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Coronavirus Diary by ZombieMegan
Coronavirus Diaryby ZombieMegan
This is a diary type thing about my experiences of living through this coronavirus pandemic. I'll mostly be talking about what's going on where I live and how I'm feelin...
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Instagram / Harry Styles by xcerise3
Instagram / Harry Stylesby HAPPY PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈
Harry Styles and Dua Lipa find love on Instagram. Or do they? • INSTAGRAM/SOCIAL MEDIA • - started 21st March 2020
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Dear H  by readingwithunicorns
Dear H by readingwithunicorns
A book of poems and letters to someone who may or may not read them Copyrights to Readingwithunicorns *completed
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Looking at You by Eloise2424
Looking at Youby Eloise Brooklyn
I am at this complicated age of 23. Spend days, in fixing the broken heart. But I am doing better a lot better. I know I left a part of me to him. It was not anyone...
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Him by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Himby Daisy
The true story of a boy who wanted to be saved, a girl who wanted to save him, and a friend who knew it was impossible. "He was not my sunshine. He was the solar f...
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sequel to mwah!
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Random fem x fem reader!  by Misto-cat
Random fem x fem reader! by Jay
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t h o u g h t s by bbsteers
t h o u g h t sby brianna
My escape from the world, in words.
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Metanoia | Chris Evans by StolenSoldier
Metanoia | Chris Evansby StolenSoldier
/ˌmɛtəˈnɔɪə/ noun The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life Highest rating: #3 Chris Evans (17th March 2020)
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Bonds Built by WrittenbyJanae
Bonds Builtby Janae.
Jessica Brown is a twenty-five year old surgical technician, newly heartbroken and dragged out to get out of her feelings. In the mist she meets Major League Baseball pl...
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Standing In Front Of You by CourtneyPeterman0
Standing In Front Of Youby Courtney Peterman
[Complete] When things seem to be falling apart, it takes a true friend to pick you back up again. But sometimes there's more feelings, standing there, right in front o...
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Desire ☆ Timothée Chalamet  by dezbrooks
Desire ☆ Timothée Chalamet by t
Daisy Cohen, a 17 year old with a dream is finally getting recognition for her amazing leading role in an indie film. Her entire life is changing, and with it come the u...
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Love on Tour - Harry Styles by golden_harrystyles
Love on Tour - Harry Stylesby M🌻
it really is LOVE on tour
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No Control | Holding Me Ransom (Book 2) by scooby-snacks
No Control | Holding Me Ransom ( scooby-snacks
Book 2 in the No Control series - COMPLETE This is the sequel to No Control..... Ever Since New York: Lies are told, secrets are uncovered and One Direction continues th...
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Rumors | Sebastian Stan by StolenSoldier
Rumors | Sebastian Stanby StolenSoldier
We the topic of the town We might as well just own it now It ain't no rumor, no, it ain't no rumor Highest ratings: #6 Sebastian Stan (27th July 2019) #102 Avengers (11t...
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Raw words, real feelings by ditje_22
Raw words, real feelingsby LaQueen
Things that many of us feel and don't manage to put in words. Mostly short poems and my very own quotes. Also some poems of which you'll only understand the true message...
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Pokeplusman's shitposting 2020 by Pokeplushman
Pokeplusman's shitposting 2020by Pokeplushman
What the title says
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7 short horror stories by xfrankiesmithx
7 short horror storiesby Frankie Smith
All these stories have been checked and Proven to be based on true events... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the scariest h...
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revenge | nate jacobs/ euphoria  by freshlylit
revenge | nate jacobs/ euphoria by run me ma money
[in which two starstuck teens team up to take revenge on their shitty exes.] "lets go upstairs." "what?" "for the sake of revenge of course.&quo...
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feelings or some shit by k1baby
feelings or some shitby allynn 🏁
i delete my parts sometimes
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