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Neverland (Peter Pan x y/n) by beano1368
Neverland (Peter Pan x y/n)by Lost Girl
Taken from your true home you end up in the Enchanted Forest, living with the Evil Queen. During the dark curse you found Henry, your step brother. Together you helped E...
Daughter of Hades Descendants AU The Pack Mate by turtleangel10
Daughter of Hades Descendants AU T...by turtleangel10
Four vampires all imprinted on a girl that clearly isn't human, they couldn't smell her blood, her skin was extra warm to touch and her hair turns into beautiful blue fi...
Lost 'Boy' by Choice by Firefly1216
Lost 'Boy' by Choiceby MidnightWitch1216
Crystal Emerson is the 19-year-old older sister of Michael and Sam. She arrives 1 week early and two days after her arrival she runs into the Lost Boys after finding a l...
Felix x Reader (From Once Upon a Time) by stitch0515
Felix x Reader (From Once Upon a T...by <3
Y/n is Captain Hook's daughter and has been living in Storybrooke for a while now. Currently, Emma and Regina are trying to break the trigger for the curse that is about...
OUAT Pan's Baby sister by IronMan2105
OUAT Pan's Baby sisterby IronMan2105
"Let me go" Jordan struggled "This isn't a good Idea," Hook said as he looked at the little four year old tied to a tree, "How else are we goi...
The Demon Mate by Kattfunn04
The Demon Mateby Lost boys mate 1987
A mother and her two sons move to a small coast town in California. The town is plagued by bikers and some mysterious deaths. The younger boy makes friends with two othe...
Yours, now and forever. by AJ_subjectA15
Yours, now and forever.by Ashlyn💙💚
Isabella (or Bella as everyone usually calls her) has a pretty awful living situation. Proper main character shit. So, one day, after she's had enough of being treated l...
White Rose - A Peter Pan Fanfiction by longlivepeterpan
White Rose - A Peter Pan Fanfictionby — lost girl
"Do you know what a white rose symbolizes?" Felix said, my eyes staring directly into Pan's. "No," I simply said, the clogs in my head pausing as...
Neverland's Little Princess (Peter Pan's Sister) ON HIATUS by Someonewhoisnthere
Neverland's Little Princess (Peter...by Blur
The group was surprised with a shocking sight: a girl. A little, blonde girl with striking green eyes, who couldn't of been more than 7. She did not seem lost, more so c...
black roses | The Lost Boys (1987) by 1987vampire
black roses | The Lost Boys (1987)by 𝖔𝖗𝖕𝖍𝖊𝖚𝖘
"How do you keep a flower shop open in Santa Carla of all places?" "Easist gift for the grieving. Flower shops thrive in places like this." "And...
Revenge on Neverland by wondrousnovels
Revenge on Neverlandby | Lauren |
| Highest Rank |#1 in Lost Girl | What if Captain Hook had a daughter? And what if she was kidnapped by Peter Pan? Thea has spent her whole eighteen years loathing Peter...
Take Us Back by Vamping_God
Take Us Backby ◥(ºwº)◤
Summer of 1969 changed for 23 year old, Ophelia. No knowledge of drinking vampire blood and not knowing what was happening to her. She was lost. That is when a group...
Lost Boys Little Boy (1987 Lost Boys Movie) by EnaNuri1666
Lost Boys Little Boy (1987 Lost Bo...by Ena Nuri1666
Elijah has been alive for thousands of years. What happens when he stumbles upon Santa Carla "The Murder Capitol" and catches the eyes of the undead biker gang...
Once We Were Lost (Lost Boys) by TheRoseOfTheVolturi
Once We Were Lost (Lost Boys)by Trafalgar Aurelia
Aurelia's green eyes scanned the boardwalk as she lifted her bag higher onto her shoulder. Her red hair glowed in the light from the Ferris Wheel and it caught the atten...
Laddie's Daughter & The Lost Boys by AshMMeadow
Laddie's Daughter & The Lost Boysby Luna_Meadow
May finds one of the lost boys in the year 2019 and decides to help him. She goes home to find out her father has been keeping a large secret from her. Will she learn th...
IF THE MOON SMILED, peter pan / ouat by saturnovas
IF THE MOON SMILED, peter pan / ou...by 𝓦.
monster you've made me. ONCE UPON A TIME season three peter pan x fem!oc extended summary inside
Haunted by Vampires (The Lost Boys) by LilLostLady
Haunted by Vampires (The Lost Boys)by LilLostLady
Many years have passed since the Lost Boys demise but are they completely gone? Lily Emerson is in for a summer unlike any other when the little girl is dropped off at h...
Innocence (OUAT/Peter Pan) by kay_writes_dragons
Innocence (OUAT/Peter Pan)by kay_writes_dragons
A girl doomed before her own birth to be violently wanted by every person in her entire world, and then imprisoned for her entire life starting at age 5, of course wants...
Imagines [Book Four] by thatpunkmaximoff
Imagines [Book Four]by ↠ Melissa
Various 'Imagines' from various fandoms. Fandoms include: Marvel, The Originals, Teen Wolf, Sons of Anarchy, Stranger Things and more. Thank you to @devilishdaddario fo...