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That Axe Loving Readhead: A Gravity Falls Insert/ X Male Reader  by LRDiazz
That Axe Loving Readhead: A Gravit...by LRDiazz
You just moved to Gravity Falls with your parents and decide to explore the town where you find the Mystery Shack. You than meet Wendy. You two talk and hit it off well...
Gravity Falls Wendy x Male! Reader by OtakuCris
Gravity Falls Wendy x Male! Readerby Cris
Being the eldest of the Pines family may have its perks but also cons. (Y/N) is the disappointment child of the family who was sent along with his two younger siblings...
Love is in The Mystery Shack - Wendy Corduroy x Reader by SufferIn-Silence
Love is in The Mystery Shack - Wen...by Suffering Silence
You have stumbled upon a shack in the woods. There is a beautiful red haired, hat wearing girl stood outside. Will you talk?
Anti-Gravity. Wendy x Male Reader by Boopydoopy111
Anti-Gravity. Wendy x Male Readerby Boopydoopy111
Wendy's awesome. Dipper's Jealous. Mabel's cute. Add you and everything gets ramped up to a hundred
Unbelievable Love by Queen_dark01
Unbelievable Loveby Mama Kat
It is the end of the world for Gravity Falls and Dipper Pines is trying to find his sister to defeat Bill Cipher. But while doing so, Dipper had time to reflect on the p...
From Sweethearts to Soulmates [A Stanford Pines x Reader] by Headinthegalaxy
From Sweethearts to Soulmates [A S...by Ender (•ᴗ•)❤
Yet another story from me! I hope you enjoy this one, I'm actually quite proud of it! Not to mention there are not enough Ford x Readers on here, so I figured I'd contri...
The Lost Child || A Dipper x Demon! Reader by OwOofles
The Lost Child || A Dipper x Demon...by aennah
"I've been thinking too much..." The story takes place in a place called Gravity Falls, a supposedly supernatural place, where Y/N goes on various adventures w...
𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖞 𝕬𝖓𝖉 𝕳𝖊𝖗 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖙 [Mabifica] by XxGayShipsxX
𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖞 𝕬𝖓𝖉 𝕳𝖊𝖗 𝕭𝖊𝖆�...by XxGayShipsxX
The chains clanked amongst one another, giving out a final "clink" when tightened still. Some were left loose, solely because the manacles would snap at its in...
Monster Falls by neonmarshie
Monster Fallsby mak
A glimmering river. A dreaded curse. What happens when Dipper Pines decides to visit it? this isn't billdip. that ship is predatory and disgusting so don't associate m...
Gravitational Phantoms by worble
Gravitational Phantomsby Ray
Danny didn't really know what he was doing when he teleported away from the people that he once called family. Being rescued by a strange set of twins was not a part of...
Entropy (Dipper X Reader) by abraxanluvr
Entropy (Dipper X Reader)by ~Luna~
"Looks like I've got a new puppet, Pine Tree. And you can't say no to this deal..." When (Y/N) moves to Gravity Falls all the way from Kentucky, she has no ide...
Lost In The Clouds  {A Human!Yandere!Bill Cipher X Reader} by ADrunkTransformer
Lost In The Clouds {A Human!Yande...by TransformersSayian
(Y/N) had a normal life in the second dimension with her family and friends, and of course, her best friend, William. One day, William finds a cave with ancient writing...
The Journal - A Gravity Falls Fanfiction by XeliaTheWriter
The Journal - A Gravity Falls Fanf...by Xelia
When Dipper finds Journal 3, it isn't how you think it'd be. Everyday, the book would glow and a monster would appear from it, usually in the woods. What keeps causing t...
Twisted Falls AU by GiddyReflections
Twisted Falls AUby CheeseDanish
When Mabel arives in Gravity Falls for the summer, she's eager to catch up with her cousin Dipper. But he's not exactly what she remembers. Dipper is hiding a dark secr...
Gravity Falls: Dipper's Return by TheDarkDoctorWatson
Gravity Falls: Dipper's Returnby Dark Dr. Watson
A lot can change in five years... The twins return to Gravity Falls after their 18th birthday, and Wendy's in for a surprise at just how much Dipper has grown. [Possibl...
Guess It's Different Now (Wendy x Mabel) by SO-MUCH-CHAOS
Guess It's Different Now (Wendy x...by what?
"Hey Mabes, can I come in?" "..." "I'm taking that as a yes." Dipper opened the door to see his sister hiding in her sweater. "Mabel...
Forgotten Deals || Billdip  by mischievouspickle
Forgotten Deals || Billdip by Loki
《Book Two, must read the first book.》 ❝I gave up on childish fantasies, you should too Cipher❞ *** Dipper has returned to Gravity Falls on a temporary leave from work to...
Gravitational Phantoms: After the Storm by worble
Gravitational Phantoms: After the...by Ray
Sequel to Gravitational Phantoms-please read that first! In the aftermath of Bill Cipher's attack on Gravity Falls, people are struggling to pick up the pieces. But ther...
Gravity Falls: Season 3 by TheRobloxGodfather
Gravity Falls: Season 3by TheRobloxGodfather
(The sequel to this fanfiction is now out: https://www.wattpad.com/story/202456572-gravity-falls-season-4) The Pines Twins, Dipper and Mabel now thirteen return to Gravi...
A Titan in the Falls by HaydenW13
A Titan in the Fallsby Hayden.W
This is a Teen Titans and Gravity Falls crossover story, there will be an explanation inside.