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『Anh vẫn luôn yêu em』 •Tác giả: Mộng Tiêu Nhị •Nguồn convert: Tangthuvien (luoihoc), wikidich, raw. •Số chương: 92c chính văn + 23c phiên ngoại. •Bìa: by Mmoc. •Edit:...
[Hiện Đại] Nữ Hoàng Làm Dáng [FULL] by Jeongie
[Hiện Đại] Nữ Hoàng Làm Dáng [FULL]by Jeongie
Tác giả: Ma An. Tên gốc: Toàn giới giải trí đều cho rằng ta là đà tinh. Edit: Jeongie Bìa: Qin Zồ (Qin Zồ đi cùng bạn =))) Nguồn CV: Nhà Tâm toàn Convert. Thể loại: Hiện...
Demon Boss in the Human World by Redstar-1990
Demon Boss in the Human Worldby Redstar-1990
Disclaimer: This Novel is for Offline Purposse only. All Credits still goes to the Translator/s and Authors of this Novel Status Complete Author(s) 即墨遥 Description: Th...
I Help the Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters   by bambi_247
I Help the Richest Man Spend bambi_247
FOR OFF LINE PURPOSES ONLY CREDIT TO THE AUTHOR AND TRANSLATOR(S)!!! Ye Zhi not only inherited the shabby house, but also the marriage agreement with a man. The man who...
I Helped The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters  by allisace123
I Helped The Richest Man Spend Allic
This story is not mine. Its machine translated so there might be grammer. So please don't say you are not warned and don't tell me about those mistake as it is mtl. I ho...
Kei is a teenage boy who has a good face but bad attitude. When his grandmother died, a man claims to be his father and 'forcibly' take him in. He then find out that he...
[EDIT-HĐ] Chồng Của Tôi Rất Nhiều Tiền - Thời Tinh Thảo by _14thfebruary
[EDIT-HĐ] Chồng Của Tôi Rất Nhiề itzme.mhggneh_
Hán Việt: Ngã lão công ngận hữu tiền Tác giả: Thời Tinh Thảo Tình trạng: Hoàn thành Số chương: 128 Tình trạng edit: Từ từ hoii nè Nguồn: Wiki Dịch Ngày mở hố: 10/12/2019...
Get Demoted Into Cannon Fodder by B1ackDiA
Get Demoted Into Cannon Fodderby DiA
In other novels, the plot got messed up because of other people while Shi Shen, the male protagonist messed his own plot before others even had the chance to do it. Tran...
I Just Want To Be In A Relationship by sheda21
I Just Want To Be In A Relationshipby sheda21
FOR OFFLINE READING ONLY THIS IS NOT MINE ********************************* Alternative names:我就想谈个恋爱 Author:连朔, Lian Shuo Source:jjwxc Status:Completed In the last life...
(Quyển 10) [Edit] Xuyên nhanh: Nam thần, bùng cháy lên! - Mặc Linh by Halantamnhien
(Quyển 10) [Edit] Xuyên nhanh: Hạ Lan Tâm Nhiên
Tên gốc: 快穿:男神,有点燃! Tên hán việt: Khoái xuyên: Nam thần, hữu điểm nhiên! Tên truyện: Xuyên nhanh: Nam thần, bùng cháy lên! Tác giả: Mặc Linh Thể loại: Ngôn tình, cổ đại...
After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn by PuppyLover785
After Transmigrating Into the Bella the dog
For Offline Purposes Only Credits to the Author and Translator(s) Description: A rebellious girl transmigrated to the world of cultivation. Then she was reborn again in...
Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual by SyimTapa
Scum Male's Whitewashing Manualby Misa
Notes: This is not mine. It is for offline reading. I'll repeat again, this is NOT MINE and it is for OFFLINE READING ONLY. Read on for daily updates. Aut...
I'm 8 Million Poor  [COMPLETED] by rierie3000
I'm 8 Million Poor [COMPLETED]by rierieforever
I'M NOT THE AUTHOR , IM JUST TRANSLATOR FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE In the cliché romance novel, "I've been in love with you for a million years", Jiang Baiyun, a se...
Minh Nhật Tinh Trình by Tiembanhnho
Minh Nhật Tinh Trìnhby 小仙贝
Tên gốc: 明日星程 Tác giả: Kim Cương Quyển (金刚圈) Biên tập + Beta: 小仙贝 Thể loại: [Thành thục, có mị lực, thận trọng, nội liễm, bao dung, từng trải ảnh đế công] x [Chân thành...
『Good Morning, Miss Ghost』 by neko_chan_desu
『Good Morning, Miss Ghost』by Neko - Chan
[Note: This is not my story nor translation. I only edited some parts. For reading offline purpose only.] 「Good Morning, Miss Ghost」 Author: Ban Li Zi 〔Chestnut〕 The han...
reborn to dominate the Entertainment industry bl by koukou1234567
reborn to dominate the koukou1234567
Cao Dingkun fought for half his life and won success at the expense of his youth. Unfortunately, he lost his love life when his lover cheated on him with his friend who...
I Help the Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters by suzy_reighn21
I Help the Richest Man Spend suzy_reighn21
This Story is Not Mine For Offline Reading Purpose Only Author(s) Bìxià Bù Shàng Cháo 陛下不上朝 Summary Ye Zhi not only inherited the run-down house, but also the engagement...
Love From The Koi Goddess by V_Nisha25
Love From The Koi Goddessby
Across the entire Heavens, there only exists the first morphing Koi who dominates the flow of Luck and Fate. Jinli, the one and only Koi Goddess. Owing to her drunkennes...
T.C.V.C.F. B1 [Completed] by SaJires
T.C.V.C.F. B1 [Completed]by ThisIsTinySeeker
This is not my story nor edited and translated it. This story is published here for offline reading purposes. Title: The CEO's Villainess Childhood Friend Author(s): Z...