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( nalu ) Welcome Home  by Nalu2723
( nalu ) Welcome Home by Nalu2723
After Natsu left the guild to become stronger, a certain blonde mage became unable to cope. She became depressed and couldn't even smile. When He returns what will happ...
Nalu One Shots by SailorOfTheNaLuShip
Nalu One Shotsby Bella
Be prepared for a wide variety of Nalu fics! Sad, cute, or a little of both! You will either hate me, or love me. ~I'll tell you now that I don't own the amazingness tha...
The Mating Season🔥🌟[ A NaLu FanFiction ] by Astral_Fairy
The Mating Season🔥🌟[ A NaLu Astral_Fairy
《 COMPLETED 》 One day, Natsu Dragneel found himself in the guild's basement; full of bruises and injuries, and to his horror, bound by sealing magic chains. Then a light...
Through Hell - NaLu Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by TTitchy
Through Hell - NaLu Fanfiction [ Melody of Dreams
Natsu and Lucy got arrested by the magic council, and tortured. How far will Natsu go to save Lucy? How will their relation turn out after this? Will they still be just...
The Love of Nekos by MysticalLover02
The Love of Nekosby MysticalLover02
Natsu and Lucy take on a mysterious job request and are transformed into nekos. As they get use to their new powers, an organisation appear for them. Will they be foreve...
I Married the Runaway Bride💍[ NaLu ] by Astral_Fairy
I Married the Runaway Bride💍[ Astral_Fairy
《 COMPLETED 》 Lucy Heartfilia was bound to marry her childhood friend only for business, that she never wanted to happen. So she decided to runaway during their wedding...
Leaving to become stronger by thereaper1927
Leaving to become strongerby シーラ (Shīra)
Lucy Heartfilia caught a glimpse of a future. A future where a precious nakama died. She decided to become stronger since she wouldn't let that happen, no matter what it...
The Forbidden Fruit ( Nalu ) by Nalu2723
The Forbidden Fruit ( Nalu )by Nalu2723
Lucy and Natsu Dragneel were the ideal siblings. They got along well, were loved, and looked out for each other. They had a happy life until their mother Layla and fath...
Fairy Tail: High School by TheKonfusingKK
Fairy Tail: High Schoolby ♡ KK ♡
your typical teenage romance.
unknown lover ; nalu by googiez
unknown lover ; naluby googiez
kicked out of her own home at thirteen, lucy meets an unforgettable salmon haired boy. until she's kidnapped and disappears for three years.
What's It Like in the Future? [Nalu] by FairyTailIsFine
What's It Like in the Future? [ FairyTailIsFine
Lucy and Natsu Dragneel head out on a job. They took it to, obviously get payed, and to take a small break from their kids and hang out like old times. But what happens...
Changing a Heart by Waifu_Nalu
Changing a Heartby Nalu Forever
After Lisanna left, Natsu swore love wasn't real but maybe the new girl can sway his mind and more importantly his heart. But when things turn sour due to an incident wi...
The Light To My Darkness (Nalu) Complete by Satan_Is_Me_
The Light To My Darkness (Nalu) Satan Is Me
Father's gone, Friends backstab, Random people gossip, Girlfriend takes pleasure without asking, And darkness takes over without notice. "People are sick, and you c...
The Wedding Commerial {Nalu}  by DerpyFreed
The Wedding Commerial {Nalu} by Yours truley
"Wrong choice, Blondie. I'll get my revenge one day." ----------------------------------------------------------------- Natsu Dragneel: A snobby teenage celebr...
The Mafia Leader's Angel  by Anime_Star_Shipper01
The Mafia Leader's Angel by Shining Pearl ^u^
~Sequel to Okay, Master Natsu. But can be read as a stand alone.~ NaLu FF!! Join Natsu and Lucy on their adventure. With Natsu having many enemies, will their future be...
✧Divine Stars✧ ~Nalu~ by Ashy_Doki
✧Divine Stars✧ ~Nalu~by Ash ♥
[AU] ✯~Lucy was only 10 years old when her powers started to degenerate, costing the life of her father. The council decided to take care of Lucy and help her control he...
Gruvia/Juvia oneshots  by rainwomen12
Gruvia/Juvia oneshots by ruby
Any one shots but juvia must be there and gruvia too or others crack ships between juvia X character. Ship maybe sail or sink ! There maybe some sad ,broken and depress...
The Fairy Shot by deadsiren83
The Fairy Shotby luce
a collection of one shot fairy tail lemons. mostly nalu
Mafia Boss to Babysitter♥️[ NaLu ] by Astral_Fairy
Mafia Boss to Babysitter♥️[ NaLu ]by Astral_Fairy
《 COMPLETED: Short Story 》 Natsu Dragneel, the once fearsome Mafia Boss of Fiore had become his daughter's full-time babysitter when his wife, Lucy Heartfilia, had a one...
Wildest Star🌟[ A NaLu FanFiction ] by Astral_Fairy
Wildest Star🌟[ A NaLu FanFiction ]by Astral_Fairy
《 COMPLETED: Short Story 》 Lucy was secretly in love with her childhood best friend, Natsu. And on her eighteenth birthday, she had planned on confessing her feelings. B...