All of Me
By lydiahephzibah
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Storie Sovany is used to being dismissed as the "fat friend", but when the charming fratboy Liam Alexander approaches her, her luck may have finally changed. ***** Astoria "Storie" Sovany knows who she is: she's a 280lb, mixed race woman who's capable, smart and was diagnosed with autism five years ago. After her father disappears, she and her mother are forced to move to Ohio for Storie's first year of College. She tries to settle in, making friends and adjusting to her new life, when she is approached by the handsome fratboy Liam Alexander. At first Storie is suspicious of his motives, but Liam perseveres and soon she lets him into her heart. As her relationship with Liam blossoms, the mystery surrounding her father's disappearance intensifies, and soon she questions if Liam is what he seems. Can Storie find the companionship she so desperately seeks, or is she stronger on her own? [[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]

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All of Me
by lydiahephzibah