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She's Mute A NaLu Story by Willowing_Whisp
She's Mute A NaLu Storyby ~AOD and NTMF~
No one has heard Lucy talk, besides her sister Erza, Erza's best friend Jellal, and Jellal's cousin Levy. What happens when Natsu and Lucy become partners in Music! What...
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Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Hearts by littlebookworm13
Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Katie S.
Every Dragon Slayer has to find their mates at some point in time. Lucy Heartfilia gets abused by her father every night and is forced to work at Fairy Tail as a maid t...
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Invisible {Fairy Tail Fan-fiction} by CantCatch-Me
Invisible {Fairy Tail Fan-fiction}by CantCatch-Me
Fairy Tail- A school for talented Artists and Athletes. Fairy Tail provides three majors; Sports, Art and Music. For the sports major you have to pick one main sport (us...
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My Mafia Love by LucyDragneel5552471
My Mafia Loveby LucyDragneel5552471
Natsu and Lucy are both mafia royalties. They love each other and they hate each other. They go to the same high school and they have different gangs. When they are at s...
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Daughter of the Sky Maiden by SkylarMinthe
Daughter of the Sky Maidenby Skylar Minthe
Wendy Marvell was sixteen when she got pregnant with her daughter, Skylar. Ashamed and embaressed, she fled from Fairy Tail, while Romeo Conbolt - too drunk to remember...
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I'm sorry by Flowerqveen
I'm sorryby flowerqveen
I am not good good with the summary but I will give it a shot Lisanna has returned from edols and still has amajor crush on Natsu, Romeo on the other hand has a crush o...
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Fairy tail lemons by fairytail900
Fairy tail lemonsby Zayla
I enjoyed writing lemons when I started but then these same people commented rude things and I got really pissed so I stopped. This book of lemons is obviously going to...
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Ships React to Ships (Fairy Tail) by kkochiee
Ships React to Ships (Fairy Tail)by ai
❝ Shut up. I ship it. ❞ ✧ fairy tail; hiro mashima ✧ requests open; slow updates ✧ kkochiee 2016 ✧ fairy tail tales series; book 2/3 ! WARNING ! - eleven year old cringe
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Broken (A Fairy Tail FanFic) by tatitex1
Broken (A Fairy Tail FanFic)by Dead Girl Walking
Jellal, Gajeel, Juvia, Lucy and Romeo were the siblings of the Heartfilia family. They were a pretty close knit bunch until, Layla, their mother, died in a car crash an...
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Dragon Mating Season  by MarissaMelody
Dragon Mating Season by MarissaMelody
It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and lov...
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The Song of the Dragons [A Nalu FanFic][Book 1] by CoomanCat
The Song of the Dragons [A Nalu CoomanCat
SEQUEL IS OUT!!! One year after Natsu left to train. One year after Fairy Tail disbanded. Magnolia was completely destroyed after the battle along with Fairy Tail disban...
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「Trouble Makers」|| 「A Nalu, Gale, Rowen, Jerza & Gruvia Fanfiction」 ❄️   ON HOLD by ZAliciaCH
「Trouble Makers」|| 「A Nalu, Zoé 🌸
As team Natsu finished a job request, Gray stumbles upon a mysterious looking girl. Only a matter of time till he finds out that she's actually a childhood friend, that...
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Truth Or Dare-Fairy Tail by cypheryoongay
Truth Or Dare-Fairy Tailby cariño.
What Happens When Fairy Tail Play Truth Or Dare? Is It Truth Or Dare With A Twist?Or Just Simple Truth Or Dare?
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Nashi And Luke's Journey [Fairy Tail] [COMPLETED] by Heavenwrites_2
Nashi And Luke's Journey [Fairy Fried Chicken™
(Warning! There will be cursing in this book) After a night of heavy drinking and partying, Lucy Heartfilia finds herself in bed with her best friend Natsu Dragneel. Abo...
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation by le_bis_mochi
Fairy Tail: Next Generationby 👑 ~Mays~ ❤
Years have passed since the end of the war between the kingdom of Alvarez and the guilds of Fiore. Now, a new generation of fairies have been born!! Join Nashi Dragneel...
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Mating Season, What!? by starlushheart
Mating Season, What!?by S_star101
The dragon slayers of Fairy Tail are acting weird. Somethings going on... Will the girls survive? Nalu, Gale, Miraxus, RoWen.Yukino x Sting, Rogura. Gruvia I know there...
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Fairy Tail Dragon and Devil slayer mating season by redfairyqueen
Fairy Tail Dragon and Devil 👑Red Queen👑
It was a regular day at Fairy Tail. But the Dragon Slayers and one Devil slayed have beenacted weird. When Yukino and Kagura come to the guild to visit and say that thei...
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Our Kittens by luckykuroneko
Our Kittensby luckykuroneko
What happens when the girls turn into kittens? Who will be their owners? Will love bloom? Well duh! I mean come on! Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, Rowen, and Miraxus.
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Little Neko Lucy by myshepardsare2cute
Little Neko Lucyby myshepardsare2cute
Natsu is a Collage student who can't live on his own, and sadly the dorms were short on money this year. So they blended the male and female students together but he got...
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Dragon and Devil slayer mating season SEQUEL by redfairyqueen
Dragon and Devil slayer mating 👑Red Queen👑
Slayer mating season a season of love for those who use slaying magic. When two figure enter the guild one being there first master but another no one has seen before. W...
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