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Neo Dorm - Nct 2020 by taehee_huening
Neo Dorm - Nct 2020by ⧖ Taehee ✘෴✘
Welcome to the Nct dorm, their Chats and of course: Their chaos. Nothing is ever easy but for these 23 men it seems not only a lot harder but also a lot more chaotic and...
Dangerous | Jung Jaehyun by vatann_
Dangerous | Jung Jaehyunby vatann_
When the wrong girl got kidnapped. || NCT MAFIA AU ||
Super by SugaWithThatTae
Superby well!
"A superhero team? Does that mean we're like, the Korean Avengers or something?" "For the last time, Mark, no, we're not. Lucas and Ten aren't even Korean...
SuperM Beginning and Bonding by taeyongcherri
SuperM Beginning and Bondingby taeyongcherri
The journey of SuperM's beginning was documented in hopes of them making history - but what happened between the boys when the camera's turned off? Will they bond like a...
never not ✧ mark lee by beigecozyboy
never not ✧ mark leeby beigecozyboy
who knew meeting an idol at a fansign could completely change your life? ↬ nct idol au ↬ social media/text au ↬ romance with a hint of drama ⁣ "anything for you...
AMBW K-pop Imagines(Mature) by JiminBeJammin
AMBW K-pop Imagines(Mature)by JiminBeJammin
MATURE K-pop imagines, scenarios, one shots, etc. Disclaimer: This is FICTION, straight from the imagination. It's not meant to be compared to real life. There will not...
Can't Stand the Rain (SuperM x Reader) by Insane4Writing
Can't Stand the Rain (SuperM x Quinn
"Look me straight in the eyes and tell me the truth." "No one can look at you and be straight." -------- Who would have thought that my sister dragg...
caeruleus sea \ jaeyong by biyaaaeiou
caeruleus sea \ jaeyongby ʙɪʏᴀ
ㅡ the myth has it. deep deep down the dark sea, there settled a precious gem, only visible when the moon is at its peak. sounds easy to get but folks also tells the stor...
With You by bbsteers
With Youby brianna
in which SuperM had an eighth male member
Enigmatic ➥ Haechan  by markscult
Enigmatic ➥ Haechan by ᴍᴀʀᴋꜱᴄᴜʟᴛ
➥ Mafia/Gang au ➥ "I could shoot you dead right here- don't try it."
Changes | Mark Lee by hyucksmagic
Changes | Mark Leeby hyucksmagic
"So, Mark, do you really not recognize me or are you just ignoring your childhood best friend?" When her best friend moved to Korea to become an idol, their c...
famous - nct, markhyuck by laurelynnnn
famous - nct, markhyuckby ✩ l a u r e l y n ✩
if there was something donghyuck couldn't stand more than anything else, it had to be being the centre of attention. he was perfectly fine stanning his favourite kpop bo...
𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐑 ➳ 𝐋𝐄𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊 by jisungiespace
cingulomania ~ markhyuck by CHITTLOVEBOT
cingulomania ~ markhyuckby 🪵🐻☁️🧦🍂
cingulomania: a strong desire to hold a person in one's arms a markhyuck book where the pining is unknowingly mutual.
Trust | Lee Mark by Silent-Leaf
Trust | Lee Markby Silent-Leaf
Min Eunhye, famous for her nickname 'ice princess' among the SM trainees. She has the habit of staying late to practice in the only training room that is available durin...
quarantine; ldh by gunw69k
quarantine; ldhby hiatus
(이동혁) quarantine was the worst thing everyone could ever go through but having access to the internet made things a tad bit more tolerable. *cringe warning...* Social Me...
Secretary by glimpseof_bluuuueee
Secretaryby —eclipse🌙
"What do you want for lun- " "You," Taeyong directly said, still looking at the screen. Book Cover (Background): Pinterest Published: 3y ago
kpop quotes  by LovelyVampire112
kpop quotes by 🍒🪐
random crack kpop incorrect quotes because why not? (1st in 'Kpop Quotes' - 07/04/20) (1st in 'Kpop Quotes' (again) 08/05/20) lmao wattpad won't let me do more than 200...
𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚢 || Mark ff by haeicon
𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚢 || Mark ffby semi rest
"No, please, stay with me" "Loving you is one of the best thing that happened to me" ⁂︎Gᴀɴɢ ᴀᴜ !! cringe plot ahead !!
City of Sins | kpop mafia au by seoulangel
City of Sins | kpop mafia auby Seoul Angel ✨
"This is the world you entered into and it's too late to go back now. So I'll ask you one last time to do your job and pull the trigger" * * * After the events...