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My Summoned Demon Wife   by NobleKnight177
My Summoned Demon Wife by NobleK
The young orphaned adventurer, Y/n tried summoning the devil to help her career as her own skills are lacking. The devil comes in the form of a beauty who offers to gra...
Paranoid Girlfriend[GL] - (Travel through books) by An-errr
Paranoid Girlfriend[GL] - (Travel...by Anise-Euphilia Palettia
Dai Shiyuan has a girlfriend who is very beautiful, with gentle eyebrows and eyes. Every time she calls her "Xiaoyuan," she can't help blushing and feeling her...
[1] The Moshino Toy (Female!Reader x Katarina/MNLAAV:ARLTD fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
[1] The Moshino Toy (Female!Reader...by CHILLs_Studio33015
•This one is an OOC character •Gay, obviously Yuri here and your forever the star of the show, y/n. •The harem is still there, barely, because you're the star of the sho...
My Omega is Little Hot [GL] by RegenEdits
My Omega is Little Hot [GL]by RegenEdits
EDITED/TRANSLATED Qin Zhaoci accidentally traveled from the apocalypse to the future interstellar world, and became a rich second-generation Alpha Qin Zhaoci, and by the...
Reincarnated as a Phoenix by AliFoster99
Reincarnated as a Phoenixby AliFoster99
So, let me get this straight, I die not knowing how, get reborn as a mythical bird, my parents are dragons and this levelling system is crap. If that isn't bad enough, I...
I'm competing with the male lead for a woman[GL] by An-errr
I'm competing with the male lead f...by Anise-Euphilia Palettia
Xiao Jin found herself as a 18t-line supporting character in a dog-blood abusive novel. She was a peculiar woman with disabilities, who dressed as a man and was infatuat...
I Won't Give Up by xNekorux
I Won't Give Upby xNekorux
Ashe Avarosa's father remarries after her mother had died giving birth to her and unfortunately, her stepmother wants a son, not a daughter. She was raised to move, act...
Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-fic by Archer__Phoenix
Breaking Limits: A DBZ Fan-ficby Archer__Phoenix
She really wasn't expecting things to be this way. She wasn't expecting to die. Not so early. She had dreams she wanted to achieve. She wanted to change the world. To ma...
Reverse Villainess by sidikrizal
Reverse Villainessby Sidik Rizal
Wake up inside a dating sim game world, "The Wicked Villainess of Ruin", she have transmigrated into the body of the Heroine, Aurora Starlight. This is the wor...
Wolf Titan (Futa Yuri Attack On Titan Story) by nightdragon456
Wolf Titan (Futa Yuri Attack On Ti...by Gay Gushers
Makoto Ichijo grew up discriminated against by humans since she wasn't one herself. It's no secret that she has a major grudge against humanity because of her past. An o...
Gal Pals || Yandere!Harem X F!Reader by Babylon29247
Gal Pals || Yandere!Harem X F!Read...by Babylon
After dying of a caffeine overdose, you find yourself transmigrated into the last game you played, a yandere otome game. Unfortunately, you're the tutorial girl. As soon...
Dressed As a Scum Who Abandoned Her Wife and Daughter by Hydrangea_Fly
Dressed As a Scum Who Abandoned He...by Ash
Author: Salt Fennel (Chinese to English translation) Summary: When Lin Xi was cheated on by her girlfriend, she transmigrated into a GL abo novel and became the scumbag...
Guiqiu the Hostess Let Go of the Salted Fish - MTL by idkyrusogay5moar
Guiqiu the Hostess Let Go of the S...by AllThingsGay&Beautiful
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Hunter Academy by CecileRosaline
Hunter Academyby Cécile Rose
I think I am the best hunter, with or without a familiar. Familiars usually become romantically involved so you must choose the opposite gender as your familiar if you w...
Sinking Woman || Yandere!Siren X F!Reader by Babylon29247
Sinking Woman || Yandere!Siren X F...by Babylon
"Never fall prey to the deep, Y/N. I know you love the sea, but you have to understand She does not love you back, not in any healthy way. Whatever She has to offer...
Is slag A getting divorced today?(GL) by Kylenyanyanyanya
Is slag A getting divorced today?(...by nya nya nya
http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=6711201 Suiyu transmigrated into a book, and transmigrated into a scumbag A in a lily abo article. The scumbag A in the book is...
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NecroGurl (Shoujo Ai) by yrusoogayy5ever
NecroGurl (Shoujo Ai)by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
Necromancer Girl's Strongest Second Playthrough Author: 天乃聖樹 Translator: Aya Translations Just because the other members thought she was disgusting, Nene, 14 years old n...
Prediction (Megami x Reader) by LN4rnia
Prediction (Megami x Reader)by LN4rnia
I'd change fate if I could _________________________________ HIGHEST RANK : #1 yuri __________________________________
Healing heart (Midnight x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Healing heart (Midnight x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
R-rated hero and daughter of the hero Ectoplasm, (Y/n) is the new teacher at U.A high. She plays the role of a carefree hero, Tendril, who everyone loves and fawns over...
I Choose The Heroine's Route by emoisreal_x
I Choose The Heroine's Routeby emoisreal_x
Shana Monique has only one wish - to die and be reborn. Who would've thought it would actually be granted? Then she faced a crisis, she was reincarnated as the villaines...