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Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer || Volume 1 (FT Women x fem!reader) [COMPLETE] by cowboydinkie
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer | dinkie
This story features an OP (Y/n), who is a Fairy Tail mage. She follows the Fairy Tail storyline with the occasional original content. Oh and another twist? This kid is g...
A Metal Rose by Lil_Jackie
A Metal Roseby Bσσкѕ Gαlσяε
"What is it like having a sister? Well...She is your mirror shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness who sees you at your worst and be...
A Second Chance to Save Fairy Tail by FireDragonGodSlayer0
A Second Chance to Save Fairy Tailby AnimeGuru
The was between Alvarez and Ishgal was at the end. Natsu was the last one alive as all his comrades were dead. After dying at the hands of his brother he is given a seco...
Fairy Tail's Violent Wind(Fairy Tail x Male Reader) by ok-bozo
Fairy Tail's Violent Wind(Fairy ok-bozo
Two of Cat Shelter's powerful mages Wendy Marvell and (Y/n) Shinzazugawa are sent to help other guilds to beat the Oracion Seis. And later become members of Fairy Tail
Fairytail: A Fallen Angel by xoxGoose07xox
Fairytail: A Fallen Angelby Goose
Flora Evergreen is the definition of Innocence. She is a girl who joined Fairytail in the 7 year gap. Over that time she became important to the guild. But the Tendru te...
Blast to the Past | Ft Next Gen✔️ by Shixgami20
Blast to the Past | Ft Next Gen✔️by ✨𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲✨
What if there was a next generation of Fairy Tail? What if they all had gone back to the past? What will the future parents do? How can the next generation find a way b...
Fairy Tail : Kakarot by ChildOfBeast13
Fairy Tail : Kakarotby Sage of the 6 sayians
The Fiore Kingdom. A neutral country with a population of 17 million. It is a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there like anything else, and is deeply ingrained...
Round 2? (Fairy Tail X Naruto)  by _KingWolfie_
Round 2? (Fairy Tail X Naruto) by Alastor Tempest
Kakashi Hatake. Master of a Thousand Jutsu. The great copy cat Ninja. When he died protecting his Students Fate decidedniy wasn't his time to go just yet. Follow Kakshi...
Oncoming Storm (Fairy Tail) by Sinful-stories
Oncoming Storm (Fairy Tail)by I'm Alive!!
Rain falls heavily as thunder boomed over five figures run through a forest in a panic. Each of them having wounds from a battle recently fought that they each barely go...
[Fairy Tail] Prisoner In the Shadows by ChiSatO1
[Fairy Tail] Prisoner In the A Bookaholic
'' Then we're are we going?'' Natsu asked. ''We are going to the Heartfilia Mansion.'' Everyone gasped. '' You mean the heartfilia's that suddenly disappeard a few...
The Tolerable Tailor (Fairy Tail x Male Reader) by Popsum649
The Tolerable Tailor (Fairy Tail Popsum649
Silk Magic. A type of magic many people laugh at when first revealed, but when they're hanging upside down utterly beaten to a pulp, not much laughter comes from the hat...
VERiTY (Fairy Tail Fanfic) by -idxris
VERiTY (Fairy Tail Fanfic)by - aris. ♡♡
Living once as an overworked teenage mom (dad, big brother, whatever) taught him a lot of things. For example-- don't pick up anymore children that look homeless, and do...
The Forgotten Mage | Fairy Tail FF by ColorBookNerd
The Forgotten Mage | Fairy Tail FFby i have a weird name
a white-haired mage bursts through the doors. her eyes scan over the area, finding everyone had stopped what they were doing and were now staring at her. "who are...
Untouchable (Fairy Tail x Male Reader Volume 1) by alphafox270
Untouchable (Fairy Tail x Male Wyn Eurus
Fairy Tail is known as the number one guild in both popularity and power, however, not everyone seems to know exactly who they are. Adventures can be quite dangerous, bu...
Icy Heart ~Fairy Tail Fanfic~ by LuxBishop
Icy Heart ~Fairy Tail Fanfic~by Lux Bishop
Lux is an Ice Dragon/God Slayer who grew up in the infamous dark guild Purgatory Spark, where her dad was the master. But Purgatory Spark was a guild that only allowed f...
12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic]  ✔ by Hinata36
12 Years [Fairy Tail Fanfic] ✔by Hinata Lion
12 whole years. 12 whole freaking years. That's how long fairy tail's gone. That's how long Lucy and Happy was in their own world. For years, Happy and Lucy have trai...
Fairy Tail's Demon God by Shinsokai
Fairy Tail's Demon Godby Shinsokai
Ryuga Shinsokai, son of the Demon God Ziminiar, has come back to Fairy Tail after a SS-Class quest, but when he comes back, there are some new recruits. What troubles wi...
Fairy Leader  (Grey x reader) by Anya_Abel
Fairy Leader (Grey x reader)by Anya_Abel
Y/n, a very powerful mage lies in the basement of Fairy Tail. In the past y/n was close with Natsu, Erza and most importantly Grey. When she came back from a S-Class mis...
I Got Reincarnated As Natsu's Sister [ Fairy Tail Fanfic ] [NOT EDITED YET]  by cv02_1412
I Got Reincarnated As Natsu's Atsuko
I will always loves Fairy Tail. No matter what they said to me, Fairy Tail always be my savior. I always thought 'I never gonna be leave Fairy Tail, My loyalty is with F...
One Punch Fairy by RSPBLiterature
One Punch Fairyby R.S.P.B
When Y/n the son of Saitama ends up being transported to a different world he is left confused. While trying to find out where he is he stumbles across the Fairy tail gu...