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Curve Ball - Loving the Fat girl (Remastered) by ElleTheodore
Curve Ball - Loving the Fat girl ( Elle Theodore
2nd draft / edited version of Loving the Fat Girl! On the surface, he's perfect. Captain of a small town soccer team, driving an unimaginably expensive car and dating th...
Little Bite Luna by Cityof_Romance
Little Bite Lunaby Kris
She isn't short. She is bite sized. Anita Rosaline Nightshade has always been small. 4'11 height but a 6'7ft attitude. She might be small, but she sure is feisty. But...
Mutual Friend  by Shays_Stories
Mutual Friend by Shaythewriter
People meet every day for various reasons. Who would've thought that your true love would be right in your face ? That's how Quavo met Elisha. Surrounding himself with m...
Sweet Tooth by AlbaDiaz039
Sweet Toothby Esmeralda 🔮
Jon Williams is a 29 year old reclusive man who owns a car workshop. Growing up as an orphan his whole life has taken a huge toll on him. Being thrown from one foster ho...
Ex-Bully Turned Cop by DeRenzoT
Ex-Bully Turned Copby Teresa DeRenzo
Amelia Roberts....a plus-sized woman who has learned to embrace her curves. Blake Roberts... a detective in the police force. Big, strong, and a force to be reckoned w...
The Alpha's Curve by BeforeTheDive
The Alpha's Curveby Fallen
Amelia Sparks has been bullied since she arrived at her new pack, it has damaged her both mentally and physically. It seemed like everyone was against her, even her own...
Doctor's Obsession by badroommate
Doctor's Obsessionby badroommate
he sees her, wants her, gets her. but what happens when she changes her mind?
Unforgotten Memories  by AlbaDiaz039
Unforgotten Memories by Esmeralda 🔮
"Why would you do that?" "So that I can have my Rosie with me, forever." Jackson Black and Rose Harper were high school sweethearts who were insepar...
Curves For My Mate. by heavenwaitsforme
Curves For My heavenwaitsforme
Eighteen year old Kat doesn't have the best life, in fact her life is shit but hey it happens to the best of us right? Not...... Soon she finds herself falling down a r...
My "DEADLY" Happily Ever After by KewelKuma
My "DEADLY" Happily Ever Afterby Kewel
Jordana Reeves comes home from work tired and worn out. She's suddenly pushed against the wall with a knife pointed at her throat. She screams "Please don't kill me...
He's into Curvy Women (he's little secret!) by jenelfinale
He's into Curvy Women (he's Jennifer Philip
Ethan Andreas, your typical highschool famous footballer. He's Handsome, cute, great hair totally dreamy but what everyone doesn't know about him is that he's into curvy...
The Alpha's Academy by StaceyTaylor86
The Alpha's Academyby Stacey Taylor
Midnight is seventeen and is considered the 'runt' of her family's wolfpack. So she finally decides to runaway. However, while trying to do so, she ends up unknowingly t...
Time Bomb by AbiSilverz
Time Bombby Abi Silverz
Who would have thought that a promise made by two veterans to marry off their children could still be valid sixty years later? Well definitely not Hazel, just after a br...
My what? And you're a what?? by RuthSoulSecrets
My what? And you're a what??by RuthSoulSecrets
How could a girl think that she was special when she was constantly picked on and made fun of because of how she looked? Emily has been bullied for years because of her...
Best Friends Don't Sleep Together - A.H. Series #1 by TheWritingWolf1
Best Friends Don't Sleep Artemis Wolf
Raking a hand through his hair, I sighed. "I love you, you know" I mumbled in a sigh, eyes half closed. "I've always loved you and I always will", I...
𝑮𝑶𝑹𝑮𝑬𝑶𝑼𝑺 by hopesheaven
𝑮𝑶𝑹𝑮𝑬𝑶𝑼𝑺by hopesheaven
(Editing) "Why don't you like your body, beautiful?" Dominic asks with those huge beautiful sad eyes. "All the girls here are skinny, they got a beautiful...
A Curvy Mate by LesleysWorld
A Curvy Mateby LesleysWorld
"Do I make you uncomfortable?" he asked, about to put on his shirt. "No! Um, I'm just wondering-" "Why I don't have my shirt on?" he fini...
The Mafia Don little Devil by tiannaburke
The Mafia Don little Devilby Stephanie Willis
Meet Kyomi Burke Calm,loud when needed to,badass,goofy,had a rough past,not the one to be fucked with,cares deeply for her best friend and will do anything to fuck you u...
His Personal Treat (Interacial/Mafia) by CryMavie
His Personal Treat (Interacial/ Madamè Mauve
Italian Mob Boss Ruka Bianco has a problem. He's in love with a woman he can't have. She's too pure for his life style. He's the Devil to her Angel. But, he loves her...
On My Good Days  by greyelephant376
On My Good Days by greyelephant376
Emy is a 22 old year woman with anxiety who works at a diner. She's close with her neighbor Ms. Mia who's 65. Everado is one of the biggest mafia bosses in the world. H...