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Mermaid Effect 《人鱼效应》 Chinese BL Translation by: 黑猫白袜子 by bobadarling
Mermaid Effect 《人鱼效应》 Chinese BL bobadarling
[Intro l ] Rand Sievers named the little thing he had inadvertently brought home as "Monster". However, he did not know that he was not raising just a harmless...
The Whole World Knows I'm a Good Person [Quick Wear]   by SpinChibi
The Whole World Knows I'm a Good Spinchibi@
[Warning! This is Machine Translated] Author: Sugar Tail Is Handsome Summary: Shi Qing's task is to guard. When he traveled to various small worlds and was ready to tor...
System 002: Save The Antagonist System by dxmb_btch
System 002: Save The Antagonist 𝑬𝒊𝒋𝒊 𝑶𝒌𝒖𝒎𝒖𝒓𝒂
(BxB) (GxG) transmission story :dxmb_btch Chandler Chase is a man obsess with antagonists. The male had read countless of books not for the sake of plot nor for the othe...
System: Make My Wish Come True by TransMeGreat
System: Make My Wish Come Trueby TransMeGreat
The last thing Fu Cheng remembered was being in his private residence with his mother and siblings beside him as his life slowly seeped out of his body. December 31, 20x...
The King's Game [BL] by SpinChibi
The King's Game [BL]by Spinchibi@
[Warning! This is Machine Translated] Author: 酒矣 Novel updates summary: In the King's game, the [King]'s order is absolute and has the power to create rules. As the owne...
My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away by LovingJunWuXieCN
My Vegetative Partner Opened His harlene jade ahn
Pet shop owner Tang Wan was accidentally reborn into an interstellar world. When he opened his eyes, he found himself automatically married to a vegetable via the StarNe...
Quickly Leap Through Worlds  by IamJustAPasserby
Quickly Leap Through Worlds by IamJustAPasserby
Avery is dead. He died when he was 17. After his death, he somehow became an undead employee in Paradis. Paradis is where souls first go after death. They'll be given a...
Face-Slapping The Female Leads [BL] by kieriyii
Face-Slapping The Female Leads [BL]by kie
Feng Mengyao's journey of face-slapping. The system : Host, y-you're killing the female lead... (;;;*_*) Mengyao : She was trying to steal my hubby, and she tortured me...
Fight for Peace And Love [Quick Wear] by SpinChibi
Fight for Peace And Love [Quick Spinchibi@
[Warning! This is Machine Translated] Author: Xī Zǐxù Novel updates summary: Uke: I am still alone because I am obsessed with building socialism. Seme: I am still alone...
MP100 Boyfriend Scenarios! by Shousuzuki
MP100 Boyfriend Scenarios!by Bababybabayaa
Mob Psycho 100 Scenarios! Requests are open!
Beyblade burst X reader jumped to their world  by idalismedina
Beyblade burst X reader jumped idalismedina
You got to there world by wishing you were in there world but you also wished your family to be with you let's just say you woke up and your parents transferred you to B...
quotes//victory kickoff  by berraly_
quotes//victory kickoff by Berra
Tek bölümlük victory kickoff FanFiction replikleri. ☼Bu bir komedi replik kitabıdır. ☼FanFiction kitabıdır. @berraly_ ʙᴀşʟᴀᴍᴀ ᴛᴀʀɪʜɪ:20/10/2020 ʙɪᴛɪş ᴛᴀʀɪʜɪ:?
「Utaite」 by ShionShoto
「Utaite」by Windtalker
These all belong to the people themselves. Any pics you see does not belong to me. If you seen picture(s) of them you didnt see in my album but seen in their twitter or...
Mob psycho 100 Oneshots ♡ by Reign_Luis
Mob psycho 100 Oneshots ♡by _•` ¿ E k u b o ¿ `•_
In progress ~♥~ -I don't own any of the characters and the cover -English isn't my first language Includes -Reigen arataka -Shou suzuki -Ekubo/ Dimple -Shigeo kageyama ...
Long Story Short   •   Adult!MobxReader by Starhunter25
Long Story Short • Adult! Starhunter
Your past is not something you talk about often, but there are a certain pair of boys that brought you the best years since coming to Seasoning City. You go away for co...
Number One Zombie Wife by chaos_error
Number One Zombie Wifeby အယ္ရာ
သူ႔ကိုယ္​ပိုင္​ ၀တၳဳထဲကို ၀ိဥာဥ္​ကူး​ေျပာင္​းခဲ့တဲ့ မုယိဖန္​က အရမ္​း႐ႈပ္​​ေထြးတယ္​! သူ႔ကိုယ္​ပိုင္​၀တၳဳထဲကို ၀ိဥာဥ္​ကူး​ေျပာင္​းခဲ့ၿပီး zombieတစ္​​ေကာင္​ျဖစ္​လာခဲ့တဲ့ မု...
The Second Chance [HIATUS]  by UnexistedUser
The Second Chance [HIATUS] by Unexisted User
Xiaoli is in love with his boss. When he thinks that his love will not come true... Suddenly, his boss asks him out. It's too sudden and abrupt that Xiaoli's fainted in...
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BL Novels Recommendation List by nai_espinosa
BL Novels Recommendation Listby Nai Espinosa
Hello! I love BL with all my heart and I am more into Chinese BL novels. I want to recommend english-translated Chinese BL novels that moved my heart and made me attache...
mp100 scenarios by bbqgou
mp100 scenariosby ━
a bunch of xreader stuff includes: - mob - ritsu - teruki - sho
Uta No Prince Sama {Boyfriend Scenarios} by Lunar_Brittance
Uta No Prince Sama {Boyfriend Galaxy Lunar Komori
I will do every requests! Well, maybe. {WARNING}: SLOW UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also. I will not do heavens unlest you request me to!