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I Sail With You by justalittlegirl03
I Sail With Youby justalittlegirl03
Against his wishes, Omega Prince Harry Styles is arranged to mate with someone he doesn't love, much less knows. Though he pleaded to his parents incessantly, they not o...
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The Rule Of Three (Namkook X Reader Fanfic) by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
The Rule Of Three (Namkook X Reade...by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
As leader of our pack, my father always took particular pride in the fact that his line had always produced strong Alphas and Betas. When I finally presented and it was...
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Jafana[Klance] by Ficteon
Jafana[Klance]by Ficteon
In a far away land covered with sand and the biggest country the world has ever seen. The Sultan is ruthless and hateful to those who go against him. He had climbed up...
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Despondency by syubibi
Despondencyby Sitty◆
Where Jungkook is an omega hooker who's desperate to get out of his hell and have his dream come true... To have his own mate.. Warnings (INVITATION) : ✔SMUT AND DIRTY S...
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Rogue || A/B/O universe by Laventriloque
Rogue || A/B/O universeby Laventriloque
"If I catch your scum rogue ass on our territory again I'll rip your head off, is that clear?" The Alpha order tainting his words are so deep and intense it m...
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Lý Luận nâng cao tố chất đặc công Omega_A Hắc Tang A by MarShallAkira
Lý Luận nâng cao tố chất đặc công...by MarShall Akira
Tác giả: A Hắc Tang A Thể loại: ABO, cường cường, lãnh khốc trầm ổn (tra) công x tính cách có chút ác liệt siêu cường thụ, yêu nhau lắm cắn nhau đau, có ngọt có ngược, c...
Kingdom Of Hearts by bluefovvs
Kingdom Of Heartsby blue
When Rye turns 18 he knows that he is going to be forced into an arranged marriage with the Omega of the kingdom closest to his. Part of their kingdom's Pardon for letti...
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i loved you ▶ minjoon #WATTYS2019 by -chimchimjiminie
i loved you ▶ minjoon #WATTYS2019by minmin 🐥
❝after you left me, my world had already stopped.❞
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Life partner  / jikook by kookmochim26
Life partner / jikookby jikooker
A married couple, happy in there own bubble. But happiness is not what lasts forever. What happens when the trust is broken? Will they find their refugee in each other...
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Mr. Rong's Lovelorn Diary by FlyingLines
Mr. Rong's Lovelorn Diaryby Flying Lines
This is the lovelorn diary of Mr. Rong, an Omega who, unfortunately, grew so tall and handsome like an Alpha. When he was categorised as an Omega at the age of 13, Rong...
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|Đồng nhân| |Trạm Trừng| |ABO| Oan gia [Hoàn] by TranQui95
|Đồng nhân| |Trạm Trừng| |ABO| Oan...by Shin BT
Nguyên tác: Ma Đạo Tổ Sư của Mặc Hương Đồng Khứu. Thể loại: đồng nhân, ABO, hiện đại, vườn trường, có R18. Tình trạng: Hoàn Nhân vật: Lam Vong Cơ x Giang Trừng Cảnh báo:...
 ˗ˏˋ 𝓐𝓽𝓮𝓮𝔃 ˎˊ˗ ☆!! {ʙᴏʏxʙᴏʏ sᴍᴜᴛs}  by flyingmullets
˗ˏˋ 𝓐𝓽𝓮𝓮𝔃 ˎˊ˗ ☆!! {ʙᴏʏxʙᴏʏ s...by flyingmullets
Ateez one shots! {Requests open! Message me} !!! Smut, fluff, bdsm, abo !!!
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Defective *Jimin X BTS* by pleasejustpickaname
Defective *Jimin X BTS*by I Will Fight For You
"We're sorry, he's a bit... Defective." Alphas and Betas are common, Alphas slightly less so than Betas. Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkoo...
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Steal The Male Lead by Shellyrill
Steal The Male Leadby Shellyrill
The main character always ends up with the male lead? Well, the readers have agreed to disagree with this thought. Alright then, we just need someone to destroy the main...
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 Kookmin by rosh1416
Kookminby rosh1416
Compilation of kookmin ao3 stories (abo)(randomn aus)
Level The Sky, Even The Earth// NCT Dream by CheongSolhee
Level The Sky, Even The Earth// NC...by 💌 Solhee 💌
"You will marry him." "I fucking reject." At 18, Prince Seo Donghyuck of Jeju was quite the spectacle. He was the apple of the kingdom's eye. The ico...
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[EDIT HOÀN/ĐM] Vợ yêu phải nuôi từ bé [ABO] by thuydungnguyenn
[EDIT HOÀN/ĐM] Vợ yêu phải nuôi từ...by Caryln Nguyen
Tóm tắt truyện: Chàng ngốc nuôi vợ từ bé, đến khi chàng hết ngốc thì đến lượt vợ chàng bị ngốc. Cẩu FA đừng đọc kẻo mất máu mà chết! Tag: ABO, Đoản văn, Ngọt như kẹo đư...
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Desabafos de um grávido em crise by taegust_
Desabafos de um grávido em criseby  Isa
Jeongguk está grávido e precisa lidar com os hormônios da gestação que lhe fazem ter diversas alterações de humor e comportamento. Taehyung é o seu prestativo marido que...
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Crystal Academy (JiminXBTS) by SoulessGamer9000
Crystal Academy (JiminXBTS)by Charlotte
Park Jimin is a stunning Omega, any Alpha or Beta can fall victim to his dazzling charms. But this boy ain't your typical omega. He is not one to be a damsel in distress...
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Leading To You (bl) by ClearV
Leading To You (bl)by ClearV
"To be a good man." Chen Zheng lived his whole life, believing those words. Just like his name, proper and upright. However being proper and upright only lead...
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