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Weird. Horrible. Ass. Town. Gravity Falls x Male reader/OC by zer0420
Weird. Horrible. Ass. Town. Gravit...by Zer0420
Adrain Pines is the oldest adopted son of the Pines family, who unfortunately had to leave for the summer along with his two young siblings, to stay with their Great Unc...
A Summer With You『Dipper x Reader + Oneshots!』 by KimmiePines
A Summer With You『Dipper x Reader...by kim
mabel and dipper go to gravity falls where they first met their grunkle's best employees, wendy, soos, and y/n. basically, y/n falls for the brown-haired boy, but dippe...
I'm Sorry // Irene x reader // Completed by dubdubuuu
I'm Sorry // Irene x reader // Com...by hmm
" What if we rewrite the stars and change our past?" In which y/n had a bad past with the famous idol, bae joohyun, telling herself that she should stay away. ...
Fairytail: A Fallen Angel by xoxGoose07xox
Fairytail: A Fallen Angelby Goose
Flora Evergreen is the definition of Innocence. She is a girl who joined Fairytail in the 7 year gap. Over that time she became important to the guild. But the Tendru te...
Of Angels And Demons by owlgriff_hippocamps
Of Angels And Demonsby OwlGriff_Hippocamps
Velvet City an intimidating concrete jungle. Two gangs the D'Angeli and the Daemonez both fighting for power, forever each others' enemy, but when the charming Daemonez'...
The Professor is my Wife by BLACKPINKS_MAID
The Professor is my Wifeby Jenchulichaeng<3
Lisa is in her final year as a college student. After she graduate she will take over her family business with her beloved wife. Not to mention her wife is also her Prof...
Endless adventure  by Archer__Phoenix
Endless adventure by Archer__Phoenix
Being reborn into a world where magic exists. Dragons. Wizards. Guilds. Talking cats. Other worlds. Time travel. So much that was thought to be impossible. All of that i...
7 Years with You (A Fairy Tail Wendy x Fem Reader Fanfic) by Piano_Goddess
7 Years with You (A Fairy Tail Wen...by Flower Girl
The S-Class exams are coming, and everyone is working hard to try to get selected to the exam. Y/n is one of these people who get selected and she chooses Wendy to be he...
Secret of The Journals |Bill Cipher| by itssophiax
Secret of The Journals |Bill Ciphe...by Sophia
Priya Pines is visiting Gravity Falls for the first time in the summer to see her Grunkle Stan and two amazing cousins; Dipper and Mabel. As the trio search for the auth...
We Got Married || Seulrene ✔ by choujoohee
We Got Married || Seulrene ✔by 🐰
It's just a show, what's the worst thing that could happen?
❝ SELCØUTH ❞ |ADOPTED! | by HungryVirus
❝ SELCØUTH ❞ |ADOPTED! |by 甘美 歯🍰
┌ ┐ Gravity Falls ✗ M! Reader └ ┘ It's th...
Fairytail Erza x Male Reader: Annihilation Dragon Roar by Geo-devourer
Fairytail Erza x Male Reader: Anni...by Hellfire dragon king
In Fiore, 400 years ago there was a young boy, all alone on the forest, and in that forest he met his family, family of dragons. They were skeptical at first but they ac...
The chosen one in Fairy Tail: Fairy Tail harem women x male reader  by JustinTurner855
The chosen one in Fairy Tail: Fair...by Kamen Rider Anime 555
You are Y/n L/n and you were chosen by a white hair girl named Mavies to become a hero and save Eathland from Zeref. now you have the power called dragon knight boots an...
The Lost Ice Brothers  by AphiosAllehan
The Lost Ice Brothers by Aphios Allehan
Do you wonder why sometimes two Anime characters look alike? Did you ever wonder if they could possibly siblings? Two people-- no, two brothers. They are separated, and...
"The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child...
Summer Crushes || Dipper X Reader by Crazy_For_Christmas
Summer Crushes || Dipper X Readerby Melody
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the episodes used within this wattpad book. Ah summer break, I was spending yet another summer at my favourite place gr...
Red Spider Lili (JENLISA) [GxG]  by jenmanoban2602
Red Spider Lili (JENLISA) [GxG] by JenLisa
Mengisahkan tentang Lalisa Manoban, gadis asal Thailand yang hobi menulis wattpad, dia menyalurkan rasa traumatic nya pada tulisan nya. Sementara Jennie Kim yang masih k...
Fairy Tail's Future! by pansexual_bunny
Fairy Tail's Future!by :)
A book where they watch themselves from the past and future. [Some are from the anime and manga while the others are my own work]
END GAME (JENLISA) by liyan_laaaan
•Lalisa Pranpriya Manoban A Cold hearted twenty five year old Chairwoman and CEO of a multi billionaire company known as LM. and the owner of prestigious universities in...
Marriage|| P.JM by clowninggang
Marriage|| P.JMby clowninggang
Kim Y/n, daughter of the Kim company, sister of Kim Taehyung and Kim and especially Park Jimin's wife. Yes, I'm a nerd. Everybody hate me including my own brother. How...