hire you.." "What is it? I'll do anything just hire me." "Pretend to be my lover."
Make you love me ( twice x fem reader ) by saidamademepregnant
Make you love me ( twice x fem rea...by Sanas_wife
Y/n is a very cold and introverted person. One day her dad ( a cameraman ) has to go to Mexico with twice for a new season of twice tv. He has to bring y/n with, what wi...
TWICE Han Gia | Sceneries Short Story Oneshot 10th member by AmeliaLunaSky
TWICE Han Gia | Sceneries Short St...by Tzuyu Mina Ames
"3 2 1. One in a Million. Hello we're TWICE!" Accept requests! A super Once making a fan fiction of as a Twice member, something for Once who want's to be a p...
You and Me by sharon_minamyoi
You and Meby Uno
Son Chaeyoung is a college student and the only daughter of the CEO of Son Group of Companies. She had a tragic love story with her first love dying in a car accident 2...
TWICE 10th member One-Shots by Darkstar522
TWICE 10th member One-Shotsby Darkstar522
Imagines of Y/N as the tenth member of TWICE About this book: - Mostly platonic relationships - English is not my first language so yeah... That's a good warning lol ...
Our Little Baby Maknaes by lisaslomi
Our Little Baby Maknaesby ً
TWICE wakes up one morning finding their Maknae Line turned into toddlers how will TWICE respond to this sudden change? can they turn the maknaes back to normal before t...
Million Dollar Girls | MiChaeng, SaTzu, DahMo by Wolflover111344
Million Dollar Girls | MiChaeng, S...by 🍓🐯🍓
Chaeyoung, a million dollar girl who is friends with Tzuyu and Dahyun who are also rich as her, Chae is sick and tired of girls flocking over her. Then she stumbles int...
When you are there. [TWICE X Reader]✔ by Minabawi
When you are there. [TWICE X Reade...by Just Minabawï
You are a hater of kpop. you don't like them anymore. But all of your friends love Kpop. Someday, a situation brings you to be a manager a girlgroup. So what would you d...
I Need You To Hate Me // Im Nayeon X  Reader by WritingRey
I Need You To Hate Me // Im Nayeon...by Rey
*COMPLETED* Nayeon is a 25 year old experienced teacher. She knows how to deal with troublemaking students, however one student makes it extra hard for her to do her job...
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9 Mean Famous Step-sisters  by cope1014
9 Mean Famous Step-sisters by Noni
Once upon a time there is Y/n, L/n an kind, shy, beautiful smart girl who used to be an YouTuber and singer but she quits during her last performance on a concert. She d...
✔️Twice Plus One?! by Cold_jane10
✔️Twice Plus One?!by Emma Obsession
R E V I S E D 2 0 2 3 When a girl, living in the Philippines got the chance to debut with a popular girl group, Twice.
Welcome to the Family by why_not_kpop
Welcome to the Familyby ~Hi~
Jihyo found Baby Y/n in an alley on her way back to the dorm. She took her back home, and they all agreed to take care of her.
Finding Baby Lili by btotp4
Finding Baby Liliby jenlisa
This is a story about Jennie Kim a businesswoman and the ceo of her company who met a homeless little girl in the street named Lalisa on her way home. What will happen...
Twice x Reader [Oneshots]  by anvnmyousme
Twice x Reader [Oneshots] by anvnmyousme
Just some Twice x Reader Oneshots. Female or Male readers included. Start Date: 3 DEC 2019
The Cure // Im Nayeon x Reader by WritingRey
The Cure // Im Nayeon x Readerby Rey
*COMPLETED* A story in which Nayeon is the daughter of a billionare CEO. She wants to become the next CEO of her father's company but that isn't going very smoothly ever...
The 6 WORLDS || Twice X Reader by mintzuwi
The 6 WORLDS || Twice X Readerby tzu's socks
"There are a total of six worlds, captain" The captain of the strongest knight order has been resurrected into another world with no memories of her past self...