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My Husband. || YOONMIN || by Minimini_Taekook
My Husband. || YOONMIN ||by Minimini_Taekook
Yoongi: I don't want this marriage.... how can you take my life's decision without my permission.... Jimin: please take me from here...... ...
Forced to marry him |~| Yoonmin ff by -_taetanic_-
Forced to marry him |~| Yoonmin ffby -_taetanic_-
He had 3 amazing friends, small but cozy apartment, amazing job and cute little cat named Yuri. Park Jimin's life was perfect until his parents did something that change...
Jungkook is an idol and he's secretly married for years. He's married to his once bandmate, Jimin. And they have four children now, while fifth one is still in Jimin's b...
UNEXPECTED GROOM | yoonmin | ft. yoonseok by FIDAPK2
UNEXPECTED GROOM | yoonmin | ft. Bangtan Forever
"I know you hate me as I am not Hoseok hyung." "I don't hate you. I just hate the fact you are not Hoseok." ----------------------- Yoongi was CEO wh...
The 'chick' From The Village||JIKOOK✓ by KookiesnMinnies99
The 'chick' From The Village|| KookiesnMinnies99
"was that your dad on the call?" "Yeah." "What did he asked?" " He just wanted to know when I was coming back from your god damned v...
My boss is a demon~jikook by love_jikook67
My boss is a demon~jikookby love_jikook67
Jimin was a guy who only wanted a normal life and he has it he has a best friend since childhood and the perfect boyriend everything was great for him he een had a good...
REBORN : to change my fate  by rieka2877777
REBORN : to change my fate by mepal leaf
hello readers it my first story I hope you like
🌠 Love Can't Be One Sided: Jikook Abo Series  🌠   by JeonMiJikook
🌠 Love Can't Be One Sided: Mi
Jimin and Jungkook had the perfect relationship as mates. But when Jimin was about to tell Jungkook about his pregnancy, he found Jungkook with another girl..
His Manager by alphajkk
His Managerby ꢭ
JEON JUNGKOOK a kpop idol sensation to all was despised of love. But, what if his new manager makes his hate towards love change? PARK JIMIN a manager of the most known...
Celebrity || Yoonmin by __QueenJC__
Celebrity || Yoonminby Jackie
Agust D was an idol who desperately needed a distraction from fame. What if a simple cafe worker becomes that? - What started as something that was meant to be a pass ti...
The King's toy (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The King's toy (Yoonmin) * RosetheK
The King's heart belonged to one man, Hoseok. But after a "accident", his heart found another. *Strong language *Violence *boyxboy *mention of self harm This i...
Toxic | Vmin  by Elliya_vm
Toxic | Vmin by Elliya_vm
Jimin is one of those people who hide their feelings inside till suffering and that's what happened when he loved his best friend " Do you like being kissed like a...
My Secret Fan✅ by StillWithYouJikook
My Secret Fan✅by மினி
The Story starts where Jimin fell in love with The idol Jungkook. He knew he can't be with Jungkook as millions of fans are in the queue to love Jungkook. What happens...
⚠️ 𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗚 ⚠️ A love story of two forbidden person. Jungkook falls for Jimin. But, Jimin is his foster nephew. OR Where Jeon Jungkook loves Park Jimin but their...
His Jimin || Jikook🌹 by Manahili
His Jimin || Jikook🌹by Manahili
[Completed] A beautiful doll like face boy with proclaine white milky smooth unmarked skin , cute botton nose , soft rosy chubby cheeks but with sharp jawline , plum thi...
Ceo's Son (Jikook) by ManoKitty4831
Ceo's Son (Jikook)by Mano Kitty
What happens when Mr Jeon's son jeon Jungkook take overs his position? And park Jimin is his secretary Will Jimin survive his job with his new boss? English is not my fi...
The Benefits- Jikook by Chulimochi
The Benefits- Jikookby Munchimochi
Jungkook and Jimin are best friends with benefits. Other than their intense physical relationship, the word 'Benefits' in this story is also about career. Love and ben...
Jikook⁴ | My Scary Roommate ✓ by Amii_OT7
Jikook⁴ | My Scary Roommate ✓by Bangtanforlifeu
🐥🐰 : Pure Fiction 🖤 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Story Description : "Don't look at me like that" Jungkook whispers panicked, pulli...