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Before Us || Hiinako/Nakhii by FELIZ_ANIVER-SEE_SAW
Before Us || Hiinako/Nakhiiby gay
wherein Nako falls in love with Hitomi, suddenly Hitomi starts dating Chaewon making their friendship start falling apart but it could make it rebuild diffrently. TOL TH...
Izone - We are here for each other by Sun-Jen
Izone - We are here for each otherby Sun
Minju x Chaewon / Chaeyeon x Sakura / Nako x Hitomi / Eunbi x Hyewon / Wonyoung x Yujin / Yena x Yuri Where we found our 12 friends in a road trip. What happens if some...
[✓] rebel ➳ annyeongz by starchildmyoui
[✓] rebel ➳ annyeongzby ㅤ
[ epistolary | narrative ] ❝ in which yujin started to have feelings for her step-sister, wonyoung. ❞ © starchildmyoui 2k19 PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!
Our Parallel Universe - IZ*One 13th member AU by EggWon
Our Parallel Universe - IZ*One 13t...by EggWon
Join Y/N or might as well say 'your' adventures as the 13th member of IZ*ONE in a Parallel Universe Also pls feel free to leave comments!
Twice High School Host Club 2 (Twice & Iz*one x reader)  by Shirei01
Twice High School Host Club 2 (Twi...by ㄴ۵❥し ❥۵ㄱ
After Song (Y/n) [Your name] and (Y/n)'s half sister Bae Joohyun [Irene] leave Seoul, Korea to live in Tokyo, Japan with (Y/n)'s biological father Song Jong Ki, (Y/n) li...
My Idol Girlfriend by limseylim
My Idol Girlfriendby limseylim
After IZ*ONE disbanded, Clarkson Lim an ultimate fanboy of the girl group had an unexpected encounter with his bias Jang Wonyoung. What happens when a fanboy meets his...
MIROTIC (Yena × Reader × Sakura) by Shirei01
MIROTIC (Yena × Reader × Sakura)by ㄴ۵❥し ❥۵ㄱ
You are a rich student and everyone envies you. As part of a rich family some gangs want to kidnap you but luckily your body guards are strong enough to protect you. On...
Pretend girlfriend [Wonyoung X Hyunjin] by JWYJW_ICYTOKKI
Pretend girlfriend [Wonyoung X Hyu...by Won_You
In which two strangers meet at the wrong time, breaking each other's heart. Hyunjin needs a fake girlfriend to show his ex that he can move on. Wonyoung needs a job to...
⌘ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴜs...⌫ by izjiyuu
⌘ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴜs...⌫by 𝐉𝐢𝐢
Iz* one 13th member AU Iz * one x fem reader A normal or not so normal girl, Min Minji (later changed into Hwang Minji after many many chapters because the author cringe...
Up in the Sky by TheCuteOne1234
Up in the Skyby TheCuteOne1234
Minjung is back from her break ready to continue her journey with Izone. All Izone pictures are from their Instagram. The girl in the blue dress is one of my friends. Bl...
Miss Me With That Gay Shit (ChaeKura) by GayPanicIsMyShit
Miss Me With That Gay Shit (ChaeKu...by gayyyyyy
What happens when the CEO collaborated with the gayest CEO that ever existed? What kind of gay shit will happen? "Why are you doing this to me, Miss Miyawaki?"
"Yujin, i love you. Would you give me a chance?" "Of course, Wonyoung, i will." I hope i will give light for you to us BE TOGETHER. I Love You. When...
make you mine | 2kim by kmjslay
make you mine | 2kimby -
"You know that I won't stop until I make you mine." I have so many plots so I don't know how to describe this book xD
Mine| Wonyoung x Hyunjin by PwarkJisung2002
Mine| Wonyoung x Hyunjinby hyunjinnieee
These two Kpop idols have had a crush on each other for a while now. Will they confess and risk their career or will they keep quiet and later regret it?? and if they do...
Stuck With You (Jinjoo) by SapphireChou
Stuck With You (Jinjoo)by 🐶
Minjoo joined a school contest with hopes of getting closer to her crush and confessing her feelings, but things don't always go the way she wants them to. To her surpri...
Game Changer by MomoTeuwaiseu
Game Changerby SincerityIzwan
Yujin decided to be a third-wheel on her brother's date in order to escape doing some household chores. Little did she know that she might be meeting her own game change...
Pres, I.... [Eunbi x Reader] [COMPLETED] by Khoacko
Pres, I.... [Eunbi x Reader] [COMP...by duck
When you are a transfer and being greeted by the Student Council President, Kwon Eunbi. What you didn't know that by meeting her, your one year of highschool before grad...
His missing piece  by yakelin2906
His missing piece by Yake2906
A lonely boy, who's missing piece finds him first and turns his lonely life around GENDERBEND ⚠️
Stepsisters [Yenyul/Yulyen] by kimchihoney_
Stepsisters [Yenyul/Yulyen]by yenyulsupremacy
Yena's father died in a car accident when Yena was 10 years old. Another 10 years later, her mom decided to married once again with her old friend. Yena don't agree with...