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Majesty ⌈Lost Boys (1987)⌋ (✓) by caevkat
Majesty ⌈Lost Boys (1987)⌋ (✓)by Kat 💜
majesty (n) - impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty When Kirianna Emerson moves to Santa Carla with her family, she's given the chance to leave years of abuse in th...
Love Is Flower Like by NotDeadYet16
Love Is Flower Likeby TwilightUnite
Meadow Black is quiet, blunt, and protective of those closest to her. Nonsense isn't in her vocabulary. All her life, she was overlooked, but once life takes a turn, she...
When Cass gets told by her father that they're moving back to his hometown on the promise of a fresh start, she can see her life shatter in front of her. She has to say...
The Mate and the Imprint  by HarliLawson1996
The Mate and the Imprint by HarliLawson1996
Melissa Marie Whitlock was born in Texas to an Annabelle Whitlock, in November of 1863. She was born right as her uncle was changed into a vampire, and practically disap...
Between them by m_mariiie
Between themby m_mariiie
Nessy frog is the little sister of Alan and Edgar. she has brown hair, hazel eyes and is eighteen years old. She is a girl with an heart of gold and a beautiful personal...
Paul Lahote love story by Unknown40416
Paul Lahote love storyby Read...
This is the story of how Paul Lahote finds his beautiful imprint name Cordelia Sam's sister. A fiery hotheaded and soft girl that comes to live in La push with Sam.
Daughter of Hades Descendants AU The Pack Mate by turtleangel10
Daughter of Hades Descendants AU turtleangel10
Four vampires all imprinted on a girl that clearly isn't human, they couldn't smell her blood, her skin was extra warm to touch and her hair turns into beautiful blue fi...
nicknames, jacob black. by jaspertheeworld
nicknames, jacob jaspertheeworld
a story in which sam's little sister falls in love. both nicknames and promises (the sequel) are completed. 210330: 2nd in #breakingdawn 210331: 1st?! in #lifeanddeath 2...
The Little Emerson (A Lost Boys Fanfiction) by Davidsmate24
The Little Emerson (A Lost Boys I 💚Loki
What if Michael and Sam Emerson had a baby sister to look after, but Michael or Sam don't care for her and she ends with being with the Lost Boys? Will she be saved by...
Paul x reader x Marko by Queen_Warrior186
Paul x reader x Markoby Queen_Warrior186
Rose see a little boy getting attack by surfer nazis as Laddie called them when i meet the lost boys and see two boys one is a curly blonde and the other is twisted sist...
Double Imprint- Paul Lahote & Embry Call by kenzhemer
Double Imprint- Paul Lahote & kenz
Paul Lahote does not want to imprint. He has too much things to deal with without having another "problem." Embry Call cannot wait to imprint. He just hopes t...
Never too Late (( Marko the lost boys)) by _Lizzie_Black_
Never too Late (( Marko the lost _Lizzie_Black_
" Dear brother why are you always mad?" Young clover asked her older brother David... "Dear sister why do you like someone who doesn't like you back.&quo...
The Lost Boys Imagines and One Shots by SadeCerise
The Lost Boys Imagines and One Spillthesprite
The Lost Boys imagines and one shots. If you was a certain Imagine or one shot please drop me a message with who you want it to be about and what you want to happen. It...
lover • paul lahote by -starletsky-
lover • paul lahoteby -starletsky-
if werewolves exist, why can't love at first sight? for orphan Elsa Richie, she realises that being thrown into the supernatural world might not turn her life upside dow...
The Lost Boys Lost Love by MekareHuber4
The Lost Boys Lost Loveby Mekare Huber
⚠️ WARNING FANFICTION⚠️ This is a made up story and this is my first time writing . Hi I'm Mekare Emerson I'm the twin sister to Micheal and older sister to Sam we hav...
Imprints( Paul Lahote) by E-Blackbird
Imprints( Paul Lahote)by E-Blackbird
Anna is a young woman, best friend of Isabella Swan. A little while ago, before she and Bella move to forks, her parents were killed in a car crash, which left her and h...
Twist of Fate | The Lost Boys by AliceIveBeen
Twist of Fate | The Lost Boysby AliceIveBeen
Catherine is just a 19-year-old working in a department store when Max saves her from an unwanted situation. When she takes the opportunity to go to Santa Carla with him...
Storm ☾ Paul Lahote by ambitchions
Storm ☾ Paul Lahoteby 𝕓𝕒𝕕𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕘𝕪!
❝you're fire, and she's the kind of storm that puts them out.❞ ||UNDER EDITING||
The Sarcastic One by koda_unicorn
The Sarcastic Oneby JungleMuffin
Bella Swan has a brother younger than her. She absolutely despises him along side his mother. Charlie on the other hand can't get enough of his sarcastic little boy. His...
Lost Boys imagines/preferences  by WylderWatkins
Lost Boys imagines/preferences by Wylder Elizabeth Watkins
My favorite movie so I'm excited to make this. This will have David, Dwayne, Marko, Paul, Frog brothers, Michael, Star, and last but not least Sam lol I am more than hap...