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Kindergarten  by Daddy-Tae
Kindergarten by be mine?
Jungkook is a kindergarten teacher and Taehyung just so happens to be a parent of a cute little girl he teaches Dedicated to MinTheAlien
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Bakugo x Reader by seanthebookworm
Bakugo x Readerby seanthebookworm
A high school boy with a lot of problems loves a you who also has a lot of problems
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one ➳ zarry by fluorescentzarry
one ➳ zarryby alexis ⚡️
❝...what's our ship name?❞ zayn asked quietly. harry tilted his head to the side. ❝aren't boys supposed to like girls?❞ ❝it's called gay hazza.❞ ❝gay means happy.❞ ❝no...
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NaLu One-shots by SakuraScales
NaLu One-shotsby •「Miss Scales」•
Here are some fresh NaLu one-shots out of the oven! They also fluffy so don't you worry. NaLu life and very little darkness located within each chapter. Enjoy!! And no...
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Peter Pan Imagines by Robbiexkay71__
Peter Pan Imaginesby MariKay71
Contains Peter from Ouat of course and includes fluffy, smut, sad, and cute Imagines. I will take requests as well.
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Flame by sonyanicole1
Flameby Red Commander
What if Kurapika wasn't alone when taking the hunter exam? what if he had a travelling partner that hit it off really well with Gon and Killua. Will she stay with Kurapi...
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give me love ➳ zarry by fluorescentzarry
give me love ➳ zarryby alexis ⚡️
❝you know how they say, what was it? don't judge a book by its cover? well lad, this is a prime example.❞ zayn was your typical bad boy. leather jackets, motorcycles, an...
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Nishinoya Yuu x Reader Oneshots by akaashoe
Nishinoya Yuu x Reader Oneshotsby ❀ ouma kokichi no mono ❀
just a bunch of oneshots about you and the noya baby. mostly fluffs, tho. please pardon the grammatical errors. my english isn't that good and i tend to use the same wor...
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Let Me In | TinxCan [ discontinued ] by yayforpie
Let Me In | TinxCan [ discontinued...by MarshmallowNinja
" Why are you like this", Can whispered softly, still pressed against the wall by two firm hands on his waist. " If you knew, you would hate me more than...
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Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlockby May
Sherlock Holmes a seventeen years old teenager got expelled from school. The reason of that was because he burnt his dorm room. He went to a new school together with his...
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Supernatural Imagines by sunflowersandbucks
Supernatural Imaginesby Chris
These are short Supernatural imagines. They're not full stories, but small basic ones to get inspiration to continue my other stories. Requests open.
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GOT7 Scenarios by DEFAIOA
GOT7 Scenariosby Rose B
Just some fantasies dreamed of. We can say sometimes it'll head to maturity but... eh... A/N: I sincerely want to apologize to those who have requested scenarios previou...
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Whispers Beneath The Waves (Boy x Boy) [Shortlisted for The Wattys 2018!] by beakyboo
Whispers Beneath The Waves (Boy x...by Becky Jerams
"I tell the sea secrets. I spill out all the things locked deep inside me that I can't say to anyone else. And I know it listens to me. I can't explain how or why...
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Consider love - A Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Consider love - A Johnlockby May
Dr. John Watson thirty-four years old got shot in his shoulder during an army training after struggling with a depression. He decided to study Dutch for a new army train...
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EMANCIPATION ( Arthit & Kongpop ) by AkaiiRyu
EMANCIPATION ( Arthit & Kongpop )by AR
I want to stick true to Arthit's character in Sotus. A shy, warm-hearted innocent guy who falls for a rebellious male junior Kongpop without realizing it himself. I want...
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Draco Malfoy Imagines by HP4LIFE1234
Draco Malfoy Imaginesby HP4LIFE1234
Draco Malfoy fluff imagines May involve swearing I can do requests Tumblr thanx
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Play Hard To Get | JJK by shonendan
Play Hard To Get | JJKby bebe.
She's the last one to be his target. Will he successfully played her heart just like he did to any other girls, or he'll just die trying? But, eventually the feelings w...
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Rebirth Of A Movie Star by Whi5p3r3r
Rebirth Of A Movie Starby Blank
√Completed *** I am neither the author nor the translator*** I loved the story so I just wanted to share with you guys for OFFLINE reading purpose. This is not my work...
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Snazzy Peter Parker ONESHOTS by wfegrehtrjytkuyil
Snazzy Peter Parker ONESHOTSby Drink My Bleach
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Akatsuki X Reader 7 Minutes in hell by Pidge_Gremlin
Akatsuki X Reader 7 Minutes in hellby Mj
You the reader spend each chapter going through 7 minutes in the closet with an Akatsuki member. Each chapter is a different member. Even if the game is called seven min...
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