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Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x Reader) ✔ by ICFrost
Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x ICFrost
(Y/N) is an ex-ice skater who quit because of an incident. Baekhyun is a member of S.M. Entertainment's EXO. Legend has it that one day these two will meet. But the stor...
Mates (Completed) by MirrorGirl97
Mates (Completed)by MirrorGirl97
I was running. Running away from the pack that have been abusing me for years. Running away from the past. Just running away. But the only thing I couldn't run away from...
Claimed [Kai Exo] by crave_my_thoughts
Claimed [Kai Exo]by ❁
Moving to a foreign country is frightening, let alone attending one of their most successful schools. But what's even scarier, is when you've been claimed.
EXO Oneshots  by SweetLiesLove
EXO Oneshots by HoneyHun🐣
Will contain: Angst Smut Fluff Horror/Mystery
RESIDIVIS [PCY]✔ by SeptyWardani
RESIDIVIS [PCY]✔by Septy Wardani
🔞TRUE STORY [Follow dulu sebelum membaca] Pesan untuk Pelajar Indonesia. Sebaris kisah Realitas seorang Ketua Basis 296 (Barisan Siswa), tawuran, musuh warisan, cinta...
Lies and Deception (LloydxReader) by NinjaKatieST
Lies and Deception (LloydxReader)by NinjaKatie
(Y/n) is the most wanted criminal where she lives. She never gets caught. The police are always after her, so she never stays in one place. When (Y/n) goes to rob a ban...
Зүсэм Пицца by butterflyeffect07
Зүсэм Пиццаby Butterfly Effect
Ким Жунинаас тамхи, гаа бас Америк үнэртдэг. Шинэ ширээний хамтрагчаа бодох үед, яг л америк кинон дээр гардаг шиг хоолны газарт, найзуудтайгаа инээлдсээр, өлсгөлөнгөө...
TWO FACED by mysehuniverse
TWO FACEDby .bea.
Paige Dee was forced to move into a different house wherein she met twelve mysterious boys who were siblings. She wasn't welcomed warmly and to top it all off she was fo...
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In A Relationship With Suho of Exo by thanks4dbrokenheart
In A Relationship With Suho of Exoby Close.
You called me a slut. Now why are you taking me back? © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart
OBSESSION ~ Byun Baekhyun by xxsmallbyungxx
OBSESSION ~ Byun Baekhyunby Small Byung
"I think he has some kind of obsession towards you" "Towards me??" Hey guyss so as you might already know this story is on youtube. And it's ahead by...
Clash Academy (EXO Fan Fiction) by heymacaREENA
Clash Academy (EXO Fan Fiction)by REENA
For 50 years, Two Moon Academy was an all boys school. However, the new owner decided to turn it to a coed school. Han Min Na was one of the girls who's interested to en...
con bravura acceso - twoset one shots by twosetandbubbletea
con bravura acceso - twoset one nel cor più non mi sento
You don't kiss your best friend on the neck and have them weak by the time it's over. It's funny like that, isn't it? You do all these things and I allow you to do so. I...
Arknights One Shots by pokemonshadowhunter
Arknights One Shotsby Anna Shadowhunter
Stories of our favorite operators and ships in their daily lives. Feel free to make suggestions on who you want to see in this book. I don't own Arknights, nor do I own...
exo preferences by kjchen
exo preferencesby abbie || chill
"The ground hardens after the rain" Kim Jongdae, Chen A book filled with preferences for these twelve muffins by myself, kjchen! ➳ Includes fluff, lemo...
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||INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYS||21+ (BTS) by Creamykookiee
||INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYS||21+ (BTS)by Creamykookiee
Stuck in a love Square One your boyfriend One your best friend Last one is a jerk Which one will you choose? Highest ranks #29 Chen #71 btssmut #83 baekhyun #227 EXO...
CONFIDENTIAL (Jungkook × Reader) by SpillledTea
CONFIDENTIAL (Jungkook × Reader)by Titiksha
Leading a double life can be strenuous and stressful, specially if you are a teenager. School work, friends, family... Managing everything is not always easy. Y/n... a...
EXO's Baby Sister | Book 1  by rainyy_25
EXO's Baby Sister | Book 1 by ロレーヌ
[ ✔ Completed 12/29/16 ] "We are always one" -EXO Where EXO, a popular boy group, lives their new life with their adopted baby sister, (Y/n) Kim (Y/n), a gir...
EXO 10th Member by squeakie3019
EXO 10th Memberby squeakie3019
it all started when my mom met my dad and they had me. then i became the only female member in one of the most popular k-pop boy groups of all time. hi i'm Gaea, and my...
SUN | EXOs 10th Member by littlekpopfairy07
SUN | EXOs 10th Memberby littlekpopfairy07
SUN, the person who started the new Trend of females in a male-dominated group. Meet the Queen of KPOP, SMs most precious TREASURE and EXOs only female member LABEL: SM...
Chanrose Instagram (Completed) by bbygirllexie
Chanrose Instagram (Completed)by Lexie
Exo Chanyeol and Blackpink Rosé And maybe the rest of them🤧