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Is slag A getting divorced today?(GL) by Kylenyanyanyanya
Is slag A getting divorced today?( nya nya nya Suiyu transmigrated into a book, and transmigrated into a scumbag A in a lily abo article. The scumbag A in the book is...
Siriusly, another Potter by xxxlovexreadingxxx
Siriusly, another Potterby Killa_D
When James' sister Allison gets expelled from Beauxbatons. She has to go to Hogwarts. What will happen when she meets the marauders. How reacts a certain Marauders when...
After meeting my dead wife, I became the hero's rival in love by Xiaoshuo_
After meeting my dead wife, I 中国小说
Fang Ziyue, a top jewelry designer, accidentally transmigrated into the villainous love rival of an affectionate female supporting role while sweeping the grave of her d...
Transmigrated into A scumbag in a campus novel by Xiaoshuo_
Transmigrated into A scumbag in 中国小说
Copywriting 1: Mo Yuxin transmigrated into a scumbag in a college campus essay. The original family was from a poor family, but during college, she always stood up as a...
Transformed into a scumbag A, the queen just wants to spoil her wife GL MTL by mizukisbiatch
Transformed into a scumbag A, mizukisbiatch
穿成渣A后影后只想宠妻 Author: 向月叙 Actress Meng Chuwu transmigrated into the cannon fodder A in...
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Jackie Dunphy  by Kattmedfnatt745
Jackie Dunphy by Someone<3
Jackie is the oldest of the Dunphy siblings. She has a pretty normal life. Or as normal as your life can be with an un normal family. The story based of the modern famil...
MTL_Fight For Harmony After Dressing As A Female Partner A ✔️ by Cizie_02
MTL_Fight For Harmony After bellyduck
Offline purposes only. I do not own the story, plot, characters, nor translation. Credits rightfully belong to the owners. ********************* Short Title: FFHADAAFPA ...
Dressed as a female supporting role, mark the heroine by Xiaoshuo_
Dressed as a female supporting 中国小说
Ji Ci is dead, and transmigrated into a recently completed abo novel. In the book, the heartthrob heroine Bai Yueli is gentle and demure, ranking first in the list o...
After wearing the book, the hostess got me? [GL] MTL by CecesDump
After wearing the book, the Cece's Yuri Dump
穿书后,女主把我搞到手了? Author: 洛小湃 Link: Wei Miao was reborn into a book called "The Domineering President: Don't Try to Run", and b...
Boyfriend  by Maddieemi123
Boyfriend by maddie
Potter was going to say that he wasn't my boyfriend. I couldn't let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn't tell...
She tricked me to get me home by imnotyourpalything
She tricked me to get me homeby lian
Cheng Que in love with a young person when this person looks good, good grades, but the cold gloomy character, repeatedly refused her a good show, even several times ver...
The Marauders - Order of the Phoenix - Part Two by Pengiwen
The Marauders - Order of the Hannah
The times they are a-changin'... as James and Lily Potter move into their new home in Godric's Hollow, the Marauders are living apart for the first time since they were...
The Cellar by natashapreston
The Cellarby Natasha Preston
For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers...
The Light To His Darkness by bonezzzzzz
The Light To His Darknessby <3
In which Mason James finds himself falling for the innocent and naive girl named Lily Rose. When Lily's parents decide to put her in public school, she runs into a bit...
Mischief Managed | 𝘚𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘶𝘴 𝘉𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘬 by TinaX2
Mischief Managed | 𝘚𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘶𝘴 𝘉 Tina Edwards
{𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝟮} It all started with a kiss. Or better say, everything ended with a kiss. What Jenna Potter thought was going to lead her to a beautiful love story, quick...
The queen's little wife, pretending to have amnesia online by Xiaoshuo_
The queen's little wife, 中国小说
Lin Mo entered a lily article and became the hidden marriage wife of the paranoid villain and international actress Xue Luhe! And when she came through, Xue Luhe had jus...
HEAL ME | JAMES POTTER by lupinsbee
❝𝑯𝒐𝒍𝒅 𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒐 𝒎𝒆 𝒈𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒆, 𝒊'𝒎 𝒇𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈, 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒊'𝒎 𝒇𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍 𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒅. ❞ IN WHICH James Potter needs to he...
The Era Of Aria Snape by thekissingsun
The Era Of Aria Snapeby strawberry girl
Aria Snape is formidable in the worst of senses, demanding respect from all who meet her and making those who hate her suffer. With a grumpy professor who she strives t...
ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴏᴜʀᴛʜ ᴡᴀʟʟ | ᴍᴀʀᴀᴜᴅᴇʀꜱ ᴇʀᴀ  by CatInABox__
ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴏᴜʀᴛʜ ᴡᴀʟʟ | ᴍᴀʀᴀᴜᴅᴇʀ Nero
Caledonia Sinclair, a young Potterhead, found herself in a world she never knew could exist, in a timeline she never expected. Wanting to make the lives of her beloved c...
Harry Potter's Twin Sister by bookworm332000
Harry Potter's Twin Sisterby Brie
[COMPLETED] You've all heard the story of Harry James Potter, the boy-who-lived. But what if he had a twin? Melody Potter is the twin sister of Harry Potter, though apar...