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Little Alexander by 50shadesofjinx
Little Alexanderby Kayla
In which a troubled girl with anger issues finds herself struggling to be an adult after her 18th birthday.
Finding Happiness - Book One by GabbyRoseBakon
Finding Happiness - Book Oneby Gabrielle Rose Bakon
Maleficent and Hades have two children Mal and Mariposa. Mariposa is the exact opposite of her parents and sister she is goodness, she is nice, kind and caring, but this...
Back Off!ㅣHyunBinLix by JohnChanStan
Back Off!ㅣHyunBinLixby ♕『𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖎𝖓』♕
[ᴏɴɢᴏɪɴɢ] ᵘᵖᵈᵃᵗᵉᵈ ʷᵉᵉᵏˡʸ -ʜʏᴜɴʙɪɴʟɪx Felix > new kid to the school Hyunjin > one of the most popular Changbin > a troubled misfit Felix walks into his new schoo...
No Control  by princesslexi4531
No Control by lexi💞
"It's funny that you think the choice is up to you babydoll." Delrick's icy tone sends chills through my core. All I can do is back up in an attempt to escape...
♢Our Mate!?♢ by SayaCielkill
♢Our Mate!?♢by 𝐀𝐜𝐞
Tomura x Dabi x Deku Fanfic (Completed) Cover By: Sayacielkill (Me) Izuku was picked on all of his life and he hated it because his childhood always made fun of him and...
New Family - BTS Hybrid by catarina-catycaty
New Family - BTS Hybridby catarina-catycaty
After receiving a promotion at work Y/N realizes that she has more free time so she decides to use this time usefully and ends up volunteering in an organization that re...
The Bunny Shifter~Twilight by And_Peggy_schuyler_
The Bunny Shifter~Twilightby And_Peggy_schuyler_
"Um. They are my ears." Rankings 1# in Bunny as of 7/21/20 Cullens X OC Takes place during Breaking Dawn1
An Indescribable Feeling by MissHelen95
An Indescribable Feelingby DayDreamRomantic
When a world wide sickness means BTS have a time limit to find their final soulmate, they come up with a plan to find them during their world tour.
TIME & PLACE | vmk.by JAN ☻
Soulmates. From the moment you're born, a specific date and time is placed on your body, etched into your skin. The exact moment in time when you'll meet your soulmate...
Angels? by Helpless_Romanticx
Angels?by ;D KaTHrYn d:
In this world, there are Soulmates, people destined to be together from the minute they are born. People may have one soulmate or many. When you turn 18 you can hear you...
Yours? (Jane x OC x Alec) by TopVip30
Yours? (Jane x OC x Alec)by Avi
Nathan is Bella's twin brother. While Bella's got her secret vampire family, Nathan's got a secret of his own. He's a little. He regresses from 2-4 years old and he nee...
Brotherly love(bxbxbxmxm) by Xxsavage_surfer
Brotherly love(bxbxbxmxm)by Just M
Calvin Myles is the step brother to 4 brothers. The Myles siblings. Calvin's father was also the father to the four brothers who didn't know of their step brother since...
funny • wolf pack by Wolf_Queen_101
funny • wolf packby a bisexual disaster
in which a girl laughed in the faces of the supernatural, • " let me get this straight. you guys can change into huge fluffy mutts and the cullen's are vampires tha...
My Precious Little Slut by demislittleangel
My Precious Little Slutby demislittleangel
Reena is a 19 year old girl that wants to find a mommy Demi is 22 and is looking for the perfect little Will they like each other? (involves a LOT smut) (this will turn...
Under the spotlight by holly_giu
Under the spotlightby holly_giu
Fire is all Agnes has known during this last two years. With 18 years she enters "The Elite Academy of arts" ready to fulfill her dreams and become successful...
Bad Angels, Good Demon by Darkmischef
Bad Angels, Good Demonby Pokeylife
*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/* Justin is a somewhat smart 18 year old that happened to have bad luck. Bad luck you say? Yes. Bad luck. He is a greater...
The Inmate's Play Thing by MiloTheActualAngel
The Inmate's Play Thingby 🥀Milo🥀
Traded off from the most feared gang in the Georgia State Penitentiary to the brute newbie, Jackson Carter must get used to becoming the pet of Santiago Rodriguez. #70 i...
The Rejected Imprint, The Accepted Mate by LexisRSalmon
The Rejected Imprint, The Accepted...by
Lexi Anne Swan. Moving to Forks Washington or supposed to be a dream come true for Lexi she was supposed to get out of the shadow of her older sister, join a musical, pl...
Iridescence (BNHA x OC) by BananaMuffin99
Iridescence (BNHA x OC)by C. Jinx
Satomi Poppy was born a healthy baby girl. She did, however, have a rather... odd "birthmark" consisting of a stone embedded in her skin. The doctors and her...
Destroying The Plot  by Geeky_LittleBookworm
Destroying The Plot by Geeky_LittleBookworm
I died in my universe. I was brought back into the universe of The Vampire Diaries. All I know is that I'm going to kill, torture and save people. I'm going to fuck thi...