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We'll see you again.. by 7fairy_tail
We'll see you Freya
I know there's lots of these but whatever, basically, Yukino, Wendy, Erza, Kagura, Lisanna, Levy and Lucy leave for seven years. They come back strong and with surprisin...
In Heat: Dragon Slayer Mating Season by Elizabeth_Knight
In Heat: Dragon Slayer Mating Elizabeth_Knight
All the dragon slayers have been acting weird! It's up to the girls to find out what's been going on, and help them get back to normal. However, when Kinana gets kidnapp...
Fairy Tail:Summon The Celestial Wizards by AnimeLoverOfTime_100
Fairy Tail:Summon The Celestial AnimeLoverOfTime_100
"Since the two of you,had done many things for us,we will repay you by choosing to be a celestial spirit or remain dead.If you both choose to be a celestial spirit...
A Brand New Journey (Sting x Yukino) by Lazyauthor969
A Brand New Journey (Sting x The Lazy Author 110
After all the events that had happened, Yukino still consider herself as a "weakling" and wants to grow strong like the other celestial wizard: Lucy Heartfilia...
The Youtubers That Live Upstairs by KrunchieKookies
The Youtubers That Live Upstairsby ↱ krunchiekookie ↲
[ Nalu, Gale, Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus, and Stingyu/Stiyu ] Six normal teens living normal lives as juniors. That is, until six famous youtubers move into the apartment j...
A Love In Mating Season  by JustaCuteNerd
A Love In Mating Season by JustaCuteNerd
Status: [COMPLETED ✔️] Today is normal day in the guild with Natsu, Gajeel and Gray fighting, other mages joining the fight, Erza stopping the brawl, Lucy and Levy chatt...
Two Cinderellas by Fairytailfan1702
Two Cinderellasby Fairytailfan1702
Lucy and Yukino live with aunt and cousins who are spoiled and use them servants. a ball is held but Natsu and Sting only have till midnight to choose a girlfriend or th...
Sabertooth Life by Fairytailfan1702
Sabertooth Lifeby Fairytailfan1702
Ever wonder what Sabertooth does while Fairy Tail goes to work. See the troubles, love, and betrayal of Sabertooth. And what happens when a Mating season approaches. Cou...
- They Don't Know About Us -  by KrunchieKookies
- They Don't Know About Us - by ↱ krunchiekookie ↲
(Nalu , Gale, Miraxus, Stingyu, Rogura, Baccana, Kinabra) They thought they were doing good for him His friends did everything to keep him away long enough. The girls an...
Love in Sabertooth  by Scarlet_wind_2101
Love in Sabertooth by Scarlet_Wind
After the war the sabertooth guild returned home to find their guilt Hall in horrible condition And since a lot of the members lived in the guild Hall they need a place...
Lector Ships It! (A Sting x Yukino and Rogue x Minerva Fanfiction) by GreenCheekyAlfie
Lector Ships It! (A Sting x Lex
[COMPLETED] Word count: About 28,000 After the War with the Alvarez Empire, all of the guilds in Fiore have started their gradual recovery. Sting has been master of Sabe...
Fairytail Mating Season by redfairyqueen
Fairytail Mating Seasonby 👑Red Queen👑
Mating Season a season that happens every 50 years in the spring. When a slayer, heavenly body user, or someone who used this magic in their life will be effected. They...
Dragon Mating Season  by MarissaMelody
Dragon Mating Season by MarissaMelody
It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and lov...
Fairy Tail x Harry Potter (ON HOLD) by Edolas22
Fairy Tail x Harry Potter (ON HOLD)by Kyoka/杏香
What happens when all of your favourite Fairy Tail characters are students at Hogwarts? Follow all of the characters in the Fairy Tail universe through all seven years a...
The Blind Butterfly and  the Silver Tiger by MakaMarie
The Blind Butterfly and the Maka Marie Aika
(okay im making up for gaiden) Yukino disappeared after she opened the forbidden gate to assist Sting and Rogue in a fight against a dragon slayer with eight lacrimas...
Fairy Tail's gone wrong by Fairytailfan1702
Fairy Tail's gone wrongby Fairytailfan1702
This is a story of where one by one members of guilds are put in trances that may never wake up from. The guilds learn that it starts with a college of dark guilds and L...
Dragon Slayer Mating Season by whateverstuff17
Dragon Slayer Mating Seasonby Whateverstuff17
It's Dragon Mating Season in FairyTail!!! Who are the mates? And will the girls be able to survive the three weeks? Read to find out! I know that they're a bunch of thes...
The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & Rogura Story) by TheEmeraldLegend
The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & TheEmeraldLegend
Things around Sabertooth are pretty normal. Except for one thing. Mermaid Heel is staying with them. After the Mermaid Heel guild hall gets destroyed, they ladies have t...