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My Sweetest Revenge by -kimanoban23
My Sweetest Revengeby -kimanoban23
Wait till they taste my sweet revenge -Lisa Completed
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Unfaithful | Jenlisa by Nerdy_Frozen
Unfaithful | Jenlisaby ABlockOfFuckenIce
"I knows she's unfaithful and it's killing me inside to know she's happy with some other guy." - Lalisa Manoban Based off from Rihanna's song 'Unfaithful' Wher...
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A Blast From The Past ✔️ by lovely2431
A Blast From The Past ✔️by Lovely2431
Lisa was completely head over heels for Jennie Kim. Unfortunately, Jennie never noticed her through out high school. Or, so she thought. Lisa thought she would forget a...
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Strum to My Heart by VKjewel24
Strum to My Heartby VKjewel24
Where music plays a pivotal role in finding true love. This is a Chaesoo fanfic
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Expectations by nesvurynim
Expectationsby L
JenLisa Fan fiction Lisa G!P
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The Rich Kids by chaesoo66
The Rich Kidsby psycho~
Jisoo and Lisa come from a rich/wealthy family, unlike other familes that do it for power they're family just want them to be happy. So they have to go to a public scho...
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Unexpected sex ( blackpink ) by Sheshegamergirl
Unexpected sex ( blackpink )by Jenlischaesoo
Hope you like it JENLISA shipers
Yes or No? | JenLisa -COMPLETED- by NuhaBatrisyaJamaludi
Yes or No? | JenLisa -COMPLETED-by NotAtHome
Lisa had been courting Jennie for 3 years and she still hasn't got the answer. What's going to happen?
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IN-LAWS (ON-HOLD) by Devilmanoban
Rose and jisoo are going to get married and............just read to find out.
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Touch of Black, Shades of Pink (Jenlisa One-shots) by TheMissusM
Touch of Black, Shades of Pink ( M
JenLisa of BLACKPINK romance one shots, ideas, random scenes and story premises. Romance, Fluff, Angst, Comedy and Smut. Featured stories: HERO (multi-shots) Awesome cov...
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Tulips and Roses by Barty_the_third
Tulips and Rosesby Barty
Jisoo has been spending the last four years of her life building up her empire and bank account. Then, one trip to the florist unlocks a part of her she forgot she had...
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blackpink 5th member by jenlisa_kpop
blackpink 5th memberby jenlisa_kpop
That's how it might looked like if Blackpink were a 5 member group.
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Possessive Nini & Rosie (oneshot) by Gibibey026
Possessive Nini & Rosie (oneshot)by It'sAngelKim
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Shamelessly Loving You (Chaelisa) (Chaesoo) by KpopFandom17
Shamelessly Loving You (Chaelisa) K-pop Fandom 17
Rose see Lisa cheating but it's not the first time. What will Rose do when she meet's Kim Jisso? Will the end be Chaesoo or Chaelisa. ...
happier???(jenlisa) by AngelLime0
happier???(jenlisa)by Angel lime
what if lisa fall in love with her bestfriend jennie would she fight for it or no? but baby you look happier,you do-lisa (G!P LISA )
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Socially Awkward AU (Jenlisa Adaptation) by fuxkboymila
Socially Awkward AU (Jenlisa pathetickeeper
Lisa can't express herself through words, instead she has music do it for her. She's the socially awkward quiet kid, Jennie's a social butterfly that the school adores...
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UIRYS Book II: Manoban Thing by ManduLimario
UIRYS Book II: Manoban Thingby AJ
Family life of Lisa Manoban and Jennie Kim Manoban together with their children ❤
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Tattooed by QueerAsFvck
Tattooedby Yow
Lisa had a throbbing headache and no recollection of the night before. She quickly realized that not only was her head hurting, so was her wrist. As she stared down at i...
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ArRaNgEd MaRrIaGe by _banabu_T_
ArRaNgEd MaRrIaGeby _banabu_T_
SEULRENE | JENLISA | CHAESOO + Wenjoy. Seulgi, Jisoo & Lisa are siblingz.. Jennie, Rosé & Irene are siblinz.. "You'll have to marry the KIM" - Marco Manoban ...
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