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Princess and the Pauper by mintomisupremacist
Princess and the Pauperby tetsuko
A multi-chapter Mintomi fanfiction revolving around an Alpha in Crisis and Omega in Distress. Cross-posted from Asianfanfics. Started on 06/04/2020. [On-Going]
No such thing as too many by swaggmasterlouis
No such thing as too manyby L.S28
Louis and Harry never meant for it to happen. They weren't like, "Hey! We should have a baby at 16! That sounds fun!" Not at all. They most certainly didn't...
BTS ONESHOT COLLECTION (2)  by hiraimomotrash
A bunch of bts oneshots, all ships including Jikook this time (mostly Jikook actually) ⚠️All of these are from ao3⚠️ ! If the link doesn't work then...
[Đam mỹ][ABO]Hôn Nhân Lừa Gạt by andy12wu
[Đam mỹ][ABO]Hôn Nhân Lừa Gạtby Metairie Cemetery
Tên gốc: Lừa Gạt Hôn Nhân (欺诈婚姻) Tác giả: Bàn Phím Không Vỏ/ Máy Bán Bánh Ngọt Tiên Nữ (不戴套的键盘/甜饼贩卖机仙女套) Chuyển ngữ: Metairie Cemetery (Clio Trần; Hoàng Linh; Andy) Bet...
Blinded Scent [BL] by kisetsu_haruko
Blinded Scent [BL]by kisetsu_haruko
"You are never mine, to begin with."- Wen Xinyi "Though you are not my mate, why does my heart ache for your love?"- Wu Yijun Trampled fates. Endless...
in regards to love ▶️ seongsang by -chimchimjiminie
in regards to love ▶️ seongsangby minmin 🐥
❝my life will love, the peace of benevolence; that this is the eternal happiness.❞
[ EDIT - ĐM ] Em muốn tin tức tố của anh - Hoang Xuyên Đại by Tsundereee123
[ EDIT - ĐM ] Em muốn tin tức tố c...by Tư Uyên | 姿鴛
Tên khác: Ngã tưởng yếu nhĩ đích tín tức tố | 我想要你的信息素 Tác giả: Hoang Xuyên Đại | 荒川黛 Độ dài: 104 chương + 17 PN Editor: Tư Uyên. Nguồn: Tấn Giang. Cường thế phúc hắc b...
Tác giả: Lục An Nhất Trảng Độ dài: 241 chương + 13 Phiên ngoại Tình trạng: Hoàn Edit: 1 tháng 10 chương, đang lăn từ từ. Thể loại: Nguyên sang, Đam mỹ, Tương lai, Ngọt s...
kpop fan fic recommendations by bundles-of-minho
kpop fan fic recommendationsby ❥ 𝓌𝑒𝓃𝒹𝓎
k-pop fanfiction recommendations from AO3 → open to other fandoms if requested [details inside] ☆ updated weekly every tuesday ; links are available on my message board...
Além da superfície by JulianaFerreira122
Além da superfícieby Juh Hime
- P'Mew...Eu queria saber, se... Se você quer ir ao baile alfa comigo?.... Novamente pareceu que tudo havia parado, o lencinho em sua mão, P'Mew diante de mim, o sorriso...
[Hi Trừng | ABO] - Oán Ngẫu💙💜 [Edit 14~] by giolangthang520
[Hi Trừng | ABO] - Oán Ngẫu💙💜 [E...by Gió Lang Thang
Tên truyện : Oán Ngẫu Thể loại : ABO (Ai ko thích xin đừng vào, đừng nói lời cay đắng) Tác giả : @西府海棠 Đang đọc zở bản dịch của bạn @AKatenina đến chap13, thật sự không...
[GL-ABO-R18] Học Muội Mau Tới Đây - Họa Lâu Tây Bạn Phản Đạn Tỳ Bà by Bling2712
[GL-ABO-R18] Học Muội Mau Tới Đây...by Bơ
Thể loại: GL, ABO, R18 Đọc kĩ tag trước khi vào. Dục vọng học tỷ dẫn dụ ngây thơ học muội, học muội cam tâm tình nguyện sa lưới cố sự ~ Đầy người tao khí một lòng câu dẫ...
Tsukkihina ~ secret mate by cherryblob2
Tsukkihina ~ secret mateby CHERRY
A Tsukkihina ABO fanfic... at least I think it is. This is my first fanfic... please go easy on me. Tsukki wanted to keep Hinata a secret for as long as possible because...
If I Ever See You Again by meanie_minnie
If I Ever See You Againby meanie_minnie
Some say that nothing worth having comes easy. Jeon Jungkook is an Alpha born to traditional, wealthy family. His view on Omegas is not the best, but he hasn't yet found...
Leading To You (bl) by ClearV
Leading To You (bl)by ClearV
"To be a good man." Chen Zheng lived his whole life, believing those words. Just like his name, proper and upright. However being proper and upright only lead...
SadMilk Omega-verse CLEAN by ProfenSupp
SadMilk Omega-verse CLEANby Ib
Wonderstruck is certain he's just a beta, then he's hit with a mysterious illness. Disclosure: The characters portrayed are based off internet personalities, not the ac...
🟢 Disorder // BTS Taekook 18+ by nanaberry9795
🟢 Disorder // BTS Taekook 18+by R. S.
[TAEKOOK] ABO Taehyung is an Alpha with a disorder. He doesn't know why it happened, it just did. His tail and ears won't disappear after shifting to a human. Jeongguk...
 Raising children, guarding against the old, future interstellar abo by princesssakaguchi01
Raising children, guarding agains...by YoursTruly310
Author: Mu parent Category: Danmei Status: finished Summary: At the beginning, I wanted to be careful to keep my chrysanthemums and avoid having children, but in the e...
My Assistant by The_HolySope
My Assistantby The_HolySope
Jung Hoseok, the CEO of Hope world entertainment, is undoubtedly an alpha that loves to sleep around. his favorite partners being his ever changing assistants. He hires...
Steal The Male Lead by Shellyrill
Steal The Male Leadby Shellyrill
The main character always ends up with the male lead? Well, the readers have agreed to disagree with this thought. Alright then, we just need someone to destroy the main...