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Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistake by anloriiee
Fairy Tail: It Was A Mistakeby anloriiee
The next day after the wild party at the guild, four female Fairy Tail mages found themselves not in their room, and of course, not in their bed. It wasn't long enough w...
Fairy Tail JeRza - One shots by Amish_Barbara
Fairy Tail JeRza - One shotsby Amish Barbara Geraldi
a book full of JERZA One shots
Fairy Tail Beach [Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia Fanfic] by mustachenarwhalz
Fairy Tail Beach [Nalu, Jerza, Gal...by Short and Blurry
After the Grand Magic Games, the guild heads back to Fairy Tail as number one! But to their surprise, Master Makarov has a special present for his wizards. A trip to a b...
Blood, Sweat, And Tears: A Nalu story by PetraScarlet
Blood, Sweat, And Tears: A Nalu st...by MaggieBurnsYT
Lucy heartfilia; the new student of fairytail high is a quiet one. she has been depressed ever since her mom died when she was 3. Her father took it out on her and abuse...
Our Kittens by luckykuroneko
Our Kittensby luckykuroneko
What happens when the girls turn into kittens? Who will be their owners? Will love bloom? Well duh! I mean come on! Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, Rowen, and Miraxus.
Run Away Fairies  by Heartqueen2012
Run Away Fairies by Little Kitten
When five of Fairy Tail's strongest women wake up one morning after a party to see that they're naked and with there crush in bed they have a bad feeling of what happene...
Fairy Tail: From The Future by ShippingQueen_Josie
Fairy Tail: From The Futureby Shipping_Queen
Some kids from the future just turned up at the guild. Who are that, What are they do there and how do they get back to there time. (GOING UNDER UPDATEING 7.1.22)
It was a mistake by BangtanHeartK
It was a mistakeby Kiara
After Fairy Tail won GMG. Cana ordered booze for everyone. Everyone took someone home with them. The night was magical for them when they were drunk and can't remember i...
Angel of Matchmaking by BambooGreen
Angel of Matchmakingby *Retired*
Mirajane Staruss is an angel who works for Cupid. She personally can't stand him, thinking he's all high and mighty and only works once a year. But she puts that aside a...
Peek Into the Past (Fairy Tail Next Gen) by RayMarvel_02
Peek Into the Past (Fairy Tail Nex...by Frosch
The Fairy Tail Next Gen gang crashes at the Redfoxs' place for a slumber party. Nova shows up late with a box of lacrima videos she found hidden in Mirajane's closet. Wh...
Fairy Tail vacation: Nalu, Gruvia, JERZA, Gale, Elfever, Rowen, Miraxus, bixanna by Gabbyflores2005
Fairy Tail vacation: Nalu, Gruvia...by Gabbyflores2005
The love story of Nalu, Gruvia, Gale, Jerza, Miraxus, rowen, Elfgreen, and bixanna. they leave for a vacation on and island the only thing that bad about it is the she d...
Forgive me  by LevyMGxGajeelRF
Forgive me by _xXGrayzaShipperXx_
This takes place 10 years after mating season...
The two demons by kidflash10104
The two demonsby Bella
Mira and Lucy are turned into kids. The guild thought it would be easy to take care of them. They thought wrong. The two always go at each other's throats. Also the guil...
Fairytail Mating Season by redfairyqueen
Fairytail Mating Seasonby 👑Red Queen👑
Mating Season a season that happens every 50 years in the spring. When a slayer, heavenly body user, or someone who used this magic in their life will be effected. They...
Is pregnancy contagious by readergal4
Is pregnancy contagiousby readergal4
Mira, Lucy, Levy, Ezra, and Juvia are pregnant. The guild is excited, but not for long. The girls are driving them all crazy. Will the guild survive the nine months or w...
Lovebirds of Fairy Tail High (NaLu, JeRza, GaLe, Gruvia & More) by iridescent_xx
Lovebirds of Fairy Tail High (NaLu...by ❦ mirajane ❦
When Mirajane's dare is picked out of the hat, Fairy Tail's second year at their magic high school becomes much more interesting. After all, the girls must find their so...
Fairy Tail's Beach Vacation {Fairy Tail Watty Awards} by FullThrottleFairy
Fairy Tail's Beach Vacation {Fairy...by FullThrottleFairy
The Fairy Tail guild goes on vacation to a beach resort for all of the hard work they have done. Mirajane and Master have planned to stay for 2 weeks. There's always a...
Dragon Slayer Mating Season [COMPLETED] by XerinaFang
Dragon Slayer Mating Season [COMPL...by Fang
I know there's a lot of these out there, but I wanted to make this. This is a Fairy Tail Fanfic. Note: I don't own the cover pic. I just added the title. I also don't ow...
Dragon Mating Season  by MarissaMelody
Dragon Mating Season by MarissaMelody
It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and lov...