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BUTTERFLIES, harry styles (1) by regulusart
BUTTERFLIES, harry styles (1)by lola 🧸
... in which harry styles secret relationship gets exposed. BOOK 1 OF THE BUTTERFLIES TRILOGY! cover by @-DACRESGF <3
The Edge of the Universe [Real-life Research] by muktodmi
The Edge of the Universe [ Dewan M.I. Mukto
This book contains a lot of deep philosophy that may or may not coincide with many of your Earthly beliefs and ideas. So I'd greatly appreciate that you let go of all yo...
From the Chin of My Heart by aniruddhaj
From the Chin of My Heartby Aniruddha Jethmalani
They aren't stories, but just different write-ups, written with different emotions. When things go out of your way, this might be one of the edges, where you'd like to h...
Real Deal by beyondlocks
Real Dealby beyondlocks
Ares Collin He's an architect who live his life the fullest. Money, fame, women.. everything he wants he always gets it. You can consider him as a lucky guy who always h...
i hate you | chris sturniolo by sturniiolo
i hate you | chris sturnioloby sturniiolo
"how can i hate you" in which - you and chris had always had a toxic and rundown relationship. you never did anything to hurt him, although he acts as if you a...
The Prodigal Son (Complete) by munsen12
The Prodigal Son (Complete)by Amrita Sen
A man is known by his name. What if one day it is snatched from you, and you are termed a con man in your own house. Will you accept it or fight for your identity? This...
Broken.  by jthawtiter
Broken. by jasmine💘
Morgan Sage is being abused quietly in her home. No one knows but her bestfriend Anastasia. After Miles aka RJ, joins her school he realizes he's has a strong liking for...
Make My Heart Smile ♡ ( KinnPorsche Ongoing FanFiction ) by Ehansi
Make My Heart Smile ♡ ( Erandika
ගිනියම් හදක සිසිලස
With a Twist. by authenticblackgold
With a Lu ❤️
Your typical story...with a twist.
golden <3 (RINNEY) by rinneyisreal12345
golden <3 (RINNEY)by RINNEY IS REAL✊
after Finney Blake escapes from being kidnapped, life getting back to normal is a little strange. and he starts to form an interesting bond with his best friend, Robin.
🌹Oath Of Love 🌹 ( YiZhan FF Ongoing ) by Ehansi
🌹Oath Of Love 🌹 ( YiZhan FF Erandika
"ඇවිලෙන්නෙත් සැනසෙන්නෙත් නුඹේ සෙනෙහෙ ළඟ ම ය..." Start - 25/12/2021 End - ?
Thug fetish  by souneique
Thug fetish by Shesouneique
[SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANITY WILL BE USED IN THIS BOOK] commenttttt give me yall feedback//still under construction ------------------------------------ Jadah is a ave...
After sex cigarettes // dreamwastaken by den1m_jeanz
After sex cigarettes // Girl in pink
Life isn't like a category or genre one can slip into, if any thing it's like scenes from millions of movies thrown into one
Fairy Tales || Mason Thames by Javon_Cool
Fairy Tales || Mason Thamesby Stiles.Hale
Braylee had a lot of problems growing up she showed signs of anxiety at a younger age. Her father was never around but her mother was like her best friend always there f...
VALENTINA, harry styles by regulusart
VALENTINA, harry stylesby lola 🧸
the unknown face behind harry styles extravagant wardrobe choices. ❪ COMPLETED ❫ cover by @-DACRESGF <3
qui vivra verra • timothée chalamet  by saintlikelaurentt
qui vivra verra • timothée saintlikelaurentt
'qui vivra verra' • she who lives shall see. in which a columbia law school student's past gets exposed and well, she shall see. • timothée chalamet x oc • social medi...
The Sweet Taste Of Rejection by nmoico
The Sweet Taste Of Rejectionby M. N. Shane
Amy and Jace are back. And they are both are hungry for revenge..... "Stop wriggling" Jace warned, in a heated yet seductive voice. His mouth was just above my...
Exchanged Hubby (An Indian Arrange Marriage)  by Crazy-soul
Exchanged Hubby (An Indian Remya Ak
This is a sandhir story and tale of their marriage life . The story is how two strangers gets married under unexpected circumstances and how they fall in love and accep...
Bestfriend! by TheyLoveMeechie
Bestfriend!by Meechii Babii💕
Groovy Baby ~That 70s show Steven Hyde story by kittycat2e
Groovy Baby ~That 70s show Aem
Lana Forman the twin sister of Eric Forman has always been a trouble maker. She her dad's and her mother's absolute favorite, though she'd never admit it. She is a strai...