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The Prime Minister's Beloved Wife by 7174PK
The Prime Minister's Beloved Wifeby 7174PK
Transmigrated into an ancient novel, the modern fashion designer Bai Yu Yan suddenly became the wife of the Prime Minister. However, regardless of her position, her endi...
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The Villain's Sister Suffers Today by imjustanotherdog
The Villain's Sister Suffers Todayby imjustanotherdog
I was killed in a car accident while trying to avoid a stalker. Is this a reward for dying a miserable death? I was reborn as a character in a novel that had, not a gold...
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To Love, Once Again by tofu_moon
To Love, Once Againby tofu
What happens after the end of an isekai novel, when the heroine's finished the job she'd been summoned for? Sera, was just an timid, ordinary uni student. After losing h...
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逼婚首席:影后前妻很抢手 by AllYeisReal
逼婚首席:影后前妻很抢手by AllYeisReal
[Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular] Three years ago, President Qiao did not hesitate to sign the papers when Xia Ning placed the divor...
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Heroine Saves A Gentleman by glamourlips
Heroine Saves A Gentlemanby Dee
Associated Name: 保护我方男主 Zhou Xiaoxiao, an ordinary fine arts student, transmigrates over to a strange ancient world. She becomes an insignificant character who is highly...
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Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain by SerenaLove016
Marrying the Soft-hearted Villainby Serena Tan
Ruan Qiuqiu had transmigrated into a cannon fodder that had the same name as her in the novel, Sweet Pampering in Ancient Times: Demon King Husband, Please Spare Me Righ...
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Hello, Wife! by Jaimelyn_1995
Hello, Wife!by Jaimelyn♥
He was confused, so he asked, "I have a car, a house, good-looks and money. What am I lacking in?" She replied, "All those attributes are what men use to...
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The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass by MissDeeper
The Villainess Reverses the CYRENE
This is not my own story! Offline reading purposes only! I will do my best to complete all the chapters! THE VILLAINESS REVERSES THE HOURGLASS To beat a villainess, you...
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My Wife Spoils Me Too Much by PuppyLover785
My Wife Spoils Me Too Muchby Bella the dog
For Offline Purpose Only Credits to the Author and Translator(s) Ji Yan discovered his wife, who hated him so much that she wished he was dead, had lost her memory after...
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Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead Boss by eightnot
Transmigration: Raising the ♾
Yu Yaoyao was a snake spirit who died by lightning and as a result, transmigrated to a novel she had read in her past life. This third-rate actress had the same name as...
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The President's Heartbeat: Mermaid Wife Is Adorable by _LunaCeleste_
The President's Heartbeat: Celeste
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This Time, I'll Stay by AhYin20
This Time, I'll Stayby Ah Yin
When Alexia Song woke up, she found herself reincarnated into the past. She was happy as this meant that she got to undo her past mistakes. She promised herself that s...
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I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History by mintypeach15
I'll Become a Villainess That Peachy
This story IS NOT MINE and only for offline purposes! All credits belong to the authors, artists, and translator! Associated Names: I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go...
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Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau by MysticFlower_895
Rebirth on the Doors to the 𝘢𝘺𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘪༄
"Then why don't I marry you!" Yu Dong suddenly proposed. "You..." Xia Feng thought he had misheard. "You see, you're looking for someone to marr...
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The Resplendent Farming Apothecary  by DreamerZ_FantaZZia
The Resplendent Farming Apothecary by Taurus_20_❤️
The genius pharmacist transmigrated into a pitiful farm girl's body. Ignored by her own father, abused by her stepmother, and bullied by her stepbrothers. Her "twin...
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My Lord is a Stone ||READING  INDULGENCE 04|| by echoserangtigalista
My Lord is a Stone ||READING TSUNDERElla
I don't own anything, the novel, characters and the translation. All I have is my body, my curiosity, perseverance, hard work to post it here, my data connection and my...
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Your Humble Servant is Guilty!_Complete by mumaborsh
Your Humble Servant is Guilty! mumaborsh
**This is NOT my story. For Offline reading purposes only** Synopsis: According to unofficial statistics, the 3 sentences we often hear are: 1. If you can't heal her, I...
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The Villain's Contract Lover  穿成反派的小可爱[穿书] by KtyKm6
The Villain's Contract Lover 穿成反派 Kèty Km
Author(s) 萌堂 Machine translated novel. NOT MINE AT ALL Little fox demon WanWan died during transcending and ended up transmigrating into a CEO novel. She became Xu Wan...
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Let's Live a Happy Life! by rosalinerosepetals
Let's Live a Happy Life!by RosePetals
Yoona was reading her favorite novel for the millionth time while lying in her bed. As she looked out her window, she noticed a shooting star. Little did she know the ha...
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