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she. | k.js + k.jn by flaneurism
she. | k.js + k.jnby cath
texting au kim jisoo, an art student, transfers to the kim jennie's room. completely contrasting to jisoo's sly, and troublesome personality, jennie discovers their dif...
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Forget Me Not | Jensoo by rainbowplaylist
Forget Me Not | Jensooby kjs + kjn
Can love begin again where it painfully left off? This is a gxg story. ©breathe4her
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I love you, roseanne park chaeyoung. by myonlyrosie
I love you, roseanne park myonlyrosie
Lisa, an infamous rapper and dancer, yet phenomenally loved all around the globe has never loved anyone more than she loved Rosé (Park Chae Young) worldwide sweetheart a...
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Sweetest Felony // Jensoo by _blinkdeukie_
Sweetest Felony // Jensooby _blinkdeukie_
Five years ago, Jisoo gave Jennie her heart. But Jennie left, she left without a reason. Well she actually did give a reason but Jisoo refused to know. Five years lat...
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Back For Good // JENSOO by jensooverts
Back For Good // JENSOOby jensooverts
"Jennie! Wait! W-where are you going?!" "Jisoo, please..." "Why are you doing this?..." "I'm sorry Jisoo, but please... please let me...
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Cat Call by unknownconverter
Cat Callby Kim Deukie
It took Jisoo roughly two minutes to spill her guts out after her eyes laid sight on the most perfect ass she had ever seen. 📍Jitop 📍Futa 📍GxG Converted story_Jensoo ...
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Falling for You | Jensoo (Badass AU) by Adeptarmy11
Falling for You | Jensoo (Badass L. Seng
The classic story in which the good girl falls for the Bad ass. Jensoo with Bits of Chaelisa. [TopJennie]
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deliver your love ㅡ jenlisa by camrenhearteu
deliver your love ㅡ jenlisaby briana
lisa was about to go home one night after her shift at the restaurant. she got one unexpected delivery and it happened to be an order for the kims. the kims were the thr...
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Reason | Jensoo by jjconverts
Reason | Jensooby double j
The inspiration for this story came from browsing around Majors at my liberal arts college. ©️ limnological
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Hate to Protect, Protect for Love by jjconverts
Hate to Protect, Protect for Loveby double j
"I'm always going to need you, Jisoo. No matter when or where, I will always need you by my side."
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Babysitting the Maknae by Lisayaya
Babysitting the Maknaeby Lisayaya
When Lisa turns into a kid, will the rest of Blackpink be able to handle her? And will they be able to turn her back to normal before time runs out?
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JENSOO short-fics / One-shot Collections by chichuyaahh
JENSOO short-fics / One-shot Chiindeukie
Some cool collection of Jensoo converted one-shots. ******* Converted shots. Credits to the owners/authors for these wonderful stories. © cdbmblackjack © Rilakkuma09 © m...
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No Strings Attached || JenSoo by jensoofic
No Strings Attached || JenSooby jensoofic
jensoo convert original story by ©vodkaice
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locker room ♡ jensoo by q0ldenr0sie
locker room ♡ jensooby uwu
❝You are mine the moment you entered that door.❞ ⚠️warning: mature content ©q0ldenr0sie, 2019
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The Hoe Show (Blackpink Crack Chat) by ArtificialManoban
The Hoe Show (Blackpink Crack Chat)by liv
A bunch of gays stuck in a group chat
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AGENT M.   [JenLisa] Completed by GoJoieDeVivre
AGENT M. [JenLisa] Completedby Pran.
Check it out.
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This Is Not LOVE ~ JenSoo by imyourblackandwhite
This Is Not LOVE ~ JenSooby jensookim?
Kim bilebilirdi ki asla tanışmaması gereken Kim JiSoo ve Jennie Kim'in o akşam aynı banka oturup, birbirine aşık olacaklarını..
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love potion. jensoo by jensooism
love potion. jensooby 𝚐𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚝
jisoo was desperate for jennie's love and attention, fortunately, she came across a shop that sells potions. // © jensooism, 2019 -s e c o n d
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<We all commit to love> (BLACKPINK) by sanathecute_chipmunk
(BLACKPINK)by 💜Sana💜
Jisoo Jennie Lisa and Rosé are all trapped in toxic relationships. They try their best to escape together, but nothing prepared them from the battle they were going to s...
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Kim Jisoo, líder de un equipo criminal. Kim Jennie, una simple estudiante universitaria. ¿Cómo sus caminos llegaron a cruzarse?