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Then Came You by authenticblackgold
Then Came Youby Lu ❤️
please read, leave feedback, and share. ❤️
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Doctor's Obsession by DreamRifter
Doctor's Obsessionby DreamRifter
Leah Harris wakes up in a hospital and the only comfort she finds is in her handsome physician. Over the course of her recovery, they grow close. Too close. When regula...
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A Wish with a Bow (Girl Power Series) by moudenes
A Wish with a Bow (Girl Power Mara Oudenes
Callie only wants one thing for Christmas... maybe two: a job and a boyfriend. Will Santa hear her wishes?
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Wingman by im_over_itt
Wingmanby <3
"In which he falls in love."
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One Night Stand by _getoutyourfeelings_
One Night Standby Brittany
One night stands can lead to some serious consequences that can change your life. Julissa Meyers was marrying her college sweetheart or so she thought? Catching her ex b...
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The Alpha's Academy by StaceyTaylor86
The Alpha's Academyby Stacey Taylor
Midnight is seventeen and is considered the 'runt' of her family's wolfpack. So she finally decides to runaway. However, while trying to do so, she ends up unknowingly t...
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Phat or Thick||Revamped  by jaystoriess
Phat or Thick||Revamped by Jay
Zinna never experienced the joy of having a family or even having friends. She traveled around trying to drown out the loneliness she was feeling. But, what happen when...
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S-I-C-K  by Adedoyin2804
S-I-C-K by Adedoyin2804
A rich ex wrestler turn business man,the only illegitimate son of the Costantino family. A hardened hustler, working as a cleaner in Costantino's company,plus sized Riam...
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Reciprocation by Alauna__
Reciprocationby Alauna__
What happeneds when a working girl and a rapper cross paths.
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Demon's Destiny by nicoleiswriting
Demon's Destinyby Nicole
Sephie McKay is the definition of innocence. She's never been kissed or even held hands with a boy. That all changes when her mother gets on the bad side of a local MC...
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Sorry Not Sorry by ErrasInfinity
Sorry Not Sorryby ErrasInfinity
Keira Bayo was always an outcast in highschool and teased mercilessly for her weight and appearance, but she vowed that after graduation she would make everyone that did...
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Interstellar Love by sunshinedaisies2000
Interstellar Loveby sunshinedaisies2000
A look of shock flashes over his face before he disguises it with a smirk and says," Is that so? Well then, I guess that means I'll have to stay by your side all ni...
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Wynter by Jaijharnae
Wynterby Jai
The life of a woman who has been through so much. Bullying from her aunt, cousin and her old best friend who is now her cousin's best friend; she is willing to work her...
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Prophet$ Princess|| Oscar Diaz  by Lynanon
Prophet$ Princess|| Oscar Diaz by Lyn
u·nique /yo͞oˈnēk/ being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else spook·y /ˈspo͞okē/ sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease. You have one dm req...
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CURVES FOR THE ALPHA {Hiatus?} by fanficreader24
CURVES FOR THE ALPHA {Hiatus?}by fanficreader24
Highest Rank: #1 Werewolf MATURE CONTENT DONT READ IF YOU CANT HANDLE SEX SCENES Suddenly I was thrown onto the bed "All Mine!" Colton growled "Your beaut...
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Amorousness by _ambitious__
Amorousnessby ⚡️
Zaria a high power attorney. Never having time for love or romance. Being persuaded by her friends she goes out for a night on the town. But this night on the town chan...
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Nobody's Type *BBW love story* by auggiebaybeh
Nobody's Type *BBW love story*by Honaee
two sided POV read and learn👀👀
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 Hate ME or Love ME (Re-Editing)❗️ by Talahia
Hate ME or Love ME (Re-Editing)❗️by Nicole
Breena and Jaysean are two old high school lovers. Disappointments and a broken heart is what causes these two to leave their love in high school. When a tragic acciden...
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The Babysitter by Nailahbloom
The Babysitterby Nailah Bloom
Camilla Campbell is a beautiful plus size woman, struggling to make ends meet, she applies for a job below her qualifications as a babysitter to a wealthy family. Jared...
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scriptures. // jahking by Jahqueenie
scriptures. // jahkingby queen
"love your curves ma, I do." Jasmine is a university student struggling to love her body and recover from the wounds of her deceased father. Jahking is a drug...
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