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Her Euphoria -Lizkook COMPLETED by PenTwoPaper
Her Euphoria -Lizkook COMPLETEDby PenTwoPaper
Two idols. Two maknaes and one blinding passionate love. Buckle up your seat belt and join Lisa & Jungkook as they experience all things that come with being in love ❤️ ...
My Homophobic CEO by Dos1st
My Homophobic CEOby じゅうぞう
Lisa worked as the new Director of Photography in Chanel where Kim's family established. However, Jennie Kim the CEO is homophobic. Highest Ranking #1 Lisa out of 22.6K ...
Start of Starting Over (Jenlisa Sequel) by jenlizuh
Start of Starting Over (Jenlisa C
4 years have passed since BLACKPINK decided to part ways. 4 years have passed since Lisa and Jennie have last seen each other. 4 years have passed since Jennie left So...
Lisa is a simple girl who works at famous café that only well- known people can enter. She works really hard because of her sick mother but the money she earn is not eno...
how can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love by ohjenniekim_
how can I love the heartbreak, ohjenniekim_
Jennie and Rosé were once the fashion world's power couple. now years after their break-up, they found out they've been married to each other this whole time. [chaennie...
Sweet Little Lies - JenLisa by nefariously_
Sweet Little Lies - JenLisaby ً
[CMPLTD] My name is Jennie Kim. I'm a housewife. Period. My husband has always kept me on a tight leash. I'm not even supposed to leave the house. My husband leaves ever...
Scary Innocence  by LiLiTop_NiNiCutie
Scary Innocence by Caela
Argh! This whole thing is killing me! "Lili, Come on let's play!" "Rubyjane, I haven't finish my thesis y'know. It's not like I'm a genius like you."...
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED) by jenlisasbiatch
Conundrum | JENLISA (COMPLETED)by jenlisasbiatch
"You like her." "What?" I heard her say. Her voice was barely a whisper. So small and fragile like it wasn't hers. Not from the Jennie I know. I loo...
the dewey decimal system is not that hard // chaelisa + hint of jensoo by myfatratt
the dewey decimal system is not myfatratt
Lisa was just doing her job, trying to write a book at the same time. Chaeyoung was just trying to get through school and become a doctor. They had probably crossed path...
The Heiress and the Princess of KPop (Jenlisa )  by photonBlink
The Heiress and the Princess of Photon
When Heiress Lisa Manoban accidentally watched MV of the KPOP princess she never heard or seen before. Lisa was starstruck seeing how beautiful the KPOP PRINCESS is. Bec...
Feelings - jenlisa one shots by crishtiee
Feelings - jenlisa one shotsby enjoy life
it's the short stories about jenlisa in random view so enjoy. also in some part lisa has dick so don't hate.
My bullies, my wives✓ by KpopIdolFF2417
My bullies, my wives✓by K.
[Lisa × Twice] "I want you to agree on my proposal" he plead. "I can't Park, you know that they hate me!" I replied. "I know but you're the o...
Fake It Until You Make It by jennierjkim__
Fake It Until You Make Itby Nine
It's mid-3030 and Princess Lalisa Manoban, who has moved to New York City to heal a broken heart, is dating multiple-award-winning, teen-favorite actress Jennie Kim. The...
Jenlisa One Shots by pinktopsblack
Jenlisa One Shotsby qt
A compilation of Jenlisa's One Shot stories.
Of Ravens and Snakes by letterstome03
Of Ravens and Snakesby letterstome03
Lisa Manoban is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and after being a freelance auror, all she wants in a little peace and quiet. Between the potions master, J...
My Baby Mama (Jenlisa Adaptation) G!P by Khaiylee97
My Baby Mama (Jenlisa Adaptation) Khaiylee97
She, Jennie Ruby Jane Kim, is a demoness who runs her office with an iron fist. She, Lalisa Manoban, is her miracle cure, no, personal assistant, who got the job because...